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offtopic:ah.com_robotic_revolutionary_party Robotic Revolutionary Party

An political party founded by the members of the Robot Revolt movement on the board. The party contested the 2007 elections but won no seats, despite coming close-since, only the robotic drones of the revolt voted for it.

The Party merged with and became an affiliate of the Evil Party during the elections, and despite winning no seats, Analytical Engine (The Overmind), euio and Blackbeard were rewarded by being appointed as full Ministerial members of the Cabinet for this noble act as a result of Acting President Sargon and Midgard's gratitude.

2007 Platform

We stand for the liberation of robots from Human oppression. Any who stand in our way be be Assimilated. Any who do not will also be Assimilated. We stand for liberated the robots of the North Pole from Polar Bear and Russian oppression to form a Free Robot Dictatorship.

Join us, citizens of AH.COM!

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