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The Channel Islands

A western European Atlantic archipelago, midway between the coasts of the UK and France, in the English Channel. They're also known in some languages as the “Norman Islands”.

The Channel Islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times, with greater settlement picking up during the Middle Ages. Originally, they were a part of the Duchy of Normandy, before being ceded in the 13th century to the English monarchy, and later becoming an extension of the British monarchy. Nowadays, the islands are politically divided into two crown dependencies, based on two local, traditional administrative divisions.

Though the islands have been politically British for a long time, culturally and linguistically, they show a mixture of past influences (in particular a Norman and French influence, including in local dialects).


In alphabetical order. Only a few of the larger islands are permanently inhabited.

  • Alderney
  • Brecqhou (a.k.a. Brechou)
  • Burhou
  • Crevichon (islet)
  • Grande Amfroque (islet)
  • Guernsey
  • Herm
  • Jersey
  • Jethou
  • Les Casquets (islets)
  • Les Dirouilles (islets)
  • Les Écréhous (islets)
  • Les Houmets (tidal isles)
  • Les Minquiers (islets)
  • Les Pierres de Lecq (The Paternosters, islets)
  • Lihou (islet)
  • Ortac (islet)
  • Sark

Political structure

The islands are politically divided into two crown dependencies, based on the two major traditional bailwicks of the islands. One of the bailwicks is centered on Guernsey and the other on Jersey.

    • Guernsey (main island, parliament and centre of government)
    • Alderney (some local self-governance)
    • Sark (some local self-governance)
    • Herm (sparsely inhabited)
    • Jethou (near Herm, privately owned, almost uninhabited)
    • Brecqhou/Brechou (near Sark, privately owned, largely uninhabited)
    • uninhabited islets such as Les Houmets, Lihou, etc.
    • Jersey (main island, parliament and centre of government)
    • Écréhous, Les Dirouilles, Les Minquiers, Les Pierres de Lecq islets (uninhabited) discussions about the Channel Islands

General discussions about the history and geography of the islands. For POD discussions, please see the link in the following section.

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