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Unresolved Issues

Season: 4

Episode: 8

Written by: Psychomeltdown

Air date: September 21, 2008

Trivia: The 100th Series Episode

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The episode begins with Alyson Hannigan yelling for Doctor What on the docks of the Hub.

Alt. Luakel and Chingo360 quit their jobs at the Multiverse Mart to find their old ship, the Atta and Adikor, along with the Atta's children, run into more trouble as they are attacked by a mysterious ship.

On the ship, Dr. What and Weapon M are planning on a treasure hunt, much to Dave Howery's disapproval.

Alt. Luakel and Chingo360 catch a ride on a ship, beginning their journey to find the ship, but the ship they are on is attacked, by the ship and they are captured.

Atta is captured by the Mirror ship and is interrogated by the Mirror Doctor What. She is more interested in the children that Atta has given birth to, seeing as they are genetically Dr. What's children also. The interrogation is interrupted due to someone attacking one of the Mirror ship's tithe planets. The Mirror ship shifts to the coordinates.

The Fallen, Mike Collins and Straha, are attacking a helpless planet. They make demands upon it and enjoy the spoils.

Ward interrogates Alt. Luakel, who pretends he knows were some treasure is. Skeptical, Ward shifts his ship to the coordinates that Alt. Luakel has given him.

The Mirror ship arrives to its tithe world to find the and the Fallen attacking the planet. After a brief fight, the Mirror ship captures Mike Collins and Straha.

Adikor, Atta's bodyguard and loyal servant, manages to find the ship and tells them that Atta has been captured. Dr. What is given a way to track her vessel and convinces the crew they need to rescue her, they are half hearted in the affair.

The ship arrives to the coordinates to find the Mirror ship and the ship in a fire fight. The ship gets the upper hand by firing their main cannon and send Midgard and Bulgar over. The ship is then damaged.

A confusing battle begins as the Mirror crew defend their ship, the tries to capture Atta and the children, the ship crew tries to rescue the children, defeat the, and Adikor tries to save his mistress. Not to mention Alt. Luakel and Chingo trying to escape the ship, Mike Collins and Straha attempting to ger revenge for their captivity, and the general mayhem of all three ships taking heavy damamge in the fight, causing systems to fail and equipment not to work.

Alt. Luakel, Chingo, Atta, and the children flee to the ship but they are forced to abandon it as the Mirror Psychomeltdown has rigged the ship to blow. Atta is telelported away by the ship and the ship shifts away.

the Mirror crew hold Mike Collins and Straha in custody, Atta is arrested by a Joint Fleet from the Unity Earth and the Neanderthals, Alt. Laukel and Chingo360 are left caring for one of Dr. What's children, Ward takes one of Dr. What's children to his wife to be raised by her.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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