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A nation in west-central Europe…wait, stop hitting me, Susano! All right, a country in west-central Europe. Historically considered a part of the German nation, Austria got left out of German unification for various political reasons, was briefly annexed by the Third Reich, then essentially escaped virtually any connexion with Nazism after the war even though many senior Nazis (including Hitler!) were Austrian.

Also known for The Sound of Music and for being the historic seat of the Habsburg Dynasty (may they be returned to power and reign forever).

Austria borders Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the west, Germany in the northwest, the Czech Republic in the north, Slovakia in the northeast, Hungary in the east, Slovenia in the southeast and Italy in the southwest.


Austrian alternate history literature

Christoph Ransmayr

Morbus Kitahara / The dog king (Similar as in the Morgenthau plan, Germany is turned back into an agrarian country. Bands of robbers make it an unsafe place.)

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