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  1. A Breeze of English Rose - Tudor TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1. An heir is born.

    Chapter One. An heir is born. 1511 On January 1, 1511, bells rang out throughout England, especially in London, announcing the good news. Because on that day, about thirty minutes after one in the morning, Henry VIII's wife, Catherine of Aragon, gave birth to a son! Catherine, of Spanish...
  2. Catherine of Aragon dies in 1511.

    I have seen many threads talk about the implications of Catherine of Aragon dying along with Arthur, Prince of Wales or after the birth of Mary Tudor, but I haven't seen many that portray her death in 1511. In this TL, I speculate she'd die shortly after giving birth to Henry Tudor, Duke of...
  3. The Gybson Boy

    Catherine of Aragon as Holy Roman Empress

    Let's say that Maria of Burgundy never suffered her fateful accident in 1482 and her family tree is more or less like this: - Children of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor (March 22, 1459 -) and Maria, Duchess of Burgundy (February 13, 1457 -) 1.Philipp of Austria (July 22, 1478 - August 07...
  4. The Gybson Boy

    Henry VIII has a son in 1518, but Mary marries Charles V and inherits the throne in 1536.

    Charles V and I, Holy Roman Empire, King of the Spains and his wife Mary Tudor, Holy Roman Empress, Queen of the Spains and heir of the english throne in 1536 November 10, 1518: Catherine of Aragon gives birth to a healthy son who is christened Edward, Duke of Cornwall November 10, 1522: Prince...
  5. Salma Amer

    The death of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, and Anne Boleyn because of Sickness outbreak of June 1528? What kind of butterflies could that have?

    The death of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, and Anne Boleyn because of Sweating Sickness outbreak of June 1528? What kind of butterflies could that have
  6. The Gybson Boy

    Catherine of Aragon gives birth to Arthur's twin daughters in 1502 and Henry dies in 1505

    Catherine of Aragon and his oldest Daugther Elizabeth The marriage of Arthur and Catherine is actually consummated, the young prince Arthur dies as OTL and it is discovered that Catherine is pregnant, finally on July 25, 1502 she gives birth to twin girls who are named Elizabeth and Mary. Three...
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    Queen Mary's six husbands: Henry VIII dies in 1516, how could Mary Tudor end up having six husbands?
    Threadmarks: The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen

    The Young Queen Mary in her younger years "Queen Mary Tudor was born on February 18, 1516, at the Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, her birth was seen with some disappointment by her father, King Henry VIII, who had long hoped for a son to guarantee the continuity of the Tudor dynasty, the The...
  8. aoifeloveskhoward

    What if Elizabeth I had a daughter

    20th February 1569- Hatfield house A woman sat up in a Richly embroidered bed. She had right copper ringlets and piercing black eyes which seemed to stare disapprovingly even when the face below was smiling. She was holding a tiny baby wrapped in white and gold swaddle. The baby yawned and...
  9. The Gybson Boy

    The Twelve Blessings of Catherine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor: Arthur Tudor and Catherine of Aragon Have Twelve Sons, , whom do they marry?

    This post has a similar premise to another post of mine from a few months ago In January 1502, shortly after the marriage of the Prince of Wales with Catherine of Aragon, King Henry VII fell ill from sweating, preventing the newly married couple from leaving for Ludlow Castle, after a month and...
  10. The Gybson Boy

    Twelve Tudor Roses: Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon Have Twelve Daughters

    This post has a similar premise to another post of mine from a few months ago, during the marriage of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, Catherine ended up becoming pregnant six times, of which four resulted in stillbirths, one in 1511 that produced a baby named Henrique who lived less than 2...
  11. Salma Amer

    Mary Tudor has siblings, but she marries a lot

    Catherine of Aragon bore three sons 1) Henry IX (1514-?) 2) Edward, Duke of York (1518-?) 3)John, Duke of Somerset (1521-?) How could Mary Tudor marry so many times? And who are the husbands that you can marry ?
  12. Salma Amer

    What if Henry VIII was injured in an accident in 1524 and lost the ability to have children?

    Bessie Blount suffers a miscarriage, and Henry Fitzroy is never born. In 1524, Henry VIII suffers an accident that makes him lose the ability to have children. Mary is the only child that Henry will have, Henry will never divorce Catherine in this case, Henry will try to secure his line on the...
  13. Who would the children of Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon marry?

    Say both Catherine and Arthur survive their sickness unscathed, and go on to have many kids. Who would these alternate heirs marry, and how would it compare to our world and Henry's kids? Alternate Issue; 1502, Elizabeth 1503, Mary 1504, Arthur 1506, Margaret 1507, Henry 1509, Edward 1510...
  14. WI: All of Henry VIII's and Catherine of Aragon's kids are boys?

    The inverse of my previous thread asking what if all of Henry's kids were girls :) Who would they marry? Would Henry still divorce Catherine, and if not would he remarry after her death in 1536? Would we not have an English reformation at all? Would Henry live longer, perhaps not having a...
  15. Salma Amer

    Robert Baratheon is born again as Henry VIII of England

    Unlike Henry VIII, Robert (Henry) will be happy because he is the second son, and has nothing to do with the throne. He will establish a strong relationship with his brother Arthur because he reminds him of Edward Stark. When Arthur dies, Robert will grieve and remember the death of his parents...
  16. A Pomegranate of Many Seeds: Catalina of Aragon’s Tiny Tudors
    Threadmarks: 1502: The Year of Miraculous Births

    “The death of Arthur, Prince of Wales in April 1502 at a mere fifteen years of age was a devastating blow for the fledgling Tudor dynasty, and the prince’s heartbroken parents. But all hope was not lost, for Arthur’s widow, Catalina, was with child and had thankfully not caught her husband’s...
  17. The Sinking Ship, the Grand Applause - A Mary I of England TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - The English Channel in October of 1532

    Chapter 1 – The English Channel in October of 1532 It seemed like the storm had come out of nowhere. When the King of England had disembarked from Dover onboard the ship The Swallow the weather had been perfectly fine. The newly titled Marchioness of Pembroke, Anne Boleyn had come with him on...
  18. The Gybson Boy

    Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's Son Has Only Daughters

    In 1511 the prince of the new year survived to become a healthy and vivacious young man, King Henry VIII although fearful of having only one son and a daughter ended up legitimizing his bastard son Edward Fitzroy, but never sought to end his marriage. In 1527 the Prince of Wales would marry his...
  19. Our Lady of Aragon: An Alternate History of "The King's Great Matter"
    Threadmarks: I. The Chronicles of Parnell St. Luke (Part 1.)

    set colour scheme to black to see text best :) OUR LADY OF ARAGON: An Alternate History of "The King's Great Matter" A statue of Catherine of Aragon, imagined weeping as Mary, mother of God (c. 1599) "It's you, it's you, it's all for you, everything I do, I tell you all the time, Heaven is...
  20. The Gybson Boy

    Twelve Children of Camelot: Prince Arthur has twelve children with Catherine of Aragon, whom do they marry?

    King Henry VII died in 1509 and was succeeded by his eldest son, now King Arthur I of England. Prince Arthur married a Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon, November 1501. A few months later, in the spring of 1502, he nearly succumbed to sweating sickness in the midst of an epidemic, at Ludlow...