1. kasumigenx

    The lucky marriage – Kasumigenx cut aka 13th century wars of Roses
    Threadmarks: A Boy’s death

    The lucky marriage – Kasumigenx cut A Boy’s death Freepedia Freepedia Freepedia Note: Arthur of Brittany is dead on this timeline as an infant, John thought that his crown was secure but he is mistaken
  2. KingOnTheEdge

    The Death of Ferdinand: What If The Catholic Monarchs Didn't Come To Power?
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    The Death of Ferdinand: What If The Catholic Monarchs Didn't Come To Power? Our story begins, like so many others, on the field of battle in the year of our Lord 1476. This is the battle of Toro, part of the War of The Castilian Succession. Two armies, both alike in dignity and prestige, fight...
  3. kasumigenx

    No Mirabeau - an Arthur of Brittany timeline
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    No Mirabeau No Mirabeau John initially adopted a defensive posture like that of 1199: avoiding open battle and carefully defending his key castles. John's operations became more chaotic as the campaign progressed, and Philip began to make steady progress in the east. Arthur and the Lusignans...
  4. Thriving Pomegranate Seeds: A Trastámara Spain Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello everyone, I've been reading and commenting on this site for a while and I thought I'd give the whole writing thing a try. As you may be able to tell by the title, this will be a timeline about Spain, and the rest of the world. It will start with a POD in 1492, with four major changes for...
  5. WI: fith son of Henry IV

    Inspired by discission about kids of Henry IV and Joan of Navarre. In this scenario Bolingbroke has one more son, but not with Joan. Instead his second daughter Philippa, OTL Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden is born as boy (Edward? William?) So what are effects? Eric of Pomerania would need...
  6. The Professor

    Henry IV has children with Joan of Navarre

    So what are the repercussions if Henry IV of England had sons and/or daughters with his second wife Joan of Navarre, dowager Duchess of Brittany?
  7. GameBawesome

    WI: War of English Succession

    What if, in 1715, the Jacobite Uprising in OTL, was more wide spread, and harder to deal with, which leads to countries taking sides, leading to a “War of English Succession”? The allies who support the Jacobites are: France, Sweden, Spain, and various Caribbean Pirates/Privateers. The allies...
  8. kasumigenx

    Anglo-Portuguese pact – a Timeline
    Threadmarks: Treaty of Lisbon

    Anglo-Portuguese pact – a Timeline Treaty of Lisbon Freepedia 1. The Spanish would fail to quell the revolts in Luzon even if they had the leaders of the Maniago, Malong and Almazan revolts killed.
  9. kasumigenx

    Different Hanoverian Timeline
    Threadmarks: Treaty of Lisbon

    Different Hanoverian Timeline Treaty of Lisbon Freepedia Note: My plan is England allied with Portugal but England loses its alliance with the Dutch, no OTL William III in this TL.
  10. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC/WI: England As A Major Colonizer

    OOC: while yes, ttl scandinavia united and became a mainstay empire, it's not just a flat out role-reverse with Britain, IC: OTL, the main colonizing powers in europe make sense- France, Spain, Scandinavia, Portugal, the Netherlands (kinda). But there is one glaring exception. One place in...
  11. phil03

    WI: The Second Barons War End in Victory for Simon de Montfort

    As the title says, what if the Second Barons War had ended in triumph for Montfort and the Baronial cause, with the provisions of Oxford ending up becoming something of a second, far more encompassing, Magna Carta? As a more specific POD, after Henry III of England had fleed the field of Lewes...
  12. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: End Absolute Monarchy In Britain

    OOC: while Magna Carta was issued before the 100 year war broke out, if it failed idk how well it would be known OTL, Britain has had an absolute monarchy in all but name for centuries. Your goal is to change that. I have to imagine you'll want to have one side or another actually win the...
  13. Name Of United Kingdom and Netherlands Together (Union)?

    Whether Queen Elizabeth of England become the Dutch monarch or a union caused by a child from William and Mary. What will the Anglo-Dutch Empire's combined realm be called?
  14. The Professor

    AH challenge: English Navarre

    So, other than than the interesting Tudor method of @Cate13 how do we achieve a Navarre with an English King and dynasty? Personal union preferred but what are the most realistic options and repercussions?
  15. GauchoBadger

    Nordic Scotland, Anglo-Saxon England?

    Is there any way, with a PoD anytime between 850 and 1066 AD, for there to be a Nordic-oriented Scotland, with significant Nordic cultural influences (like those in Orkney of old) instead of OTL's Gaelicized country, alongside a surviving Anglo-Saxon England? Assume that both do not succumb to...
  16. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI: No Plantagenet Dual Monarchy of England and France

    How would the politics of Europe change without the formation of the Plantagenet Dual Monarchy otherwise Known as the Royal Plantagenet Commonwealth or the Plantagenet Empire change the history and geopolitical situation of Europe? The Dual Monarchy officially traces its origin to King Henri V...
  17. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Henry VIII Born A Girl?

    OTL, Henry VIII was one of the most influential kings of England, even if he wasn't meant to reign, as Arthur died early. But what if the lucky boy was born a girl? With Arthur dead and three girls, Henry VII has no clear successor, and unlike Henry, probably can't just make his own religion...
  18. What if Edward I integrated scotland in the same manner as he integrated wales into the kingdom of england?

    Let's say Edward the first won a decisive victory against the Scottish rebels and decided to incorporate Scotland instead of putting a puppet king on the Scottish throne, what would be the consequences? Would England focus less on continental affairs than otl? Would he decided to declare the...
  19. AHC: Celtic "England", Saxon/Germanic Scotland & Ireland

    I had this cool idea, I thought it would make for a good AHC: make England (as in roughly the territory of OTL England) Celtic while OTL territories of Scotland and Wales become Saxon/Germanic. Some further rules: - England/Albion should be united to a single state instead of petty kingdoms -...
  20. WI: Richard of Shrewsbury Not In Tower of London

    1481: - Mary of York survives her illness, but is sent to Wales due to her frail health 1483: - Edward IV dies - Gloucester gains custody of Edward V and beheads Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers and Sir Richard Grey; marches to London - Hastings informs the Queen Dowager (Elizabeth Woodville)...