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In the lingo/slang of fans and writers of the alternate history genre, a timeline is either:

  • 1.) a chronological date-by-date list (timeline) of events that appear in a specific alternate history scenario (e.g. “28th October 1624 - Courland lands on OTL Antigua and declares the island its colony. 29th October 1624 - Colonists from Courland suffer an unpleasant shock. They discover that the Portuguese have already set up shop on the other side of the island.”, etc.)
  • 2.) a shorthand synonym for “alternate history scenario” itself (e.g. “Do you remember that timeline I started in May ?” “Oh yeah, I do ! How's that TL doing ? Are there any updates ?”, etc.)

NOTE: This page is a developing work in progress. Be patient and stay tuned for its further development.

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