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The birthplace of the revived Doctor Who TV series, noted for its Self Gov't being of cultural based and not like Scotland, mountains, cold, and more mountains. That's about it for Wales, except for its flag…and other British cultural icon thingies. According to Americans, anyway.

Wales is, of course, the land of evil. And cheese on toast. Contrary to popular (Leo Caesius) belief, Wales does not have any moors. The Spanish deported them all after the invasion of 1588 under the limpieza rules.

Wales' national anthem is variously stated as “Land of my Fathers”, “Bread of Heaven” or possibly the Doctor Who theme. The Welsh language is impossible to master without a lifetime's study or, preferably, a serious throat infection. All Welsh vowels were sold off by English oppressors in 1727 and traded in for unwanted Japanese Ls.

Given certain 'habits' in relation to sheep it has been speculated that Welshmen are somehow related to New Zealanders. On the plus side Wales is noted for the disproportionate number of preserved steam railways it posesses which include (but are not limited to) the Ffestinog, Tallylyn, Llangolen, Welsh Highland and Snowdon Mountain Railway.

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