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Points of Divergence : Holy Roman Empire

Points of divergence concerning the Holy Roman Empire.

Surviving Carolingian Empire

Largest states in the Holy Roman Empire

Thoughts on the HRE as a potentially "united" state

No leading power in the HRE ?

WI Magyars defeat the Germans at the Battle of Lechfeld ?

HRE centered on Italy instead

The Roman Empire of Italian Nation

Conquest of Denmark by the Holy Roman Empire (in the Middle Ages)

WI: HRE sides with Constantinople on the East-West Schism

Ottonians making their dynasty hereditary

Holy Roman Empire not decentralising

WI Frederick Barbarrosa hadn't drowned

Plausibility check: Could the HRE have absorbed Hungary and Poland ?

Wi: Poland as one of the Constituent Kingdoms of the Holy Roman Empire (with a POD after 1000 AD)

No leading power in the HRE

A surviving house Hohenstaufen

Challenge: Holy Roman Empire goes centralized

Plausibility check: If German lands of the HRE centralize earlier, will there be less war ?

Challenge: French king elected as HRE emperor

Plausibility check: King of France or a Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic holding territory in the Holy Roman Empire by means of a personal union ?

Challenge: End the HRE before 1500

The HRE and German Nationalism

WI: Charles V. took a second wife ?

Plausibility check: Largest plausible post-medieval Holy Roman Empire ?

Friedrich der Weise (Frederick III Elector of Saxony) as HREmperor (German)

No early death of Henry VI. He wanted to conquer Constantinople - and unite the churches! (German)

The peasants win in the Bauernkriege (German peasant wars) (German)

Frederick the Great dies at the battle of Mollwitz (German)

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

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