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Who's Who of ASBs

An incomplete list of notable, recurring Alien Space Bats in the jocular lore of


One of the more familiar of those cosmic tinkerers. Probably responsible for the majority of ASB activities in this corner of the multiverse.


Apparently a bit more reasonable than Skip.


"The Britwanking ASB". The fact that his name rhymes with that of Skip may be significant.


Little is known about him, other than his enmity with Chip.


"Paranoid Harry the ASB" thinks car companies are out to get people.


Participated in the Great British ISOT Competition with other ASBs; his contribution, as described by iainbhx in “Arose From Out The Azure Main”, was to ISOT the Britain of 1980 to the year 1730.

Woodrow Wilson

TheTimeRanger states that Woodrow Wilson is the supreme ASB, according to his ASBLand universe that he coined


Fought Godzilla in Vancouver back in 1996 and lost. He'd rather not talk about it.


Marx is one of the more villainous ASBs. When more powerful entities aren't around, he can act cocky and mischievous. When they are around, he becomes a lot more nervous, and when Gene is around, he's reduced to a babbling mess. He is played by ST15RM.

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