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Shared Worlds : Moderated Games

Moderated Games mostly consist of role-playing nation games where you, in theory, get to control your own nation, while negotiating and warring with those of other players.

In the past, when Moderated Games had their own subforum, there was a greater variety to the types of games played. Notable variations included Mosaic Earth, Feudal Lands, NationStates (based on the NationStates site), A Little Trip games, Earth Imperialism, and Nation Games, which inspired a number of variants, including the Small Nations Game (SNG), the Continuous Nation Game (CNG), the Technological Nation Game (TNG), and the New Interactive Nation Game (NING). Nation Games, specifically CNGs, would go on to become the predominate type of game played under the Moderated Games umbrella.

While superficially similar to Nation Games, Moderated Games have a few key differences. A Moderated Game starts with voting between a few proposals. Proposals can range from a game set in a post-apocalyptic 1970s to a fresh take on the Victorian Era. After a game is selected, players make claims, which are either accepted, rejected, or modified by the GM. Unlike most Nation Games, these are custom nations, designed by the players themselves. After acceptance, the players create “Almanacs,” providing information about their nation that includes such details as population, internal issues, and military numbers. The game proper starts a few days later.

Another major difference between Nation Games and Moderated Games is that there are no set turns. Instead, a day in real time is generally held to equal a year or six months in-game. This means Moderated Games progress faster than Nation Games. Historically, they have also lasted longer than Nation Games, though there have been some exceptions. They also tend to put more emphasis on worldbuilding, with players encouraged to write short stories or small “fluff” pieces set in their nation.

For much of’s history, Moderated Games had their own subforum separate from Nation Games, Map Games, and more traditional RPGs. However, in October 2016 Ian combined all subforums in the former Sandbox into a new forum called Shared Worlds. From then on, Moderated Games would be distinguished from other games by a yellow-orange prefix tab.


Former/Inactive Moderators

Frequent Players

History and culture

Due to Moderated Game’s long history, a variety of games have been played.

1.) Older Nation Games

a.) "Mosaic Earth"

From its mostly uncharted infancy on the Old Board, Mosaic Earth and its spin-offs were one of the earliest forms of Moderated Games. It survived the migration to the current incarnation of, with numerous incarnations of Mosaic Earth games arising over the course of 2004. By 2005, the games became more organized, and a superior bureaucracy gave birth to Mosaic Earth 7, which was, at the time, considered to be the pinnacle of that era’s Shared Worlds.

In its wake came the well-patterned games of late 2005 and early 2006. However, the quality of the games soon started to decline, partly due to the competition presented from Feudal Lands, A Little Trip, and their spin-offs. Mosaic World games, organized mainly by Ward, faired extremely poorly as competition mounted. The majority of the oldest ME-players abandoned the game in 2006.

b.) "Feudal Lands"

Originally an ASB thread begun by Douglas, Feudal Lands was first organized into a game by Highlander, chunkeymonkey13q, Straha, and Chingo360. Soon after its origin it was dubbed a “claim fest”, and all attempts to reform its gameplay failed. The game’s rules changed only to state that players were only allowed to claim nations with populations of 25 million or less, and those nations had to be from between 1938 and 1942.

Feudal Lands games flourished between December 2005 and November 2006 before abruptly disappearing. While most of them remain on the board for perusal, Feudal Lands 3, due to being located in the Non-Political Chat forum, was removed by Ian during the Great Deletion.

2.) NING and successors

The term “Nation Game” derives from 09camaro's New Interactive Nations Game (here), created in October 2007 in the ASB forum and soon moved into the Shared Worlds forum. It differed from Mosaic Earth in the nature of its setting. The beginning of the game was not when nations from various different timelines were suddenly thrown together, but when countries on an otherwise blank map began interacting with each other. This formula was further developed, making it explicitly post-apocalyptic, by Nations Game: After Impact and Nations Game: After the Plague.

NGs quickly gained a reputation for longevity. NING won the 2008 Turtledove Award for the Superlative Shared Worlds category, much to its creator's suprise.

Throughout late 2008 and early 2009 the NGs began to fall apart, with many games lasting less than a month. In February of 2009, a new type of game was attempted; the Small Nations Game (SNG). It was, in effect, an attempt to recreate the earlier Feudal Lands games under a different name. The game initially seemed popular, but by March it too had fallen apart.

