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Floid member. Noted for being from the Sudan Sudanasesia. As (a drunk) Fellatio Nelson puts it, Floid is 'being Sudanases'.

Floid was a part-time nemesis/flirt of kilngirl.

Commonly spars with the Americans over questions such as gun control.

Currently inactive, after he announced going to Sudan again, which has many people worried, though the assumption for now is that he simply has no internet access.

In Fiction

In The Series, Floid (three different Floids) had major roles in the episodes JIHAD ON THEIR ARSES, DON'T MENTION THE PORN!, and EX-TER-MIN-ATE!.

Floid was the Argus Filch equivalent in Luaky Commer and the Han Solo analogue in Wars.

He also inspired Anthony Floid, a character in Thande's Moonstruck.

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