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offtopic:ah.com_multiplayer Multiplayer

Many members of the board enjoy computer games, and being as smart as us members are, the computer often does not provide us with enough challenge. Below is a list of games in which you could hone your skill against (or together with) a human player. To arrange a game you could PM a member or create a specific multiplayer thread.

Multiplayer discussions

Original multiplayer thread - From 2008, now archived.

The (Un)Official Minecraft Server - Main Minecraft MP discussion thread, originally run in 2013.

The Neo.Lucidgreen.Com Creative Minecraft Server Thread -Discussion concerning an auxilliary Minecraft MP server, run in 2013.

The Astra Minecraft Server Thread - Discussion concerning an auxilliary Minecraft MP server, run in 2015 by DJDerocher97, SpanishSpy, Stuyvesant, AnachronistRocketeer, Walpurgis, and Prometheus_2000

AHIA Minecraft Survival Server Thread - Discussion concerning an auxilliary Minecraft MP server, run in 2016.

Victoria 2 Multiplayer - Discussion concerning multiplayer matches in Victoria 2. Mount & Blade Multiplayer Official Thread - Discussion concerning multiplayer matches (including co-op modes) in Mount & Blade: Warband and its expansions (Viking Conquest, Napoleonic Wars) and spinoffs (With Fire and Sword).

What multiplayer AH.commers play

Age of Empires I - Walker, RCTFI, Ofaloaf
Age of Empires II - Jasen777, Roberto, Walker, RCTFI, Susano, Ofaloaf, Petike
Age of Empires III - Cataractus, Zyzzyva (silly Mac-user), Walker, RCTFI, Ofaloaf, Roberto
Battlefield 1942 -Walker
Battlezone 2 - Shimbo
Civilization II - mmmeee0
Civilization III - Something, Gladi, Shimbo, Susano
Civilization IV - Highlander, Thande, Gladi, Something
Close Combat - Shimbo, RCTFI
Counterstrike - Walker, Ofaloaf
Command and Conquer 3 - Zyzzyva
Command and Conquer : Generals - Shimbo, Thande, Mysterius, RCTFI (though not 0 Hour), Walker
Command and Conquer : Red Alert - Krall, Thande
Command and Conquer : Tiberian Sun - Walker, Thande
Company of Heroes - Shimbo
Warhammer 40 000 : Dawn of War -Shimbo, Something
Europa Universalis III - Ofaloaf, Krall, Gladi, Petike
FreeCiv - Zyzzyva, mmmeee0, Thande(?), Gladi, Kabraloth, Orioes
FreeCol - Zyzzyva, Orioes
Galactic Civilizations II - Gladi
Hearts of Iron II - Ofaloaf, Zyzzyva, Thande(?)
Medieval 2: Total War - Ofaloaf, Something, RCTFI, Petike
Minecraft - Alex_Richards, DTanza, Flashman, Krall, LSCatilina, SpanishSpy
Mount & Blade: Warband (+ expansions) - CaekDaemon, Timaeus, Ciclavex, Petike, Lascupa0788
Panzer General 2- Shimbo
Rise of Legends - Shimbo
Rise of Nations - Ofaloaf
Rome : Total War - Ofaloaf, MrP, RCTFI
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Shimbo, Gladi, Susano
Spring - MadAce
Starcraft - mmmeee0, Thande, RCTFI
Star Wars Supremacy/Rebellion - Thande, Orioes
SWAT 4 (+ Stetchkov Syndicate expansion) - Petike
Sword of the Stars - Mysterius
Victoria : An Empire Under the Sun - Zyzzyva, Ofaloaf
Victoria 2 - ?
Wesnoth - MadAce, Zyzzyva, Gladi, Orioes, Susano

See Also

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