Chapter 70, May 1514
Richmond Palace, Kingdom of England, May 1514

The first hint that anything was wrong was the weather. The wind howled, and the rain was torrential, so much so that there was worry of floods, though the month had been quite dry so far. Eleanor had been enjoying herself in spite of this, having just engaged in a certain more “athletic” activity with her husband again for the first time in nearly a year. Sweat glistened on her forehead and the two panted in the wake of what they had just finished doing. Eleanor sat up and leaned towards the end table adjacent to the bed, drinking some cool water out of a goblet. Henry meanwhile lazily lay on his side, twirling a curl of her hair in his finger,”You are so beautiful.”

Eleanor turned to him and smirked, rolling her dark eyes playfully,”Well I know that.”

This caused her husband to break out in hearty laughter, and Eleanor herself joined him in it, interrupting him with the occasional kiss. Stroking one of her chestnut locks back into place, Eleanor murmured,”Your sister was most kind to make us godparents to her son John.“

“Well of course, though I dare say it took some convincing to get that husband of hers to agree to return the favor that we gave them, what with me giving them the privilege of sponsoring little Henry.”

“I hope that the boys can be allies one day, they were born just weeks apart after all, and the relationship between England and Denmark has proved to be a profitable one.”

The pair continued to talk at length, mostly about their families, with the latest piece of news from the continent being that her grandfather Maximillian pledged that he would wed Anne of Bohemia and Hungary shortly after her fourteenth birthday.

The two enjoyed their time alone until the sound of a rap on the door entered the room. Putting her nightclothes back on, Eleanor walked towards the door while Henry was sliding his nightshirt back on and she said,“What is it, it had better be something important?”

The door swung upon, and revealed was Margaret Bryan, face drained of all color. She fell to her knees,”Your Majesties…”

Confused, Eleanor asked,“What is wrong Lady Bryan?”

“I…” The woman tried to say more, but it appeared that she could not bring herself to do so. Henry, now by his wife’s side lifted Margaret up shaking her, and spluttered, clearly panicked,”What is it woman? For the love of God tell me what upsets you so!”

Eleanor could see tears welling up in Lady Bryan’s eyes, and she knew what she was to say before the words even exited her mouth,”Its my Lord Cornwall…”

“What of my son, is he ill?” The King demanded

“I am so sorry but he has joined God and his angels, your majesty, one moment he was fine, and then when I went to check on him while he napped, he was still.”

Henry let loose a guttural cry and wiped a tear off of his face. Eleanor, utterly distraught, refused to believe it,”No, this cannot be, I must see him for myself.”

Tragically despite the vehemency of her denial, it did little to change the stark reality of what she saw before her in the nursery. Her son was dead, his little chest unmoving. He looked so peaceful, like the tranquil babe he always had been, and no doubt suffered little when his time had come. This was no consolation for Eleanor though, and she hugged her husband tight as she wailed, it was clear to all that a mother’s heart was breaking”Oh Henry, not our son. Our poor little boy!”
Is Charles V dead? If not why the hell is Maximilian marrying her and not his grandson?
Because Charles is already engaged to Catherine Tudor, youngest full sibling of Henry VIII and IOTL Charles V did not believe that Anne of Bohemia and Hungary was good enough for him. Thus, as both he and Ferdinand are unavailable for her Maximillian will have to marry her himself.
Oh no! Poor child... I guess he suffered the same fate as Henry’s 1st son OTL. Poor Eleanor and Henry as well
Sadly little Henry did indeed suffer the same fate, though at least he didn't suffer from some painful illness. Henry and Eleanor are definitely heartbroken by the loss, thought it's worse for Eleanor given her younger age and the fact that this was her only child. Thank you very much!
Oh dear. I feel for Eleanor and Henry.

Hope Lady Bryan suffers no punishment here.
It isn't easy at all for the two to lose their child... Fortuantely Lady Bryan will not be punished, as it wasn't really her fault as she ensured he was very well taken care of. Thank you so much!
Chapter 71, July 1514
Alcázar of Toledo, Kingdom of Castile, July 1514

The arrow whistled through the air and hit the target with a thwack. Catalina clapped while Juana passed her bow to Ines de Salinas, middle sister of that favored family, for Maria was with child, and limited her activities outside of the Alcázar for the health of the babe in her belly. Catalina pointed to where the arrow was lodged,”Excellent sister, right in the center! You are quite good at this.”

Juana laughed a little at this,”I would hope so, Mother always said I was the most graceful of her daughters.”

