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Timeline Classification Project

Usage and Editing Guide

This is a little “pseudo-database” for timelines and discussion threads in the forum. Its purpose is to help orient oneself of what has been already discussed and considered given a certain time. Hopefully, it will thrive and grow from now on. You are heartily welcome to contribute!

  • What goes here?
    • Timelines, timeline sketches, and discussions can be included here. Do not include discussions with extremely uncertain time and/or location assignment (e.g. “How can insects become a standard food in Europe?” or “What is the most plausible time for France to become Muslim?”). This also refers to all double and multiple-blind What-Ifs and roleplays.
    • A discussion linked here should have at least one reply.
    • If these criteria are met, positive selection is arbitrary ;). I.e. if you have time to add one more line, just take your pick.
  • How to insert new items:
    • Please sort it into the existing list according to the PoD date. This refers to the actual, “visible” PoD (see below).
    • Do not include too much information. This is only an index.
  • Description of the table columns
    • Type: TL - Timeline, WI - what-If discussion (“What if the PoD had happened?”), How - How-discussion (“How can we achieve that Andorra becomes a great power by 1960?”). Try to find the most suitable of these three; if it is not possible at all, insert “D” (Discussion).
    • PoD (Year or Date): specify as exactly as possible. The table should be sorted by this column.
    • (effective) PoD: What has first happened other than in actual history? Please keep it short, try to give an informative hint in a few words. Also, if the PoD is some personal issue with at first little consequences, you may change it to the first diverging major historical event.
    • Effects: Additional, major developments contrasting OTL.
    • Author/Key Contributors: The author of a timeline, the author of the starting post of a discussion; for a discussion several names are possible, you can include single posters with especially comprehensive and informative contributions. But please keep the list short. If you want, link the people to their respective wiki pages.
    • thread link: self-explanatory. May contain several links if there are multiple discussion threads for a single timeline.
    • wiki link: If a timeline has material here on the wiki.

Timeline and Discussion Table

Type PoD (Year or Date) (effective) PoD Effects Author/Key Contributors thread link wiki link
TL 853 BC Assyrian victory at Qarqar Note that the Stranger appears ITTL, being the actual POD Codae The Golden Touch The Golden Touch
WI ~450 BC no Sokrates ZachScape A World Without Socrates
TL 450 BC A Carthaginian-Etruscan alliance destroys Rome Without the Romans, no one power grows to dominate the Mediterranean robertp6165 Rome Destroyed in 450 BC Rome destroyed in 450 BC
TL/Story ~326 BC Alexander the Great continues his Indian campaign A “Heraklid” Alexandrian successor state rules India, abolishing the caste system and making other reforms Flocculencio Sons of Alexander Sons of Alexander
TL 298 BC the Suebi become a significant power Suebi empire becomes the dominant power in Europe Lysandros Aikiedes Suebi Superpower
WI 80 BC Rome claims Egypt Don_Giorgio WI Roman Republic annexed Egypt in 80 BC?
TL 54 BC Pompey's son Quintus by Julius Caesar's daughter Julia survives The Pompeian-Caesarian alliance survives, Rome conquers Persia, and civil war ensues on Caesar's death EdT The Caesariad
TL 44 BC Caesar is informed by Brutus that there is a conspiracy to kill him. Rome evolves into a stable, progressive empire that spans western Eurasia ericams2786 A much larger Rome that survives until the present day.
TL 81 Roman General Agricola conquers Ireland (Hibernia) Hibernia becomes a productive province of the Roman Empire, leading to a longer period of progressive thinking in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, allowing Rome to survive into the mid-6th century. Abhakhazia Agricola's Folly: The Tale of A Roman Irelnd
TL 268 Emperor Gallienus and Aurelian die at the Battle of Naisssus Postumus's and Zenobia's splinter empires don't fall, and the Roman Empire breaks apart 200 years early jmberry The End Of an Age
TL 450 Emperor Valentinian III's sister Honoria's affair is discovered Honoria marries Attila the Hun, who is crowned Emperor of the West, and the Western Roman Empire lasts much longer, leading to very different tribal migrations Thermopylae The Coronation of the Hun The Coronation of the Hun
TL 451 Theodoric I survives the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains Attila the Hun lives longer, leading to Constantinople falling a millennium early Jaydoh Cadavera Vero Innumera Cadavera Vero Innumera
WI 540s no Justinianic Plague Effects on Byzantium? robot The Justinian plague never happens
WI 540s no Persian invasion of Syria, no Justinianic Plague Effects on Byzantium? Basileus Giorgios WI: A luckier Justinian?
