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Sheffield is located in the North of England and was once a very heavily industrialised city. Famous for its steel products and industry, paradoxically, more steel is made there now than at any time in the past, but visitors don't notice it because it's all hidden away somewhere in bloody great complexes on the edge of the city. Still has a fair amount of decaying industrial areas and old bombsites, suitable locations for disposing of people you don't like, which is why Landshark would like them. Recently has seen investment in the service sector and new construction in the city center to remove such eyesores as the reviled 'eggbox' that used to serve as the City Council's offices. Replaced with the rather nifty Winter Gardens glasshouse, and a not very impressive looking hotel. Better than before though. Sheffield is also home to the “Kettledrome”, a metallic building shaped like 2 kettles, which was built as a millennium-project music museum, turned out to be a spectacular failure (like all other millennium projects) and is now a conference centre. The Moorfoot region is home to the extraordinary Moorfoot Building, a government departmental building which looks rather like what the Maya would have built if they'd had access to bricks, steel and marijuana. Although it hasn't been called that for 20 years, all people in Sheffield refer to it as the 'Manpower Building' in the finest traditions of being English.

Sheffield is the capital city of South Yorkshire, and was also the capital of the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire in the late 70s and early 80s when a red flag was actually hoisted above the Town Hall and road signs by the city's boundaries read 'You are now entering the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire'. The building itself is an excellent example of Victorian civic architecture although it could do with a good scrub to clean off the black soot caused by decades of smoke belching out from the steelworks in the past. Not surprisingly it is a left-wing stronghold of the Labour Party who have ruled it most of the time since 1926, except for a couple of short periods of Conservative control, and a brief time at the end of the 90s when the Liberal Democrats rather amazingly managed to kick them out for 3 years.

It is Thande's intention to raise the red flag once more above the Town Hall, and proudly declare a Second People's Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire after he has had a few drinks at the Frog and Parrot on Division Street, gathered some inebriated locals with assorted farming implements and managed to shanghai a horse and cart belonging to the fleet of Bradwell's Traditional Ice Cream makers with which to lead his march. Funnily enough, Thande plans to retain the Queen as head of state of the Republic since he's quite fond of her, although rumour has it he probably justs wants an excuse to sit by the telly and natter about Doctor Who with her since they are both fans of it. Anyway, whatever happens, Blame Thande.

Sheffield is also the home of that complete nutter Sargon, another AH.commer who goes through phases of posting and not posting due to unreliable internet access for which he Blames Thande. He also plans to buy a round of drinks for Thande and his fellows after the revolution if only to get things settled again since it is hard enough to get the Council to do anything these days and being a non-political animal, likes to distance himself from politics whenever possible. Having said that, he hopes Thande will invite him to watch Doctor Who with the Queen.

Sheffield has a number of very fine public houses, and one of the oldest inhabited buildings in the city is one. The Old Queen's Head is not far from the railway station, right next to the bus station and dates back over 500 years. This lends itself to being a jolly convenient place for meetups.

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