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Troyer IV

Troyer IV joined the board on April 3rd, 2009, while doing research for a post-apocalyptic role-play. How does this tie in with Alternate History? No idea, but its true. Troyer is a student, studying in Geographical Information Systems. But he sucks at it… pretty sure he's not going to graduate. Ever. In the meantime, he spends his days trolling the hell out of people at his place of work, some rundown corporate eatery, and fading in and out of Shared Worlds. He tried to spread out his attentions on, but it just reminds him how little he actually knows about this stuff.


This lame ass has started two TLs which lasted all of five minutes and carried virtually no reader base. The first was was an attempt to break into the road-less-traveled African TLs. This, “The Long Road” - in refernce to the less-traveled bit, was a basic attempt to implement the African, Mali specifically, discovery and subsequent colonization of the New World in the 13th and 14th centuries. The basic premise spread rather quickly and became vague as the technology aspect was an ASB gap - so the PoD began to slip…

The second TL was purposely ASB in scope. The gist is an ISOT over the Western Hemisphere of a fictional alienscape of his own design. All on the cusp of New World discovery. It was called “A Very Dangerous New World” and just sucked. Don't look it up. It didn't last long and was badly set up. So far, Troyer has not finished a single project, always skipping out and/or coming up with new useless ideas.

For example, his latest ridiculous idea is a series of InterWar reforms and divergences for virtually every power in World War 2. America stagnates further, France kicks some ass, the Chamberlain syndrome doesn't handicap Britain, Germany does almost as well as OTL, Russia has a scarier Stalin, and Italy actually has it's shit together. It's all very vague and will likely only result in a couple of maps at most.

Shared Worlds Career

Troyer has been a staple in Shared Worlds (now Moderated Games subforum) since his first entrance during the Imperial Victory game in late 2009, just a few months after joining He has since participated in many Moderated Games. He typically hovers around the 'simpler' times before the modern era, but has lately begun dabbling in 19th and 20th century games.


CNG: Imperial Victory The first game Troyer played, he took on the small European state of the Grand Duchy of Brabant. In a very short time, he cemented his prowess, consolidating his position by couping northern France and militarily annexing the Netherlands and portions of Germany. He made the rookie mistake of challenging Fenwick and subsequently got his ass kicked a bit by the Fenpire. Later, as the 19th century progressed, he lost interest amid increasing schoolwork. He would later return in part to assist in modding - also his first experience doing so - the World War 2 analogue. Grand Duchy of Brabant

CNG: Dark Age of Empires In a co-project with Sir Scott, in an attempt to create a truly ATL world-building experience, an unspecified PoD and gamestart of 900 AD was established. The problem with this particular venture as that, well, it's 900 AD. While a few players put forth a good effort, it simply did not carry much support from the wider community and eventually stagnated. Troyer played the Miwok Confederation, a Native American state based in California. Highlights of the game include a super-Vinland played by AgentDark and a massive Axum empire played by King of Malta (then known as Tomb). Miwok Confederation

CNG: Requiem In the time period of choice, Troyer took a small Serbia and created a pretty epic empire. Part of an early and long-lasting alliance amongst the Orthodox nations, he would go on to vassalize both Austria and Bavaria (whom would later form Germany), colonize half of Africa, and corner the worldwide drug market. Opium, anyone? Serbian Empire

CNG: End of Darkness Due to bad timing, Troyer was unable to engage in this game almost from the beginning. His chosen nation, however, was arDùthaich - a united Celtic empire. Chosen for the challenge - as well as mostly to keep other idiots from claiming their Ireland was a superpower - it went on to be played more normally (Scotland/Ireland) by Imperatore.

CNG: Oncoming Storm A short-lived World War 2 era game, Troyer played the Philippines in an Imperial Japan sort of way, making considerable gains in the Pacific. And, more interestingly, he took on a very Catholic stance, propping up a Filipino Pope in protest for a corrupt Italy effectively kidnapping the Pope in Rome. The game died just as it was getting fun. Republic of the Philippines

CNG: Age of War Another point of bad timing, Troyer was once again unable to play his claimed nation. This time? Kyiven Turkeye - Kievan Turk, as opposed to Kievan Rus. This was perhaps the first real alternate migration patterns, something which would pop back up with Troyer from time to time. The nation would eventually be subsumed by Russia as per OTL.

CNG: Crescent Ascendant A game created by Julian whereby the PoD was a generally more aggressive and successful Islam and a fracturing and subjugated Christianity. After watching the jumbled attempts at moderation, Troyer stepped in and sidelined Julian as chief moderator. The game was largely successful until Troyer's own moderation abilities buckled upon some personal issues.

CNG: Superpower After a lengthy hiatus after the shame of 'dropping the ball' with Crescent Ascendant, Troyer took on a West African communist-esque state whereby several Maoist reforms later, this “African Peoples' Republics” became undeniable lords of Africa, having driven the Portuguese and British from the continent, liberating Sudan and Kenya, sidlining Ethiopia as a power, providing for Congo to liberate itself, and running a dubiously successful (game ended during the final phases) Vietnam-esque war in “Juzaristan” - an Indo-Persian East Africa. The APR was proudly supported and funded by the game's (democratic-)Leftist Superpower, the People's Empire of Baragoza, run by Troyer's doppleganger TheShah. Through the influence of the PAPC “Africa Lobby” and Baragoza's legendary 1950/1960s first black Standard Minister, Martinho Diaz, the APR became known as “Baragoza's Golden Child.” After Diaz retired from eight-years in office, amid a tightening Cold War, pan-African nationalist movements in Africa and New Afrika idolized the Standard Minister to point a new Rastafarian-esque religion was formed. This and continued Baragozan largesse encouraged the spread of the APR's Afro-Equalism to all corners of the continent, with colorful characters like New Afrika's Mumia abu al-Jabar and the chic Commander Alpha assisting the APR's glorious liberation struggle against the racist tyranny of Jalaalism. African Peoples' Republics