TL 704 Justinian II gets dunked into the sea. Experience changes his outlook Justinian II rules wisely instead of being consumed by wanting revenge on his enemies Sargon No Terror of Justinian - Glory Instead No Terror of Justinian - Glory Instead
TL 710 Roderic and Agila are forced to peace by XX Council of Toletum More powerful visigothic sucessor states in Northern Iberic Peninsula LSCatilina Eagles and Hawks Eagles and Hawks
TL 731 Andalusian Emir converts to Christianity Charlemagne never crowned Emperor, Christian West Africa MNPundit The Raptor of Spain The Raptor of Spain
TL 732 Frankish defeat against Moors at Tours Polish Eagle Muezzins on the Seine
TL 778 Charlemagne's Saracen ally Suleiman captures Saragosa Charlemagne's empire survives as an enormously powerful Western Empire Scarecrow The Song of Roland A Song of Roland
TL 871 Alfred the Great chooses not to lead the West Saxon army against the Danes at the Battle of Ashdown West Saxons defeated, formation of a Viking England Benkarnell Ethelred the Pious (Viking England)
WI 1066 William the Conqueror dies in action aktarian William and Harold die at Hastings
WI 1025 Byzantine Emperor Basileus II lives longer more successful Italian campaigns for Byzantium? Horgus The Bulgar-Slayer campaigns in Italy; Sicily
TL 1057 / 9 / 1 Different Byzantine Succession no Seldchuk occupation of Anatolia, no crusades Basileus Giorgios Isaac's Empire
WI/TL 1069 Godfrey the Hunchback has children A very different Holy Roman Empire and Crusades Shadow Knight A fractured HRE (a map of a WI) Tuscan Sons
TL 1122 Stephen of Blois dies 'Empress' Matilda dies. Robert De Caen becomes Robert I of England. fortyseven The Anglo-Norman Continuance
WI 1148 / 1 French king killed by Turkish troups Gonzaga Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine killed during the Second Crusade
TL ~1175 Lombard Union persists against the Emperor de-factor independant and confederated Northern Italy Jimbrock For want of a better name- Preview of my new TL
WI ~1190 Richard Lionheart dies early DTF955Baseballfan What if Richard I dies on the Third Crusade?
TL 1196 Henry VI succeeds at making the Holy Roman Empire an hereditary monarchy Hohenstaufen empire in Germany and Italy becomes a unified state, Byzantine Latin Empire is revitalized, French monarchy disintegrates Faeelin Prince of Peace (edited) by Faeelin
TL 1200 Genghis Khan dies early Max Sinister Chaos TL: A world without Genghis Khan's conquests Chaos
WI 1203 Venice claims Constantinople Franciscus Caesar Opinions on a venice TL
TL ~1250 Rudolph von Hapsburg never has a daughter The Hapsburg family never becomes powerful and Europe develops an optical telegraph system Justin Pickard The Anti-Habsburg TL The Lantern Empires
WI 1258 Baghdad spared from Mongol seize Rekjavik WI No Sacking of Baghdad?
TL 1274 Templars and Hospitalers merge New order survives and prospers, Burgundy survives, England wins 75 Years War, Crusader States survive and expand, Venice unites Italy fortyseven A Different Fate for the Templars
WI ~1370 Tamerlane strikes East (instead of West) Commissar Tamerlane concentrates all his might on India
TL 1382 Eleanor of Castile lives longer early unified Iberian Peninsula LacheyS 'Imperio Espanol Mundo'
TL 1402 Ottoman defeat at Ankara against Timur Khan more powerful Ottomans Saepe Fidelis Don't Look Back, Soldiers of Islam.