Catalina smiled, as it was the truth, Juana, tall, slender and long-limbed was well suited to this. Their eldest sister Isabella, before she died, thought showing pride in one’s physical worth was sinful, even foolish, while Maria was far too modest to show off. This left Catalina, and while she could dance, archery was not her forte, for she was short and stocky, though not quite stout like their mother had been. Her sister grinned as she stepped up the hill,”Perhaps we should do something that you would be more suited to you Catalina, like sewing shirts.”

Catalina replied with a haughty expression on her face,”Say what you will of it but Arthur liked my needlework.”

“Aye, and perhaps I should have left a needle in Phillip’s shirt the first time I caught him with one of his whores.”

The Regent of Castile giggled at this,”Maybe you should have, he might have learned something for once.”

The two continued their jests and laughter as they made the walk back to the Alcázar itself, that was until a messenger approached, clearly harried, for what he had to say was important. Anxious, Catalina asked,“What has happened Señor Rodriguez?”
“News from England Infanta. Sadly, the son that the Queen birthed died in his sleep mere months after he was born, the English say that she is despondent."

Catalina put a hand to her mouth and shook her head, she had hoped that her niece would not have to go through the pain of losing a child. Almost instinctively she hugged her sister, as tears poured down Juana’s face,”My poor Eleanor…”
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Eleanor is young and she will hopefully have more children who will survive.

Hold on, Isabella of Aragon is alive? Is all of the spanish infantas alive?
Eleanor is young and she will hopefully have more children who will survive.

Hold on, Isabella of Aragon is alive? Is all of the spanish infantas alive?
No, she died as OTL (as that was well before the POD). They are (or better Catalina is) just remembering of her
Eleanor is young and she will hopefully have more children who will survive.

Hold on, Isabella of Aragon is alive? Is all of the spanish infantas alive?
Hopefully she will, but Eleanor is going through a very rough time. Isabella of Aragon is dead per OTL and Catalina was just remembering her in comparison to the rest of her sisters. Thank you very much!
No, she died as OTL (as that was well before the POD). They are (or better Catalina is) just remembering of her
True, that's what was happening, Catalina thinking back to the days when her oldest sister was still alive. Thank you so much for your input!
Chapter 72, September 1514
Hampton Court Palace, Kingdom of England, September 1514

The girl in front of her shook her veiled head as she stared into the dying embers of the fire,”I cannot imagine the King’s pain, to lose his son and heir.”

“And I pray that you will never have to feel such pain yourself, my dear Catherine.” After drinking from her cup of water Giovanna pursed her lips,”Though it must be worse for the Queen, this was her only son, while Henry can at least console himself with his other son John of Richmond.”

Her stepdaughter turned back towards her, pensive,”Then it would be best for her if she becomes pregnant again.”

“Well of course, but with the loss of her child so fresh in her mind, she may have difficulty in trying to have another.”
“Which would leave my brother alone in his grief for some time.”

Giovanna of Naples rose her brow,”Trust me when I say that in all likelihood he is not alone, no doubt he has already found some form of comfort.”
Catherine replied, bewlidred,”Surely he would not? This would only hurt Eleanor more and would help little in giving England another Duke of Cornwall.”

“I fear that your father’s conduct towards Elizabeth and I may have given you the wrong impression of what men are like. Most are not so temperate or patient as your father was. Now, that is not to say that they are bad men, but they are more likely to stray from their wife’s side during difficult times, your brother is one of them, merely his nature, nothing malicious about it.”

“Do you think Charles of Burgundy will be the same way mother?”

Giovanna wetted her lips for a moment, trying to find the right words to answer the girl,”Hopefully not, but his father and both grandfathers have had mistresses, though I am sure that like your sister Mary you will charm your husband into fidelity.”

This seemed to relieve Catherine’s worries, and so the Dowager Queen returned to her embroidery. The object she worked on was a small handkerchief, red, with the Tudor Rose on one half, and the arms of Austria and Burgundy on the other. Giovanna intended to give this to Henry around Christmas, as a reminder that the success of his house was dependent on good conduct towards his wife. Weaving her needle through the middle, her hand slipped a little, and she pricked her middle finger with the needle, and Giovanna cursed as she saw the blood ruin her work,”Damn it.”

Mary Boleyn strode forwards from where she was helping to teach Joanna her French, and put a soft cloth to Giovanna’s left hand,”Here, this should help you my Queen.”

As she staunched the bleeding from her finger Giovanna thanked the teen,”Oh sweet Mary, you and your sister are a credit to your family. I would like you to make your position as my maid of honour permanent, if your mother would approve, and I will find you a husband of good standing when you are older.”

Mary Boleyn blushed,”Milady you are too kind, but I shall gladly accept.”