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For Want of a Nail

AKA For Want of a Nail : If Burgoyne Had Won At Saratoga.

A famous and highly influential alternate history novel, written in mock-textbook style by business historian Robert Sobel in 1973. Regarded as one of the finest and most influential works of the alternate history genre. The title comes from the well-known proverb that embodies the “what if something changed and influenced the outcome” approach of thinking that is the basis for alternate history. remakes and Continuations discussions on this novel

DBWI: The "For Want of a Nail" Discussion Thread - Double blind what if POD discussion, reimagining the contents of the novel in an ATL.

See Also

A rough timeline summary of the novel

Sobel Wikia - A nice and detailed Wiki project, founded by fans of the novel and former soc.history.what-if members.

For Want of A Nail entry on

For All Nails - A timeline continuation and clarification project created by the novel's fanbase. Also here.

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