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Complete Works of Analytical Engine

An index of links to all the works of Analytical Engine, as his signature was getting too big, and was advised by Thande to do so.


Metropolitan: An ASB Timeline where the metropoles of several countries are replaced with ISOTed pristine wilderness. Link

Her Diamond Heart (A (hopefully) more realistic Peshawar Lancers TL): Does what it says on the tin. Link

Reds vs. Blues, an alternate Cold War: A (more or less) original Timeline. Link

I never promised you a rose garden - a TILAW: In which AE jumps onto the TILAW-wagon. Link

Strangerverse Timelines

The Britwank Empire: An ASB timeline in which William Pitt the Elder is tasked with uniting the world under the British Empire. It is a spin-off of Big Tex's United States of Ameriwank. (completed)Link

God's Own Sky: An ASB timeline in which an angelic figure tasks Darius I of Persia with uniting the world under his empire. It is a spin-off of Big Tex' United States of Ameriwank. Link

Vive la Francewank: An ASB timeline in which King Louis XIII of France is tasked with uniting the world. It is a spin-off of Big Tex' United States of Ameriwank. Link


Star Trek (2009) reimagined: a fan-fic of the J. J. Abrams film. Created due to Analytical Engine's being so irate at the plot-holes. Link

An Extraordniary Marvel: a Steampunk Marvel comics fanfic.Link

Stargate Atlantis X: A Stargate Atlantis fanfic. (on hold)Link

The Invisible War: First original story, involving bizare ghostly entities invading the Earth, and the attempts of magically-inclined humans to stop them.Link

Current OTL Characters to feature:

  • Grigori Rasputin
  • Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck
  • Chiang Kai-sheck (mentioned only in passing)

Earthstorm: Three million years ago, a battle between two vessels occured over the Earth. One belonged to the Autobots, the other to the Decepticons. However, the battle took its toll on both craft, and the crashlanded somewhere in the southern hemisphere. Megatron, however, fell out of the stricken Decepticon ship and has been missing ever since. (on hold)

Three million years later (1875 to be precise), the Decepticons (now led by Starscream), have awoken…

And the Autobots have not.


Half-blind Justice: A cyberpunk DC universe fanfic.


We could be Heroes: A Heroes fanfic.


By Full Moon's Light: A Gothic steampunk fantasy.


This Serpent'd Isle: Fantasy crusade-era story.


Power Rangers – Gunslinger Company: A Steampunk Power Rangers story


Tales of These Realms Aetherial

p Eridani or Fight!: Steampunk in space!

Link the series

Analytical Engine has so far written three episodes for the Series. the Next Generation

Analytical Engine has written several episodes for The Next Generation.

  • 1×07 - “For Want of a Long, Dark Mirror” - link
  • 1×10 - “The Slight Fantastic” - link
  • 1×15 - “The Darkside Mirror Collection” - link
  • 1×16 - “Darkside Mirror Collection Part 2” - link

Tales of the Decades of Darkness

Tales of the Decades of Darkness #4: Beneath The Three Trees - link

A Different Dissonance Or We Stand United - Other Writers' Tales

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