CNG: Scramble for Glory In this late Victorian “Neo-Colonial” setting, Troyer set himself up with the 'leftovers' of Western Europe - in this case a reduced Spain - a Slavic Spain. Taking the name “Polschziem” indicating a Polish background, Troyer's Spain was squeezed between British Gibraltar, French Catalan, and a Portugal-Galicia. By all rights, he should have died by the turn of the 20th century, but lackluster play by the Mega-France and Free-Hand Britain let Polschziem engage in aggressive Far East expansion, eventually culminating in a Greater Koryeo puppet, a South Chinese Opium powerhouse, and a “Southern Pacific Asian-Indian Network” or… “S.P.A.I.N.” stretching from Nepal and western India to the Malaysian Peninsula. In the *Great War, French Catalan was also 'liberated.' Republic of Polschziem

CNG: Viva la Revolucion End of 18th Century; Rise of Republicanism, Russian Juggernaught, Reactionary West, chaos ensues. Troyer joins in the last month or so of the game when his schedule opens up, take up forgotten colony in South Africa (so little dealt with, in fact, that 100 years after the game start, it still hadn't been named), so Ode to his first game, New Brabant. As soon as he begins, French invade to kill Burgundy off, fail (join with FCE), start revanch & liberty/fraternity/equality with the homeland, nearly start WW1 in massive Burgundian Insurrection, France falls Nazi, Burgundy goes Monarcho-Nazi… game dies. New Brabant, Burgundian Commonwealth

CNG: Broken Mirror Begun in the year 1820, the game featured an altered geology of Earth with a couple of major alterations - primarily an African Strait - cutting widely across the Congo and connecting the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and more importantly for Troyer and the world, a “Sri Lankan Archipelago.” Arza - the Empire of Day and Night - created and headed initially by TheShah, his own studies forced him to hand control to brother-from-another-mother Troyer. What was an anachronistic jumble of royal houses locked in feuds under an insane god-king (which Shah initially planned to sell the whole country to France), an aggressive “Game of Houses” to promise the succession to one of these noble dynasties led to all manner of adventures. One House secured exclusive trading rights with isolationist Japan, another defeated a Somali Sultanate, a third battled proxy pirates and secured the Moluccas, and more besides. During this much-publicized rivalry, the Supreme Vajuuk (Grand Vizier sort) initiated a complete overhaul of the industrial heartland of the nation, doing anything and everything to exploit cracks in the European colonizers, other Subcontinent states, and undermined the rule of the insane Mobadashah. This all culminated into a devastating seven year civil war and revolution, ousting the old regime in full and bringing to power a Syndicalist style of governance. Increasingly the country scraped and clawed into the modern era, quelling all of Indonesia, a great tract of East Africa, and pulling the Indian states likes ducklings in a row. The First (and only) Dominance War of Asia (there were several Dominance Wars in Europe and the Americas, but just the one in Asia for reasons to be explained) saw the increasingly belligerent rhetoric out of Qing China as a destabilizing force in an Asia Arza had striven to strengthen outwardly against European infiltrators. Heading a coalition of Japan, Korea, and Ming China, Arza brought to bear the full might of her empire (with a logistical organization the USA circa 1944 might be proud of). While simultaneous, yet disconnected, wars raged in other regions of the world, the Asian Dominance War was the longest and by FAR the bloodiest with the battle lines of the Yangtze turned to bloody marshlands. In the end, Qing could not stand against the logistical strain and technological gap and folded to Versailles-Lite Treaty… and would never again raise problems. The other powers of the Coalition would become, well, lazy if productive over the years. Meanwhile, Arza set her eyes now on fully securing the Subcontinent. There the much-degraded state of the Qarauana Khanate - full of filthy Tengrists - was crushed in an assault from all former territories now in Arza's pocket. Over the years of occupation, the leadership of Arza drifted towards a religious oppression to make Hitler balk, and in 1947 three prototype nuclear missiles were fired into New Delhi - by this point the largest 'homeland' of the Tengrist scum. During this era, despite bleeding funds and men in the endless roving and raking of the former Khanate, Arza meddled thoroughly in Arabia (having returned the Ka'aba to its rightful place), and Persia (Pan-Islam works only so far). About this time, the game began to slow and the writing was on the wall. When the dust settled in the much-nuked Europe (another one of the Dominance Wars, one might say), only Mexico and Arza stood with suitable economic clout to claim Superpower status (despite nuclear devices in half a dozen other hands). By far, Troyer's favorite run, and blessed by Shah upon his return for having embarked upon an eerily similar agenda… Arza, Proletarian Republic of

Other Nation Games There was a weird Fantasy Fenwickian-style game; it didn't really do anything. There was some other resource-based game (similar in respects to Settlers of Catan meets Hasbro's Risk), with math none dared try for some reason (double digits is too hard?). And there have been a couple of stabs at a new game type project based on the standard gameplay created from the famous B_Munro maps - called B_NGs or BNGs. Somewhere in the mess were a couple of Medieval European games with arbitrary provincial borders, a confusing HRE system (or lack thereof), and general poor performance.

There was also a more standard RPG project which was dropped due to RL concerns - a “Magi-Punk” fantasy scenario. Troyer has expressed a desire to revisit this particular world… coming soon.


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