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Resources helpful for the creation of Alternate History

The secrets of Doctor What, since most of this namespace's contents come from Doctor What's Nice Reference Site(s) Thread project.

This is the hub page for useful online and offline resources that can help you study history or ponder alternate history while you are writing your timeline, scenario, story, etc., etc. To view the resources, click one of the links in the following sections and start searching for something that could prove useful to you and your writing/worldbuilding needs.

If you wish to add resources to a Resources page, familiarise yourself with the page's style and layout first, then click Edit, add a link or a bibliographical note in the appropriate section and save. Always think extra hard before adding a resource (whether it's really that useful, factual and comprehensive in terms of info, etc.). Also, try to add resource links that cover a larger range of topics or examine a particular topic in a very professional way, with lots of detail.

Resources by Country and Region

Historical Geography Resources

General Bibliography

Society, Culture & Technology

Auxilliary Historical Sciences

Language Help and Advice

Various Resources

See Also

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