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A very large and very diverse country in South America, Portuguese-speaking.

Known for its samba, the Amazon, the Amazon rain-forest, and Rio de Janeiro, it is the only major country in Latin America that doesn't speak Spanish. Brazil also gave birth to the other Latin jazz movements that seem to be popular by other (American) musicians in 'borrowing' things to make their albums look 'cool'.

Brazil is known as the birthplace of many important people, as Pelé, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romário, and… ahn… oh yes, there is that guy… no, he is a soccer player too.

For some time, Sealion and Snowy seem to have disappeared there, but were found again at the end and could finish their journey to the Overlord.

Alternate history clichés involving this country

Originally a Portuguese colony, Brazil is noted for being just about the only real life example of that common AH schtick, the “European country's government flees imminent conquest by going into exile in its colonies”. This happened in OTL during the Napoleonic Wars, during which Brazil was ruled by the exiled Portuguese royal family, later broke off to become its own Empire, later still to become the modern Federative Republic of Brazil.


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