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S. M. Stirling

An American sci-fi and fantasy writer, Stephen Michael Stirling is one of the modern popularizers of AH as a genre, along with Harry Turtledove. Poster-child for all tech wankers. Stirling is the author of the (more or less) 'acclaimed' Draka series, the much-loved Nantucket series, the Emberverse novels (a spinoff of sorts of the Nantucket series) and The Peshawar Lancers.

The term ISOT was based on the name of the first installment of the Nantucket series, the novel Island in The Sea Of Time. The premise of the novel is that one such ISOT event teleports the modern day island of Nantucket back to the times of deep antiquity.

For some time, Stirling was a member of, under the handle joatsimeon. He was banned for comments he made relating to genocide against Muslims some years ago, which Ian dug up. Initially, his banning was a controversial issue amongst some AH.commers of the time.

The Althist Fandom wiki (ex-Wikia) used to name their Multiverse Awards after him, but changed the name in 2021, for whatever reason. discussions about this author

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