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An alternate history site which was, throughout much of 2004-2006,'s major rival. The rivalry between the two sites was usually fairly friendly, unlike the majority of's relations (but then those are more usually with pisspoor knock-off sites such as Alternia). had a very distinct identity to, in which timelines tended to be more communal affairs and there was less off-topic discussion. Some OTL.commers started to come across and visit starting in 2005, and many became permanent AH.commers - some exclusively so, when began to decline.'s major objection to the influx of OTL.commers was that they used 'OTL' to mean (an) 'Other Timeline', i.e. an ATL in AH.comese, which was confusing when 'OTL' to AH.commers means Our Timeline, the opposite.

In October 2005, had a major crash

Prominent AH.commers who came across from include:

Link (yes, it still lives, although their forum is down)

In Fiction

luakel wrote an The Series episode featuring the OTL.commers as a rival crew, and there was even a brief movement on towards an Movie and Series in imitation of the ones.

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