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Electoral Officer Resolution


On August 26, 2008 Prime Minister Douglas (E) tendered his resignation to a stunned Parliament, leaving Deputy Prime Minister Demosthenes to fill his position. In recognition of his services as Prime Minister and as's Electoral Officer, Parliament considered the Electoral Officer Resolution.


On August 28, 2008, Prime Minister Demosthenes (E) submitted a bill titled the “Electoral Officer Act”, affirming Douglas' position as the Electoral Officer and thanking him for all of his hard work. LightInfa (E) and VulcanTrekkie45 (YSP) both expressed support, though suggested that this should be passed as a Resolution rather than a Legislative Act.

Text of Legislation

1. The Parliament affirms that despite Douglas leaving Parliament, he remains as the Electoral Officer.

2. The Parliament applauds Douglas's hard work in Parliament as Prime Minister and in his position as a forum contributor.


Voting on the Electoral Officer Resolution began on August 28, 2008.

Prime Minister Demosthenes (E), LightInfa (E), VulcanTrekkie45 (YSP), Opposition Leader Kidblast (YSP), TheDarkServant (E), LordInsane (E), Ran Exilis (E) and 09camaro (E) voted in FAVOR.

Steffen (FFF) and Susano (FFF) ABSTAINED.

None voted AGAINST.

The Resolution was declared passed by Prime Minister Demosthenes (E) with 8 votes in favor, none opposing, and two votes to abstain. The bill was signed by President Sargon (E) on August 29, 2008, commenting: “I think we can all agree that Douglas has put a lot of hard work into things here, so it is entirely appropriate he is confirmed in the position of Electoral Officer.”

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