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An Age of Miracles: The Revival of Rhomanion

A Byzantine Empire timeline created and written by Basileus444. You can find it here.

Premise and POD

Unlike many other Byzantine timelines, its POD is actually set after the sack of Constantinople by crusaders in the early 13th century. This date has often been agreed upon as the milestone after which the Byzantine Empire never fully recovered to its former glory of the previous centuries, despite lasting until 1453.

This timeline was started to prove that the decline could have been stopped and the eponymous “Revival of Rhomanion” (Byzantium) could still have occured.


On the 11th of December 2011, the Alternate History Weekly Update blog featured the timeline in its “Showcase” section.


The timeline won the “Best Continuing Medieval Timeline” category at the 2013 Turtledove Awards and the “Best Continuing Medieval Timeline” category at the 2014 Turtledove Awards.

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