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Orthodox Sheepism

In the beginning there was the Sheep Thread, then the day came when Great Ian in all his glorious mightiness closed down the sheep thread. Great cries of keening and mourning were raised and the Sheepists were left in a dazed haze, the world plunged into a bout of despair.

Then came the days of darkness, when cursed and feeble attempts were made to recreate the magnificence of the Sheep Thread, but like all great achievements that are natural and organic in their formation, such a thing as 'recreating' the Sheep Thread was an impossibility. It was simple vanity and foolish arrogance that spurred on charlatans to try to remake the Sheep thread, to rise up a false thread and proclaim it the “New” Sheep Thread.

Through the Darkness, when all hope seemed to have faded, and the boards were benighted with the skittering audacity of pretentious thread starters, a light began to shine. No, this was not the Sheepist clinging to a new thread, nor was it the continued lamenting of the loss of the Sheep thread, instead it was a dawning of understanding.

When the Glorious Ian closed the Sheep Thread, We, the Sheepist, had viewed it as beginning of the end of our faith. When the Glorious Ian closed the Sheep Thread, we huddled, we doubted, we flocked like fools to the upstart threads, and we shook our fists at the heavens demanding the wrong be righted and our beloved Thread returned.

We failed to see the true meaning of the transcendent occasion.

The Closing of the Thread was not an occasion to be mourned, to be wept over, instead it was a glorious event to be celebrated, to be cherish, and loved.

The Closing of the Thread marked the maturation of the Sheepist faith, the epitome of its excellence.

The peak of the mountain has been reached and we who kneel before the Holy Sheep and are blessed by it's Light, see far and clear. All that can be written has been writ, all that can be said has been said, the Sheep Thread is as is, Perfect.

No utterances can be added to extend its greatness.

The Sheep Thread is complete and we, the Sheepists, the TRUE Sheepists, bow before it's contained wisdom.

All Hail the Holy Sheep.


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