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New Zealand

A country where “men are men, women are lonely, and sheep are scared” with a population of around 4 million inhabitants (not counting sheep) situated in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand consists of two large (North and South Islands) and many considerably smaller islands, including Stewart Island and the Chatham, Auckland, Campbell and Kermedec Island groups.

The Australians, and Flocculencio, want to annex it. Everyone else thinks of it as Middle-earth.

Overseas territories of New Zealand:

New Zealand in Alternate History

New Zealand seldom gets mentioned in most mainstream Alternate History, it’s usually just ‘that island to the South East of Australia that suffers a less interesting fate’.

A popular kind of ‘what if’ scenario posited about New Zealand is “what if the Maori Tribes were able to successfully remain independent of the British Empire during the Land Wars in the 19th century”.

There was a small, but ultimately failed French attempt to claim some parts of New Zealand in the 1830s.

New Zealand was annexed by New South Wales in 1839, but this declaration was made void by the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi one year later. If New Zealand had of remained a part of New South Wales, the history of the Australian Commonwealth may have been very different.


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