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The Alternate Historian

An alternate history blog run by mitro, focusing mainly on AH media, interviews and debates about AH. Launched in 2016, it serves as a spiritual successor to mitro's previous and successful AH blog, Alternate History Weekly Update. Unlike said previous blog, this one has a greater emphasis on videos, in addition to text-only articles.

The Alternate Historian

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AH.commer contributors to TAH

There's a lot of good content to recommend, but we'd like to point out the most essential parts.

We can't recommend Mitro's ongoing “Warping History” of mini-documentaries highly enough. An episode-by-episode overview of online AH fandom and communities, and the role played by the Internet in the diversification, maturation and spread of the alternate history genre, its authors and its readership.

Warping History Ep. 1: GEnie, the 'Net Alternate History List, the Sidewise Awards and the 90s Boom

Warping History Ep. 2: SHWI, the POD APA, Brithenig, Uchronia and the 90s Fizzle

Warping History Ep. 3: The Rise of and Other Communities

Warping History Ep. 4: The Bans, Revolts and Collapses of the 00s

Warping History Ep. 5: More Drama, New Media, Steampunk, Sea Lion Press and Hope for the Future

AH 101: The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History

See Also

Alternate History Weekly Update - Predecessor blog, run from 2011 until October 2016. Now dormant and no longer updated, but has years worth of interesting content to discover.

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