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For All The Marbles

A top-notch ASB timeline-style story series written by William Dellinger. For All The Marbles answers this question: what would happen if the greatest minds of human history were assembled as a team to work together to unite a country and win a war? All the greatest generals, tacticians, kings, queens, judges, scientists, philosophers, theologians, guerrillas, and inventors have been brought together by Marvin the Alien Space Bat to fight a war in the country of Calainia!

Read it here, if you don't mind the discussion. If you only want to read the updates, try this thread instead.

A review of the series was featured on the Alternate History Weekly Update blog.

The List

Commanding General of the Calainian Armed Forces – General Dwight Eisenhower

Commanding General of the Army – Lieutenant General John Monash

Deputy Commander of the Army – Major General Joshua Chamberlain

First Division – Major General Gaius Julius Caesar

-1st Brigade – Brigadier General Sun Tzu

-First Infantry – Colonel Scipio Africanus

-Second Infantry – Colonel Pyrrhus Epirus

-First Cavalry – Colonel James Wilson

-2nd Brigade –Brigadier General Karl von Clausewitz

-Third Infantry – Colonel Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

-Fourth Infantry – Colonel John Churchill

-Second Cavalry – Colonel Georgy Zhukov

Second Division – Major General Alexander Macedon

-3rd Brigade – Brigadier General Douglas MacArthur

-Fifth Infantry –Colonel Omar Bradley

-Sixth Infantry – Colonel Xenophon of Greece

-Third Cavalry – Colonel Genghis Khan

-4th Brigade – Brigadier General George H. Thomas

-Seventh Infantry – Colonel George Marshall

-Eighth Infantry – Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

-Fourth Cavalry – Colonel Subutai

Third Division – Major General Robert E. Lee

-5th Brigade– Brigadier General Thomas Jackson

-Ninth Infantry – Colonel Jose de San Martin

-Tenth Infantry – Colonel Attila the Hun

-Fifth Cavalry – Colonel J.E.B. Stuart

-6th Brigade – Brigadier General James Longstreet

-Eleventh Infantry – Colonel Shaka Zulu

-Twelfth Infantry – Colonel Alexander Suvorov

-Sixth Cavalry – Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest

Fourth Division – Major General Hannibal Barca

-7th Brigade– Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant

-Thirteenth Infantry – Colonel Oliver Cromwell

-Fourteenth Infantry – Colonel Fabius Maximus

-Seventh Cavalry – Colonel Gebhard von Blucher

-8th Brigade – Brigadier General Gustav Adolph

-Fifteenth Infantry – Colonel Henry of Wales

-Sixteenth Infantry – Colonel Erich von Manstein

-Eighth Cavalry – Colonel Saladin ibn Ayyūbi

Fifth Division – Major General Napoleon Bonaparte

-9th Brigade– Brigadier General Flavius Belisarius

-Seventeenth Infantry – Colonel Colin Powell

-Eighteenth Infantry – Colonel Arthur Currie

-Ninth Cavalry – Colonel George Patton

-10th Brigade – Brigadier General John Pershing

-Nineteenth Infantry – Colonel Walter Model

-Twentieth Infantry – Colonel John Lejeune

-Tenth Cavalry – Colonel Erwin Rommel

Sixth Division – Major General Arthur Wellesley

-11th Brigade– Brigadier General Winfield Scott

-Twenty-First Infantry – Colonel George Washington

-Twenty-Second Infantry – Colonel Benedict Arnold

-Eleventh Cavalry – Colonel Charles Martel

-12th Brigade – Brigadier General Khalid ibn al-Walid

-Twenty-Third Infantry – Colonel Garnet Wolseley

-Twenty-Fourth Infantry – Colonel Edward Woodstock

-Twelfth Cavalry – Colonel Creighton Abrams

Fleet Admiral of the Calainian Navy – Admiral Horatio Nelson

-Deputy Commander – Vice Admiral Chester Nimitz

-Commandant of the Marine Corps – Brigadier General Lewis “Chesty” Puller

-H.M.S. Mirror – Captain Michiel de Ruyter

-H.M.S. Constitution – Captain Stephen Decatur

-H.M.S. Gambler – Captain Isoroku Yamamoto

-H.M.S. Dragon – Captain Francis Drake

-H.M.S. Enterprise –Captain William Halsey

-H.M.S. Fidelis – Captain Yi Sun-sin

Commanding General of the Air Force– Major General William Mitchell

-Deputy Commander – Brigadier General Keith Rodney Park

-Tactical Air Command (Fighters and Air Support) – Colonel Manfred von Richthofen

