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Feudal Lands

An older type of Moderated Games in Shared Worlds.


Feudal Lands is a name for a type of game tried various times in the forum. It was seen as an early possibility to create “shared worlds” game settings.

It originated when chunkeymonkey13q, Highlander, and others corrupted Douglas's You Become the Feudal Lord thread.

The basic idea is, that the Players are allowed to claim regions on a large map.

Typical Maps are Europe or the United States with all the county borders.

Most games fail much akin to Mosaic Earth games.

The current fashion is of Europe, which was preceded by N. America, and ….that's about it.


  1. Sign up
  2. Examine the map
  3. Claim your starting position
  4. Claim surrounding territory
  5. Repeat step #4 until the entire map is filled out by claims
  6. You win?

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