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A now defunct alternate history discussion forum and website, created and active for some time in the 2000s.

Wretched Hive of Scum and Villany

Supposedly had been's rival forum and enemy in an epic cold war. In practice, most AH.commers have never even heard of it.

When Alternia was known, it was often in connexion with out-of-date circumstances (due to the fact that at one point Hashemite held a position of power there, and it inheriting the 'wretched hive of scum and villainy' label formerly held by Chingo360's forum). Hashemite was then banned and the forums moved in a more positive direction.

Alternia went through two upgrades to get to Alternia 3.0, whose hosting was provided by Administrator “Hey”.

In April of 2007, most of (previously considered to be's main rival before suffering a series of unfortunate events) merged with Alternia.

Alternia was generally considered to have a more politically right-wing atmosphere than

Some AH.commers also posted on Alternia, KJM for example. Diamond, Matt, and a few of the other ex-members who quit in a huff over S. M. Stirling's banning could be found there prior to its collapse.

It was also rumoured that our board member demonkangaroo was originally from Alternia, and was one of the few “Slightly Less Bad Alternians”, who, like the Dunedain, left Alternia to post at AH.Com. Also, the “Black Alternians”, the more bastard refugee type, who, firmly believed that AH.Com was the source of all evil, and were blamed for the occasional trolling incident.

The Death of Alternia

Alternia has since died due to the unpopularity of the Admin Hey, and most members have moved to the new forum Different Worlds to actually discuss Alternate History.

In spite of the occasional rumours, the third and final incarnation of Alternia is down after epic e-drama and the efforts of Albus Dumbledore, and has been deleted by the site's corrupt child admin.

Alternia 1.0 and 2.0 are still around, and it is thanks to the fact that someone occasionally finds one of them that rumours of Alternia's survival or restoration occasionally pop up.


To avoid any and all confusion about this in the future, here are the links to the three different versions of the Alternia forums :

Alternia 1.0 (no longer exists, just an archived snapshot from 2007)

Alternia 2.0, a.k.a. Free Alternia (no longer exists, just an archived snapshot from 2008)

Alternia 3.0 (no longer exists, just an archived snapshot from 2007)

Alternia 4.0 (no longer exists, just an archived snapshot from 2018)

Mitro's account of the rise and fall of Alternia

Board member and Alternate History Weekly Update blog founder Mitro wrote an article about the twisted history of Alternia back in 2011. To get a possibly more nostalgic account on Alternia, we wholeheartedly recommend reading said article.

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