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Points of Divergence : Electronics

Points of divergence concerning electronic technologies and the development of electronics and electronic consumer products. All POD entries are sorted as chronologically as possible.


What if the computer is never invented ?

Alternate terminology in computing sciences and computing practice

WI: A complete difference engine in the 1820s

If Babbage's Analytical Engine had been made, what could it have done ?

WI: Percy Ludgate survived - analytical engine in the early 20th century ?

Plausibility check: Edison vacuum tubes ?

Challenge: Earlier transistors

Challenge: Earlier Transistor Era

Tesla invents the transistor in 1896

WI: Earlier transistor tech and Weimar Germany

How do computers develop with earlier transistors ?

German computers in WWII

WWII Colossus computer PODs

Skip the Tubes: On to the Circuits !

Challenge: Computer Race during the Cold War

A different ARPANET

A world without the microchip ?

Challenge: Much Earlier Internet

Plausibility check: Internet never invented (1)

Plausibility check: Internet never invented (2)

Ouestions for a computer related what-if (1971 ASB POD)

Challenge: Terminals and mainframes instead of desktop PCs

Challenge: Not Apple, but Xerox Computers


Challenge: Make UNIX the world's dominant operating system

Challenge: Delay video game development

Engineering without computer models/simulations ?

WI the Soviets had modern computers ?

What countries could sustain a native computer industry?


Steve Jobs: IBM's Boy Wonder

WI: No Apple. How long are home computers delayed ?

No Microsoft

WI: Microsoft never becomes popular

Successful Fifth Generation Computer ?

Different post-1984 computer industry

What if floppy discs had serial copy management?

Alternate (Japanese ?) operating systems

The predecessor for the PS1 GPU dates 1986 !

NEC ARM 32bit Arcade Cabinet and Console ?

WI: ZX Spectrum dominates computer market in 2008

Internet in a continued Cold War

Challenge: Could Moore's Law be faster?

No PC/Microsoft hegemony

WI: Apple goes under in the 1990s

Could the Mini-Disc have succeeded ? (1)

Could the Mini-Disc have succeeded ? (2)

Alternate Apple Newton developments

Challenge: Linux has a major market share by 2010

Challenge: Make Acorn survive past 1998

Keep Nokia competitive

What if the 360 had a Blu-ray player, and the PS3 a HD-DVD player ?

DBWI: 25th anniversary of The rebirth of Atari

ASB WI: Dies the Transistor

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