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  1. WI: Causewaylion? The Nazis try to build a causeway to Britain after defeating the Soviet Union.
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    We all know that the original plan for operation Sealion was unworkable and doomed to legendary failure. The barges would be sunk by the British navy and air force. Moreover, if the Nazi force by some miracle landed, they would die on the beaches or slightly inland due to a lack of resupply. I'd...
  2. Extremis Ultimis Mod for HOI4 Thread

    So, there's a mod in development for Hearts of Iron 4 called Extremis Ultimis. Basically, it is set in an alternate near future where the global order falls apart and basically every country on Earth has a civil war. This results in all sorts of ideological factions fighting each other in...
  3. Light Jammings

    Amazon Cradle or civs?

    We may think of the Amazon as some jungle, which it kinda is, but there is more and more evidence being uncovered that the pre-contact Amazon actually supported a large amount of people. But, what if the Amazon agricultural complex was more well, complex? Could we see trade with the Andean...
  4. What if the French Family Vote Model was passed in 1923?

    In 1916, French Féderation républicaine parliamentarian delegate Roulleaux-Dugage, building on French interest in improving the national birth rate and solidifying paternal authority in the family, proposed a family vote model which would give fathers a vote for every child they had, as well as...
  5. Light Jammings

    WI: Great Lakes cradle?

    Basically what it says on the tin. Can the Great Lakes region develop agriculture independently? They have a lot of potentially good crops, such as wild rice. If so, how will civilisation develop?
  6. Light Jammings

    Agricultural Package of the Great Lakes?

    So recently, I've been thinking about a largely sedentary civilization in the Great Lakes. Although, I am not aware of the crops used in the region other than Corn and Squash, as well as some beans (Which were Introduced rather late IIRC.). So, any local plants that can be used by the societies...
  7. ranichi17

    Equal and Indivisible - A Tudor Timeline
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    y'all know what this is about aka the Mary becomes queen in 1536 TL ___________________ Equal and Indivisible - A Tudor Timeline Sketch of the Lady Mary, daughter of King Henry, done by Hans Holbein in 1536 “No one could have disproved that this august Lady was the daughter of Kings.” –...
  8. ranichi17

    WI: Mary Tudor becomes Queen earlier? (Or, the planning thread)

    The old menace is haunting me again, and by the old menace, I mean that one line in Wolf Hall where after the disastrous 1536 joust and everyone thinks Henry’s dead from falling off his horse, Cromwell immediately sent for Fitzwilliam to fetch Mary because, in his own words, he “cannot hold the...
  9. There and Back Again: The English Journeys of Catherine of Aragon
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    Hello everyone, so I decided to start a second timeline (I'll still update my first one, but I wanted to mix things up with a more narrative one). Anyway, I've decided to explore the possibility of Catherine of Aragon not marrying Henry VIII, going back to Spain for several years, and then...
  10. dieg-ish

    WI: Néstor Kirchner finishes third in the 2003 Argentine pres. election

    As the title says. What would have happened if Fmr. Pres. Carlos Menem and Fmr. Min. Ricardo López Murphy had occupied the first two places in the 2003 Argentine presidential election? IOTL, the margin between Gov. Néstor Kirchner and Fmr. Minister López Murphy was about 6 points, but was...
  11. Why did Socialist Czechoslovakia's Economy perform worse than East Germany?

    Czechoslovakia was one of the world's most industrialized nations in the interwar, with economic performance and standards of living that were on par with the Western European nations. At the beginning of the Cold War it continued to be the most economically developed and productive Eastern Bloc...
  12. dieg-ish

    The Smoking Fish: A Wikibox TL
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    The Smoking Fish: A Wikibox TL An alternate history of Venezuela, the United States and the world in the 21st century Prologue "When an English voter wants a change in the politics of the conservative government in office, all they have to do is vote for the Labor candidate. The differences...
  13. The British Empire

    Wikipedia Infobox Shitpost Thread (No Current Politics)

    Exactly what's said on the tin. No current politics until I can contact Ian or a mod.
  14. Władysław Jagiełło marries Catherine of Pomerania. How is Poland and Kalmar Union affected?

    Jogaila's second wife Anna of Cili wasn't very healthy, so let's assume she dies during late 1405, over decade earlier than IOTL, leaving no children. King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania is thus in need to find another spouse and agewise best candidates are: -Elizabeth of Görlitz, niece...
  15. Hindustani Person

    The Tiger of Samarkand
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    Part One: The Young King Above: Padshah Babur of the Timurid Empire In the year 1504, the city of Samarkand was won back by a joint force of the Timurid and Safavid empires, who had successfully defeated the Shaybanids. The leader of these Timurids, a young man named Babur, literally meaning...
  16. ST15RM

    ST15RM's Handy Dandy Basemap Size Comparison (or SHDBSC)

    so, i've been thinking, hey, wouldn't it be cool if i made a size comparison image to compare all the basemaps of ah.com? so i made this... thing. as you can tell, it ain't done. so far, i will list all these basemap families (with their respective colors). WorldA/QBAM(and derivatives) will go...
  17. The British Empire

    The National Republic of Amuaplye - ASB Wikibox TL
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    This is a place where I can put maps, graphics, and wikiboxes about a fictional nation: Amuaplye. We'll start off with the basics: This is the thread for if you want to submit suggestions. PMs and replies in the Wikibox thread will do. I don't really know what to put for a writeup, though.
  18. Odinson

    Bring the Jubilee: Filling the Gaps
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    Hi there! I was a big fan of the novel Bring the Jubilee, but I’ve always wondered what happened between Gettysburg and 1950, so I thought that I’d write a timeline to fill in the gaps so to speak. Anyhow, I present Bring the Jubilee: Filling in the Gaps 1860-1885 Abraham Lincoln, first and...
  19. Roman Suez Canal - Was it Possible?

    There was no need for locks since the Mediterranean and the Red Sea are level, so if an Emperor like Augustus or Trajan ordered one built and had 20,000 men put to work on it, it would be finished eventually wouldn't it, even if it fell to one of their successors to finish it? This analysis I...
  20. What if the French Navy used its explosive shells in 1798?

    As related in Science and Polity in France: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Years, the French had a multi-year program for developing incendiary and explosive shells, principally intended for the navy. Extensive tests with the explosive shells in 1798 at Meudon, using 1794/95 produced ordinance...