WI 1483 aspirant on the English throne Edward does not die suddenly Douglas The Reign of Edward V
TL 1491 Maximilian I defends his marriage to Anne of Brittany Columbus sails for Habsburg Austria, which becomes ever more dominant ImperialVienna All Hail Germania (The Actual TL)
TL 1498 Miguel da Paz survives Iberian Union in ~1500 DrakeRlugia The Prince of Peace
TL 1505 Luther stays a lawyer Alt Reformations influenced by Calvin and Muntzer Jasen777 A Dropped Pen A Dropped Pen
TL 1512 Plague epidemy slower colonization of the Americas corourke A Pale Horse: The Plague of 1512 (Revision
WI 1567 Mary Stuart stays in power as Queen of Scotland DrakeRlugia WI: Mary, Queen of Scots remains Queen
TL 1573 Takeda Shingen does not die after the battle of Mikatagahara Takeda Shingen and the Takeda clan unify Japan in the 1580s, with further effects through Asia in the 1600s maverick The Realm of the Mountain
TL 1568 united Dutch revolt more powerful Netherlands The Kiat An Alternate History of the Netherlands
TL 1578 The Moroccans take King Sebastian of Portugal prisoner at the Battle of Ksar-el-Kebir Portuguese, and European, history takes a very different turn Gonzaga A New Portugal (an alternate Ksar-el-Kebir)
WI 1588 Spanish invasion of England successful seanthesheep The Spanish invasion of England
WI 1588 Spanish invasion of England successful Checkmate113 The Other Empire Under the Sun
WI Early 1600s Earlier Baha'i Earlier Shaykhism fortyseven Earlier Baha'i
WI ~~1600 Ottoman conquest of Rome Guerilla Republik Effects on Christianity, Ottoman Italy
TL 1612 Walter Raleigh uses quinine to save James I's first son Henry from a fever Henry turns out to be a far better king than his younger brother Charles was in OTL Quiet Man Henry the Great. Henry IX the Great
WI 1625 Saxony arranges a peace between Denmark and the HRE Valdemar II Saxon mediation between Ferdinand II and Christian IV
D 1630 Electors' Diet at Regensburg leads to a peace treaty Doug M. Thirty Years War ends in 1630
TL 1630 Electors' Diet at Regensburg makes a general agreement and does not dismiss Wallenstein different variants, from slightly better imperial position to quick defeat of Gustavus Adolphus Boto von Ageduch The Two Golden Lions - a Thirty Years War timetree
TL 1633 Oliver Cromwell decides to go to America A different English Civil War and colonisation of New England EdT The Bloody Man
WI ~~1650 credit economy established in Spain bobbis14 WI: Church endorses money lending in Spain
How 1650s Sweden conquers Poland in the Deluge Faeelin Can Swedish Conquer Poland in the Deluge?
TL 1678 William III of England had a son After the Glorious Revolution, England and the Netherlands remain together Flocculencio Anglo-Dutch Empire The Anglo-Dutch Empire
TL 1699 Joseph Ferdinand of Bavaria doesn't die on the way to Spain Alternate succession wars consume Europe Susano It's a Royal Knockout
TL 1703 Villars convinces the Bavarians to assault Vienna War of Spanish Succession ends in 1704 with a French victory Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy Drunk on Bourbon
TL 1727 Frederick, Prince of Wales exiled to American colonies War of the British Succession, independent Empire of North America in personal union with Britain Thande Look to the West Look to the West
TL 1740 anti-Austrian coalition turns attention to Bohemia Bavaria succeeds Austria as a Great Power Communist Wizard Rule Bavaria
TL 1744 King Louis XV dies of illness at Metz His son takes the thrown and tries to live up to his high view of his father. Beedok Dimension 398
TL ~1750 different Portuguese foreign policy Lusitania Rebirth of an Empire "O Renascimento de um Império"
TL 1763 While the OTL 1763 Proclamation Line is unchanged, TTL's Proclamation of 1763 specifically includes the land on the east shore of the St. Lawrence and the entire Great Lakes basin (“beyond the Odawa/Ottawa River”) in the protected Continental Crown Lands. In 1764, King George III appoints his brother, Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of York and Albany, as Proprietor of the Continental Crown Lands. Edward and his wife, Elizabeth (nee Brudenell Montague) arrive in Annapolis, Maryland later that year. In 1789, the British colonies in North America, minus Quebec, along with the whole Continental Crown Lands, becomes the Kingdom of Albion, with Edward Augustus becoming King Edward I. Lord Grattan The Course of Human Events The Course of Human Events
