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Reformed Sheepism

Reformed Sheepism is a splinter sect of the original Sheepist Faith. Sheepism originated in the Sheep Thread, though the actual identity of the prophet who first began worshiping the Holy Sheep is still being debated. Some claim it was Landshark; while he was the creator of the sheep thread, thus lending some credence to this theory, others postulate that it was in fact Straha who came up with the religion. Whatever its origins, Sheepism eventually became decadent and immoral, and Diamond became disillusioned with its debauchery. Thus, he determined to fight the moral decay of his beloved church. Unfortunately, the decay had sunk too deep and Diamond was left with little choice but to declare his own rival church, that of the Reformed Sheepists.

The Orthodox Sheepists (or Sheepapists, as they are known by members of the Reformed church), struggled mightily against what they saw as a heretical schism, but their anger was ultimately in vain. Reformed Sheepism gained its first official acolyte in the form of luakel, also known as The King of the n00bs. Luakel, enthusiastic as a puppy in a sandbox, has done much to spread the word of Reformed Sheepism, and has gained the Church at least one new convert, or possibly two. Or three; the leaders of the Church can't seem to remember. The most recent convert is a new board member, TheGrandVizier, who was so enraptured by Reformed Sheepism that he began an entire thread espousing the glories of his conversion.

Tenets of Reformed Sheepism

Reformed Sheepism is broadly similar to Orthodox Sheepism in that its adherents believe in the divinity of the Holy Sheep, but Reformers are a much more peaceful bunch, having little use for Jihads on Anyone's Arse. A few core beliefs are:

  • The Great Spirit Ian created the Heavens and the Universe, and the Sheep is his most holy child, with What chosen to be his prophet.
  • Beer is good.
  • A life of peaceful meditation, map-making, and study is preferable to Arse-Jihading.

Members of the Reformed Sheepist Church

Note that as TheGrandVizier turned out to be a sock puppet for Hashemite, this may not reflect very well on the Reformed Sheepist Church's vetting procedures.

Other Details

The Sheep Faith has been mentioned as existing within TimeLine A of The Multiverse War, written by Chris as a new faith spread by the general devastation caused by the cross-time Nazi Invasion.

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