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Wikipedia and Wikipedia

In an context, opinions on Wikipedia fall into two camps: those who think it is the best thing since sliced bread and a useful primary source occasionally spoiled by biased editing, and those who think it is the tool of Satan and merely a vehicle for nationalists and bigots to try and get their views considered fact by those who don't consult multiple sources.

Generally speaking, younger members fall into the first camp and older ones, especially those in academia, into the second. Legendary and veteran member Abdul Hadi Pasha is a well known advocate of the second camp and has come up with many priceless observations regarding it. A couple of the best can be seen here.

It is considered self-evident among many AH.commers that Wikipedia is run by a combined Polish-Armenian Cabal whose only purpose in life is to paint Russia, Germany and the Ottoman Empire in a bad light (see also Polish Trolls, Armenian Genocide). There is also the less well known 'crazy Indian nationalist' front associated, that tries to portray the Sepoy Mutiny of the 1850s as a war of independence, and the Minority Celtic Language Nationalists, who can be spotted from the fact that all the pages about Cornish are (only) also in Breton, Manx and three kinds of Gaelic, and vice-versa.

Another idiosyncratically 'Wikipedian' item is the way mutually contradictive statements are tacked onto the end of sentences preceded by 'However,' as though only modifying them. This is sometimes called the 'Wikipedian However'. Example: “The capital of Turkey is Istanbul. However, this is almost certainly untrue, as it was destroyed by the brave Armenian fighters during the Armenian Genocide. However, Professor Barzan al-Talabani of the University of Mosul[citation needed] has proved that this was in fact the work of the Kurds.”

Commonly referred to in an ironic fashion as “The Infallible Wikipedia”. It can also be refered to as “The Armenian Genocide”, as in “I learned it from the Armenian Genocide” or (when quoting a paricularly wrong fact from wikipedia) “don't blame me, blame the Armenian genocide!”

Every Wikipedia article should be prefaced with, “People who enjoy editing encyclopedias as a hobby pretty much agree that:”

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