TL 1772 Governor Hutchinson's letter to Ben Franklin never arrives No American Revolution; world increasingly vicious thereafter. 037771 We'll Meet Again We'll Meet Again
TL 1774 Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the Iroquois join the American Revolution The USA become an assimilationist superpower that spans the Americas; great powers go at war during the Congress of Vienna and Russian-German-Italian alliance becomes dominant power in Europe Eurofed United States of the Americas and Oceania
How 1776 French invasion of Britain Captain2 French Invasion of Britain 1776
How 1779 French invasion of Britain rcduggan The last best chance - French invasion of Britain, 1779
TL 1790 Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy lives longer Beethoven not a composer, Haydn's most famous works never written Boto von Ageduch The Universal Language: A musical TL
TL 1793 French royalists retake Toulon in 1793, killing Napoleon The Directory continues to rule France Justin Pickard The Directorate: Draft Thread The Directory
TL 1793 French royalist rebels do better and are evacuated to England after their rebellion fails - they are then resettled in Canada With more people to draw on, British Canada decisively wins the War of 1812 Dathi THorfinnsson Canada Wank (YACW)
TL 1798 The Quasi-War goes hot Anglo-American alliance, Napoleonic victory in Europe Blochead The Franco-American War of 1798 Franco-American War
TL 1803 Colonel Troutstrangler The Only Man in Prussia
WI ~1805 Britain defeated in Napoleonic Wars effects on slavery? Basileus Georgios Britain is defeated in the Napoleonic Wars: What happens to slavery?
TL 1809 British-Dutch deal against Napoleonic France surviving Kingdom of Holland pompejus A Brother's Betrayal
TL 1809 Thomas Jefferson dies in 1809 New England secedes from USA; rump slaveholding USA turns expansionist Jared Decades of Darkness Decades of Darkness
TL 1810 Ignacio Allende takes control of the Mexican independence movement after the Grito de Dolores Insurgents attack Mexico City after Monte de las Cruces, leading to a faster end to the Mexican War of Independence and a stronger Mexico Arkhangelsk ¡Por la Patria, Viva México Fuerte! A Mexican TL
WI 1812 no Russian Campaign of Napoleon tallwingedgoat WI: Napoleon didn't invade Russia
TL 1814 A chance encounter with a skunk inspires Major General John Keane taking a more aggressive tack in the Battle of New Orleans The War of 1812 escalates and much of the British army is engaged in the USA when Napoleon escapes from Elba Lycaon pictus The Dead Skunk
TL 1828 The Nullification Crisis is avoided wilcoxchar Union and Liberty
TL 1835 Richard Lawrence successfully assassinates Andrew Jackson in 1835 Due to a weak administration under Martin Van Buren, Michigan revolts and is established as an independent republic Meepy The Third Pistol
TL 1835 Time travelers intervene in the siege of the Alamo A vastly different Battle of the Alamo Amerigo Vespucci The Alamo
TL 1842 William Henry Harrison wears an overcoat at his presidential inauguration and avoids his OTL death from pneumonia Harrison takes an aggressive stance vis-à-vis Northern nullification of the Fugitive Slave Acts; the North secedes and forms the Federated States of America robertp6165 WI Northern Nullification is Challenged...1843 What Hath A Warm Overcoat Wrought
WI ~1845 no Bismarck seanthesheep No Bismarck, no Germany?
TL 1848 / 1 / 18 Tsar dies early successful Greater German and Italian unifications under Prussian and Savoy leadership Aussie Guy Ich Bin Ein Frankfurter - The Revolution of 1848 Unites Germany (actual timeline)
D 1848 Paulskirche unites Germany (Großdeutsche Lösung) vultan WI: Greater Germany, including ALL of the Austrian Empire?