-Strategic Air Command (Bombers and Missiles) – Colonel Curtis Le May

-Mobility Air Command – Colonel Henry Arnold

-Northern Air Forces – Colonel William Bishop

-Southern Air Forces – Colonel James Doolittle

Commander of Special Operations – Brigadier General Nathanael Greene

-Commander of 1st Special Operations Regiment (Reconnaissance) – Colonel Daniel Morgan

-Commander of 2nd Special Operations Regiment (Airborne) – Colonel John Mosby

-Commander of 3rd Special Operations Regiment (Amphibious) – Colonel Francis Marion

-Commander of 4th Special Operations Regiment (Urban Warfare) – Colonel Leonidas of Sparta

-Commander of 5th Special Operations Regiment (Counterespionage) – Colonel David Stirling

Government of the Kingdom of Calainia (22)

King – Charles Martel

Queen – Elizabeth Tudor

Prime Minister – Thomas Jefferson

Deputy Prime Minister – Winston Churchill

Chief of Staff – Niccolò Machiavelli

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Otto von Bismarck

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs – Theodore Roosevelt

Minister of Domestic Affairs – Franklin Roosevelt

Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs – Henry Clay

Minister of the Treasury – Adam Smith

Deputy Minister of the Treasury – Alexander Hamilton

Minister of War – George McClellan

Deputy Minister of War – John C. Calhoun

Minister of Industry – Albert Speer

Minister of Labor – Henry Ford

Minister of Agriculture – John Deere

Attorney General – Robert Kennedy

Minister of Intelligence – Francis Walsingham

Deputy Minister of Intelligence (Domestic) – Armand Jean du Plessis

Deputy Minister of Intelligence (Foreign) – William Donovan

President of the Imperial Senate – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Speaker of the House of Commons – Huey Long

Minister of Culture – Leonardo Da Vinci

Minister of Architecture – Vitruvius

Deputy Minister of Architecture – Jean d'Orbais

Deputy Minister of Architecture – Filippo Brunelleschi

Minister of the Arts– Michelangelo

Deputy Minister of the Arts – Vincent van Gogh

Minister of Music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Deputy Minister of Music – Ludwig von Beethoven

Minister of Literature – William Shakespeare

Deputy Minister of Drama – Leo Tolstoy

Deputy Minister of Drama – Christopher Marlowe

Deputy Minister of Drama – Ernest Hemingway

Deputy Minister of Poetry – Dante Alighieri

Deputy Minister of Poetry – John Milton

Minister of Philosophy – Socrates

Deputy Minister of Philosophy – Plato

Deputy Minister of Philosophy – Aristotle

Ministry of Technology

Minister of Research and Development – Thomas Edison

Deputy Minister of Research and Development – J. Robert Oppenheimer

Co-Minister of Armament – Samuel Colt

Co-Minister of Armament – John Browning

Minister of Astronautics – Robert Goddard

Minister of Astronomy – Galileo Galillee

Minister of Astrophysics – Stephen Hawking

Minister of Aviation – Wilbur Wright

Minister of Biology – Charles Darwin

Minister of Chemistry – Francis Bacon

Deputy Minister of Chemistry – Antoine Lavoisier

Deputy Minister of Chemistry - Jābir ibn Hayyān

Minister of Communication – Alexander Graham Bell

Minister of Computers – Alan Turing

Deputy Minister of Computers – Ada Lovelace

Minister of Electromagnetics – Nikola Tesla

Minister of Engineering – Archimedes

Minister of Medicine – Jonas Salk

Minister of Physics – Isaac Newton

Deputy Minister of Physics – Lise Meitner

Minister of Quantum Theory – Niels Bohr

Minister of Radioactive Studies – Marie Curie

Minister of Rocketry – Werner von Braun

Minister of Theoretical Mathematics – Albert Einstein

High Court of the Empire of Terra

Chief Justice of the High Court – Benjamin Franklin

Associate Justice of the High Court – John Jay

Associate Justice of the High Court – John Marshall

Associate Justice of the High Court – Daniel Webster

Associate Justice of the High Court – Abraham Lincoln

Associate Justice of the High Court – William Blackstone

Associate Justice of the High Court – Edward Coke

Associate Justice of the High Court – Robert Jackson

Associate Justice of the High Court – Draco

Imperial Catholic Church

Bishop of Rome - Pope Gregorius

Secretariat of State - Cardinal Thomas Beckett

Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - Cardinal Thomas More

Father-General of the Society of Jesus - Ignatius of Loyola

Cardinal - Augustine of Hippo

Cardinal - Thomas Aquinas

Cardinal - John Calvin

Cardinal - Martin Luther

Cardinal – Martin Luther King, Jr.(Public Affairs)

Cardinal - John Wesley

Cardinal – Photios I of Constantinople

Cardinal –John Paul II

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