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RCTFI is one of’s many members from Michigan. He is known for having particularly nightmarish and dystopian Weird Dreams, which help inspired him to write his stories. Jolly pleasant chap.


RCTFI is an active writer, having written a number of stories for the board, while in terms of timelines he is less active, having only done significant work on one proper TL, the “Anglo-Hanoverian TL,” which is currently undergoing it’s first set of revisions as the “Anglo-Hanoverian TL Mk. II.”

A complete overview of his stories (and writing awards he's won so far) can be found on the following page :

Complete Works of RCTFI

In Culture

RCTFI was a founding member of the Michigan People’s Liberation Army, and is a veteran of both Toledo War II and Toledo War III.

In Fiction

He appeared as Acting President R. Ctfi of Michigan in Wars.

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