TL 1848 Tsar Nicholas I is incapacitated by cancer Greater Germany and Italy unify, Britain intervenes in the ACW, German-Italian-Spanisn bloc becomes dominant power in Europe, militaristic USA conquers North America, China successfully modernizes Onkel Willie 'A Liberal German Empire? Not While I'm King of Prussia!' - an 1848 TL
TL 1853 President Pierce is killed in 1853 The U.S. becomes Fascist; Prussia takes a very different path Theodore Gladstone For Want of a Rail
WI 1854 Karl Marx dies early Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy A Prussian Jew dies in London
TL 1861 France actively supports the USA in the War of Secession USA support France in Franco-Prussian war robertp6165 Answering the Call of Lafayette: America Intervenes in the Franco-Prussian War
TL 1862 Ricasoli dies early different Italian unification, more powerful Italy, Italo-German alliance endures Franciscus Caesar Italy, a Destiny Fulfilled
TL 1862 Martians invade during the American Civil War Humanity is locked in a decades-long struggle against the Martians for control of the Solar System rvbomally Scarlet Storm
TL 1866 Italy more successful at war with Austria; Anglo-American war after the American Civil War Italo-German alliance defeats France, becomes dominant power in Europe; Habsburg empire collapses; USA gains parts of Canada and Caribbean Eurofed A different 1866 (actual TL)
TL 1867 Alaska is not sold to the United States. An independent Alaska becomes a Winter Olympics contender Amerigo Vespucci Mushing ahead: A brief history of the Republic of Alaska at the Winter Olympics
TL 1868 President-elect Grant is assassinated on December 24. Vice-President Colfax dies on December 27, from internal head injuries after slipping on a patch of ice while leaving a Christmas Eve service. Representative Henry Anthony of Rhode Island becomes Acting President of the United States. An election will be held to elect a new president and vice president (for full 4 year terms) in November 1869. Lord Grattan Double Vacancy
TL 1868 POTUS Andrew Johnson is found guilty by one more vote in his impeachment A boot stamps a Human face forever Rvbomally Ad Astra Per Aspera
TL 1876 Lord Randolph Churchill avoids a scandal Churchill becomes Prime Minister, leading to a very different fate for the British Empire EdT Fight and be Right Fight and be Right
TL 1877 Turkish victory against Russia Abdul Hadi Pasha Ottoman Victory in 1877-78 War
TL 1878 Different Congress of Berlin Italo-German-Russian Triple Alliance forms Onkel Willie, General Zod The Twin Eagles and the Lion
TL 1884 William Gladstone falls ill before the passage of the 1884 Representation of the People Act Joseph Chamberlain never leaves the Liberal Party, leading to a different position being taken on Irish Home Rule Lord Roem "Use Your Loaf!" "Use Your Loaf
TL 1898 The Fashoda Incident escalates to war The UK joins the Triple Alliance. The Great Game continues. Surviving Ottoman Empire. Greater South Africa fortyseven Shadow of Fashoda Shadow of Fashoda
TL 1901 There is no assassination attempt on President McKinley Without Theodore Roosevelt, the US undergoes a successful socialist revolution in 1933, while maintaining many democratic traditions. A Cold War breaks out between the new UASR, Britain and France, and the USSR. Jello_Biafra Reds: A Revolutionary Timeline (Up to the Revolution) and A Red Dawn: American Revolution and Rebirth (After the Revolution)
TL 1901 Henry Wilson has an accident Germany concentrates on Russia, Italy remains a part of the Alliance. A significantly larger Central Powers wins a war against a reduced Entente lacking Britain. LordInsane A Central East A Central East
TL 1912 Yuan Shikai dies early, in 1912 rather than 1916 The reformist Kang Youwei becomes President and later Emperor of a neo-imperial, superpower China Hendryk Superpower Empire China 1912 (Version 3.0) Superpower Empire China 1912
TL 1915 The naval attack on the Dardanelles forces an Ottoman surrender A largely peaceful 20th century dominated by the British Empire Anaxagoras Rule Britannia!
