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Snowy the Seal

Snowy is a little white seal who, as of February 2008 has travelled with Sealion, aka Silas the Sealion. Veteran board member Sargon added him so that Silas would not feel lonely when travelling.

Snowy has travelled with Sealion since the Sheffield stop of the tour, and has so far been to Powys in Wales, Congleton in Cheshire, England, Cambridge, several places in Germany and Austria, France, China, Norway, Denmark and Brazil. Along with Silas/Sealion, Snowy is currently in Ottawa at Doctor What's, after both plushies finally finished their unusual travels.


Some basic portraits.

Silas the Sealion to the right, his little brother Snowy to the left

Possible photo of Snowy's real life cousin (meme style)

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