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Ottoman Empire

Another of those empires too cool to let in AH just fall like IOTL. The rule of thumb is: If the PoD is sufficiently before 1453, the Byzantine Empire will survive, but if it is afterwards, there is a 50:50 chance that either Greece gains Constantinople, or that the Ottomans survive.

The champion of the Ottoman Empire, so to say the equivalent of the Byzantines' champion Midgard, is without doubt Abdul Hadi Pasha. And just as Byzantines had in fact no space marines or heavy metal, the Ottoman Empire had in fact no airships, especially none deployed in Turkestan - but both make for a cool mental image.

Although the two are often portrayed as being at odds, there is actually a lot of overlap between the Ottomanophiles and Byzantophiles on the board, with both Sargon and even Abdul Hadi Pasha himself liking both.

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