TL 1917 Germany begins building tracked artillery carriers Germany wins WWI rast A Shift in Priorities
TL 1918 Karl I of Austria-Hungary formally abdicates. A year later the Habsburgs are restored as Archdukes of Austria; Austria fights against Germany and Hitler as part of the Allies ImperialVienna Austria: Never Forget Thy Past
TL 1923 A Liberal government is elected in the 1923 British general election Wide-ranging effects focusing on British politics, social structure, and the independence of India pipisme Keeping the British Liberal Party flag flying high
TL 1924 Oswald Mosley wins a seat in the 1924 British general election Mosley reforms Labour, becomes Prime Minister, and there is a short “Austrian War” instead of WW2 EdT A Greater Britain, Mk2 A Greater Britain
TL 1926 Gustav Stresemann orchestrates a repatriation deal between France and Germany An earlier, more militaristic European Union Faeelin Holding Out for a Hero: Gustav Stresemann Survives
TL 1934 Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss discovers that Nazi agents are attempting to stir up trouble between Austria's ruling party and the Social Democrat Party. An Austrian-Czech alliance begins a very different European war. chris N 1938: The confrontation with Germany
TL 1936 Francisco Franco's letter to the Spanish PM is answered The Nationalists are decapitated before they can launch their coup; the Spanish Republic survives and is among the Allies of WW2 Dr. Strangelove No Spanish Civil War in 1936 (my new Timeline) The No Spanish Civil War Timeline
TL 1937 Mussolini is assassinated Italo Balbo becomes Il Duce, refuses alliance with Germany, fights as a fascist Ally Geekhis Khan Viva Balbo! – An Alternate Duce, an Alternate Italy
TL 1938 Hitler is overthrown by military coup during the Munich crisis Germany returns to democracy and joins the Western powers and Italy to fight WWII against Soviet Union and Japan Onkel Willie The Munich Coup - my latest TL
TL 1939 Western Allies intervene in the Winter War, Hitler dies in 1941 German-Italian-Soviet Axis wins WWII Onkel Willie The Great Mistake - a Winter War escalates TL
TL 1940 Halifax becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain Britain signs a temporary peace deal with Germany FletcherofSaltoun Halifax.
TL 1940 The Norwegian navy attacks the HMS Cossack during the Altmark incident Different Norwegian campaign, Fall Gelb delayed, Operation Pike happens (hence the name), Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact holds Claudius, JaneStillman, Rostov-na-Don The Flames of Discord The Flames of Discord
TL 1940 Operation Compass succeeds Much quicker Allied advance through Africa Condor Operation Compass succeeds
TL 1941 Hitler attacks the Brits instead of the Soviet Union Max Sinister 1941: Hitler's Mediterranean strategy Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy
TL 1941 Von Manstein is named to head the Afrika Corps instead of Rommel Italian military becomes more efficient, the Axis fights an integrated coalition war, Spain joins the Axis, Operation Barbarossa is delayed until 1942 BlairWitch749 Manstein in Africa and Rommel's Barbarossa 1942 and Mare Nostrum! Panzer Army Africa in the Middle East (Manstein in Africa Part III) and Mano A Mano! (Manstein in Africa Part IV)
TL 1942 German victory in the Battle of Stalingrad A cold war between Nazi Germany and the United States, Canada and Great Britain, goes hot in the fifties CalBear The Anglo/American-Nazi War
TL 1944 Dietrich von Choltitz is not convinced that Hitler is incapable of winning WWII Choltitz defends Paris, destroying many landmarks Amerigo Vespucci Is Paris Burning?
