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Alternate History Weekly Update

Founded by member mitro in 2011, AHWU is a well-maintained and popular blog collecting news on alternate history related topics and works on a weekly and daily basis. It also regularly features interviews with alternate history writers and reviews of alternate history themed works from multiple media and genres. By mid 2014, the blog had gained a well-established fanbase and collective of contributors and editors.

Alternate History Weekly Update

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Closure and archiving

On the 9th October 2016, mitro announced his decision to end updating the blog, in order to focus on a new AH website, with AHWU remaining as an archive of its five year (2011-2016) tenure. If you decide to read the blog, be sure to check out the interviews, book reviews and other media reviews the blog had accumulated over the years.

The blog has a successor in The Alternate Historian, a new AH blog run by mitro. Be sure to check it out ! ;-)

See Also

The Alternate Historian - Successor blog, founded in 2016.

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