This collapse instigated the rise of a new game type; the Fenwickian Nation Game (FNG), distinguished by the use of randomly-generated scores to represent national capabilities. FNGs were most popular in 2009, though a few new FNGs were created later on. The last FNG appeared in 2012, after which the style went extinct.

3.) The Continuous Nation Game

In August 2009, Overlord founded CNG: Rise of Empires, a “continuous nation game” putting a definitive end to the Mosaic Earth and NING tradition of a catastrophic or post-apocalyptic start to the game. Instead, the countries of the game would coexist for years and years before the game itself began, creating the idea of a shared history and developing a purely secondary word. The name and idea have stuck: most Moderated Games since then have taken place in worlds of unified history, and have borne the “CNG:” prefix, even when the scenarios don’t include centuries of shared history.


  • “OOC” - Out of character, often officially confined to a separate thread.
  • “IC” - In character.
  • “SECRET” - A tag for posts to indicate most players need to pretend to forget what you're saying.
  • ”Almanac” - A post, generally located in a separate thread from gameplay, that outlines all aspect of your nation, generally including history, geography, government style, population, economy, internal problems, and military numbers.

Old MG In-Jokes

As the player base has fluctuated and changed over the years, these once common phrases have lost some of their currency. For historical purposes, they are preserved here.

  • “My country is authoritarian” - I would like to be invaded at the first opportunity.
  • “My country is democratic” - I am going to rule and make decisions as God-Emperor.
  • “My country does not have nukes” - My country will develop nuclear weapons one week after the ISOT.
  • “I claim China/India” - I claimed a country not only with 1 billion people, but also $1,000 trillion GDP created by my POD.
  • “I'm gonna make a second claim” - My plan to take over the world with only one country was thwarted by similarly-minded players.
  • “Fenpire/Fenpan” - 1. Simple terms to explain the oddity which is anything Fenwick touches. 2. After CNG: Eod of Darkness, in which Fenwick crated a Japanese superpower (Fenpan/Fenpire), the term is used to describe any nation outside of Europe which people feel is to powerful. Ex: “Your China is looking exactly like the Fenpire!”
  • “Your claim/military is unreasonable/big” - Your claim/military is wrong, but I'm only saying this because I don't want you interfering with my plans for global conquest.
  • “Your population figure is too high” - Your population is wrong, but I'm only saying this so that I can conquer you easily later.
  • “The ISOT date is X” - Every nation can have the most advanced technology from that date, even though the nation is from the third world.