TL 1944 Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan unleash cosmic horrors in an attempt to win WWII The world is dominated by five superpowers, loosely united in fighting off occult threats rvbomally Vivere Militare Est
TL 1944 Hitler is killed in the July Plot Western Allied troops occupy much of central Europe, enraging Stalin General Zod Valkyrie successful: a different Cold War
TL 1945 Anami's coup attempt against the Japanese government succeeds Japan fights on, leading to an American invasion and a separate Soviet one Amerigo Vespucci The Invasion of Japan
TL 1946 Bob LaFollette Jr. returns to Wisconsin to campaign for re-election earlier in 1946 The Progressive Party gets many members re-elected in 1946, who then rejoin the Republican Party and lead to it taking a more moderate course Dan McCollum The Prodigal Sons Return: The Progressives of Wisconsin and the Republican Party The Prodigal Sons Return
TL 1948 Dewey Defeats Truman Jasen777 and TheLoneAmigo For Want of a Newsreel For Want of a Newsreel
TL 1952 Walt Disney becomes the 1952 Republican candidate for President Statichaos A World Of Laughter, A World Of Tears
TL 1952 Robert Taft wins the Republican nomination, becomes President Taft's death puts Joseph McCarthy in the Presidency Wolfpaw Tail-Gunner in the Pilot's Seat
TL 1955 Civil War breaks out in Argentina in 1955 Civil war breaks out, Peron continues an increasingly authoritarian regime until 1964 maverick La Larga y Oscura Noche
TL 1957 Sputniks: An alternate Space Race Involving a mix of OTL and ATL capsules, spaceplanes, and a tighter Moon Race neopeius Sputniks
TL 1959 Leonard Hall dies of a heart attack Richard Nixon is elected POTUS in 1960 037771 All Along the Watchtower All Along the Watchtower
TL 1960 Clyde T. Ellis becomes Kennedy's Secretary of the Interior The enormous Rampart Dam is built in Alaska Amerigo Vespucci Megaproject: Lake Kennedy
TL 1960 Batista is assassinated in Cuba Cuba democratizes, leading to increased trade with U.S. and construction of a road link Amerigo Vespucci

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TL 1962 A Soviet submarine crew mistakenly believe they are attacked by an American destroyer and retaliate The situation escalates until nuclear war breaks out, devastating much of the Earth Amerigo Vespucci The Cuban Missile War TL The Cuban Missile War
TL 1963 President Kennedy survives the assassination in Dallas The Kennedy administration continues, affecting the politics, culture, and development of things in the world in the decades to come Emperor Norton I Camelot Revisited Camelot Revisited
TL 1964 John Wayne gives Ronald Reagan's speech at the 1964 Republican Convention, and effectively takes his place in history John Wayne becomes Nixon's running mate in 1968 and President in 1972 Maverick The High and the Mighty
TL 1966 Lucille Ball has a dream in 1966 which encourages her to stay in television and not sell Desilu to Paramount A very different history of television and culture Brainbin That Wacky Redhead That Wacky Redhead
TL 1968 Ronald Reagan is elected in 1968 Historico President Reagan - In 1968 President Reagan - In 1968
TL 1971 John Julian McKeithen runs for the Democratic nomination in '72 Utter chaos ensues Drew Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72
TL 1972 Canada purchases HMS Eagle from the Royal Navy Canada's stronger military serves in peacekeeping missions around the world TheMann Canadian Power: The Canadian Forces as a Major Power
TL 1973 Various: The worst-case scenarios of multiple events happen in one year Nuclear war on Christmas Day Mad Bad Rabbit A Very Bad Year (1973): Pt. 1
TL 1976 Tony Crosland decides to attend the Geneva Conference on Rhodesia An earlier Falklands War Thande Consensus Unbroken - Thande's New Timeline Consensus Unbroken
TL 1976 Jerry Brown is elected President in 1976 oakvale An Era of Limits An Era of Limits
TL 1984 Margaret Thatcher is assassinated Labour win a plurality in 1987 against Michael Heseltine, Reagan resigns over Iran-Contra and an earlier and bloodier Soviet coup d'état attempt. Lord Roem For the Sake of a Shower: The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher For the Sake of a Shower
WI 1985 DBWI regarding Red Dawn various What did you do in WWIII after the Red Dawn?
TL 1988 Nintendo signs a more equitable contract with Sony The Sony PlayStation is never created Thande Cronus Invictus: An Alternate Console Wars (Something a bit different) Cronus Invictus
TL 1995 Colin Powell runs for POTUS as Independent in 1996 Perhaps the most chaotic election since 1860 Jasen777 Chaos: The Presidential Election of 1996 Chaos - The Presidential Election of 1996
WI 1998 Karl Rove dies in a car accident John McCain elected president in 2000 Blochead Been Winning So Long, I've Lost It - The Long War TL
TL 2002 The Perejil Island Incident in July 2002 escalates A 6-day war between Morocco and Spain Dr. Strangelove A Spanish-Moroccan War in 2002
TL 2010 Hurricane Igor strengthens into a Category 5 hurricane and devastates much of New England and Atlantic Canada Bioterrorism, the use of several nuclear weapons, and the Valley of the Kings being dynamited, among many others Alternate History Geek Orange Tempest Orange Tempest

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