List of Moderated Games Games

List of launched Shared Worlds/Moderated Games games
NG Name Start date
NING 2007 Early October 2007 - Mid February 2008
NG: After Impact 1830(?) Late December 2007 - Mid May 2008
NG: After the Plague 1920 Early February 2008 - Mid April 2008
NG: Earth Rise 2060 Early April 2008- Late June 2008
Shared Worlds Tournament 1950 Late July 2008 - Late August '”2008
NG: 1901 1901 Early November 2008 - Mid December 2008
NG: 1976 2000 December 2008
NG: Fracturing Empire 2158 Late December 2008 - Early February 2009
NG: 1919 1949 Early January 2009 - Early February 2009
NG: 2060 2060 Early February 2009 - Late February 2009
SNG: 1942 1942 Late February 2009 - Early March 2009
FNG: 1910 1950 Mid March 2009 - Late March 2009
FNG: Renaissance 2005 Early April 2009 - Early May 2009
FNG: Century of Peace 1971 Mid May 2009 - Late May '09
FNG: Colonization 2032 Early June 2009 - Mid June 2009
FNG: Absolute Power 1750 Late June 2009 - Early July 2009
ME: Divided Earth 1958 Mid July 2009 - Late July 2009
FNG: 2035 2034 Late July, 2009 - Mid August 2009
NG: Genesis 1930 Mid August 2009 - Late August 2009
CNG: Rise of Empires 1780 Late August 2009 - Late October 2009
CNG: Imperial Victory 1600 Late October 2009 - Mid January 2010
CNG: Dark Age of Empires 900 Mid January 2010 - Mid February 2010
CNG: Requiem 1450 Late February 2010 - Mid May 2010
NG: A New Dawn 1945 Mid May 2010 - Early June 2010
TNG: 1550 1550 Mid June 2010 - Late June 2010
CNG: End of Darkness 1600 Early July 2010 - Late October 2010
CNG: Sprawl 1450 Early November 2010 - Early January 2011
NG: Entropy of Empires 1794 Mid January 2011 - Late April 2011
CNG: New Dawn 1845 Early June 2011 - Mid July 2011
FNG: Oncoming Storm 1939 Mid July 2011 - Early August 2011
CNG: Age of War 1750 Mid August 2011 - Mid September 2011
NG: Rebirth of Nations 1905 Mid September 2011 - Early January 2012
CNG: Crescent Ascendant 1650 Early January 2012 - Late February 2012
NKFZD Collapse of Empires 1920 Early March 2012 - Early May 2012
CNG: Aspiring Empires 1550 Mid May 2012 - Early July 2012
CNG: Superpower 1945 Mid July 2012 - Early September 2012
CNG: Scramble for Glory 1880 Early September 2012 - Mid November 2012
MG: Age of Empires 500 BC Late November 2012 - Early December 2012
CNG: Viva La Revolucion 1789 Late December 2012 - Early April 2013
CNG: Fallen Idols 1658 Early April 2013 - Mid Late 2013
NG: Fall of Liberty 1977 Late April 2013 - Beginning July 2013
CNG: From Crooked Wood 1820 Early July 2013 - Late July 2013
CNG: Roaring Forward 1918 Late July 2013 - Late October 2013
CNG: Broken Mirror 1820 Late October 2013 - Late April 2014
CNG: Dawn's Early Light 4444 Early May 2014 - Late June 2014
CNG: Tripartite World 1887 Late June 2014 - Mid Early August 2014
CNG: End of History 1987 Mid August 2014 - Mid September 2014
CNG: Falling Leaves 1810 Late September 2014 - Early November 2014
CNG: Scourge of God 162BN(434AD) Mid November 2014 - Early December 2014
CNG: The Long Night 1905 Mid December 2014 - February 2015

Notable Moderated Games

CNG: Broken Mirror The game began in 1820, in a world where there were a few geological changes, including the eastern US divided between a few islands, an African passage, and a Sri Lankan archipelago. Europe was relatively like OTL, though Paganism was quite widespread.

Towards the beginning of the game, a radical Turkish republic managed to puppetize Egypt, and beat the Serbians under King Milos. TheShahs nation, Arza, was a mess of feuding houses in Sri Lanka. Troyer IV took over that nation, posting many posts on “Game of Houses”.

Early on, England went Fuel Lordist, so France, Scotland-Holland, and Spain went to the Conference of Reichenbach Falls, where they decided to invade England. The English held them back, though Ireland was made independent. Ironically, it moved closer to the English, even becoming Fuel Lordist.

Brazil, meanwhile, was taken over by radical communist-like people, and continued its wars against Wales that began when an aristocrat republic ruled the place. Throughout the 1800s, Arza became somewhat Socialist, more of the world went Fuel Lordist, and, in the last quarter-century, Scotland-Holland and France were defeated by Fuel Lordist Germany, England, and Ireland. Scotland then became under the control of the Popular Party, increasing its birthrate, and doubling the population in 20 years, though it was eventually defeated after they tried to acquire chemical weapons. It then was subsumed into the Brythonic Federation, which was basically a united britain.

Arza continued expanding, spanning the entire Indian Ocean, even defeating Han China. France was also Papo-Fascist for a while in there. In the 1920s, Brazil, actually, the Federation of South America, collapsed, and the Maroon Republics- a former Scottish slave republic, the RSA- a Welsh Argentina, and Tir St. Iago- a Monarchist Welsh Chile.

In the 1940s, another war broke out, where Germany and Russia smashed France, Romenia, Saxony, and Scandinavia, Romenia being an ERE-successor Italy. The RSA, under the Integralist Party, took over Saxon Patagonia, but was forced to withdraw after the Federation and Mexico threatened to invade. The game ended in July - November 1954.

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