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Longest Threads

This is intended to be a list of all threads longer than 1000 posts (50 pages on the default settings) long on the discussion forums of That is, threads in the Administration (of which none qualify) and Off-Topic forums are not listed here. Neither are those in Shared Worlds.

WARNING : As of June 2013, this list hasn't been updated in ages. It will need to undergo refurbishment, so please take the information provided on this page with a grain of salt. Most of it might be outdated now.

In summer 2018, this article is currently undergoing a big update. Be patient until we finish it.

Longest threads by longevity (in years)

A new cross time scooper - Lasted since January 2004 until October 2014 (!), well over 10 years (the last five were less active, though).

Photos from Alternate Worlds - Started on the 4 June 2005. One of a number of “alternate media” threads started in 2005 and 2006, that pioneered the popularity of AH artwork on The real unprecedented record-setter on, lasting for over 13 years, before coming to a close and receiving a successor in July 2018.

Alternate World Propaganda - Started on the 16 July 2005, still going. One of a number of “alternate media” threads started in 2005 and 2006, that pioneered the popularity of AH artwork on

A Blank Map Thread - Started on the 22 December 2005, still going.

The ASB Map Thread - Started on the 18 June 2006, still going.

Alternate Weapons of War thread... - Started on the 26 July 2006, still going. One of a number of “alternate media” threads started in 2005 and 2006, that pioneered the popularity of AH artwork on

top tv shows NEVER MADE... - Started on the 30 November 2006, still going. Many, many creative and funny entries based on the simple premise.

No. Title and link Longevity* Number of years active* Notes
1. Photos from Alternate Worlds 4 June 2005 - 10 July 2018 13 years, 1 month, 7 days (4785 days)
2. Alternate World Propaganda 16 July 2005 - present over 13 years and counting
3. A Blank Map Thread 22 December 2005 - present over 12 years and counting
4. The ASB Map Thread 18 June 2006 - present over 12 years and counting
5. Alternate Weapons of War thread... 26 July 2006 - present over 12 years and counting
6. top tv shows NEVER MADE... 30 November 2006 - present over 11 years and counting
7. longest_threads
8. longest_threads
9. longest_threads
10. A new cross time scooper 5 January 2004 - 1 October 2014 10 years, 8 months, 27 days (3923 days)
11. TL-191: Filling the Gaps 13 February 2010 - present over 8 years and counting
12. ASB settings 16 June 2010 - present over 8 years and counting
13. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191 24 February 2011 - present over 7 years and counting
14. An Examination of Extra-Universal Systems of Government 20 May 2011 - present over 7 years and counting

Longest threads by page count

Star Trek: A New Beginning - This collaborative timeline and worldbuilding project (the storyline beginning with an ISOT) is one of a handful of threads that ever reached or exceeded 1000 pages on Per semi-official policy, discussion threads close when they reach 500 pages (and can be continued afterward with sequel threads). For whatever combination of factors (including the eagerness of posters), this thread exceeded 1000 pages in a relatively short time.

An Age of Miracles: The Revival of Rhomanion - Currently the longest thread in the Before 1900 forum, with 524 pages and 10464 posts.

The Whale has Wings - Currently the longest thread in the After 1900 forum, with 785 pages and 15699 posts.

Longest threads by specific forum

These are listed in the order which they appear in on the front page of the discussion board, from top to bottom. Each forum list features the TOP 10, or TOP 15 or TOP 20 threads. All entries listed here are as up to date as possible for July 2018.

Alternate History Discussion: Before 1900

(* - since last major update)

The Navatlacas: Heirs to Hernan and Montezuma link

Union and Liberty: An American TL link

Remnants of Rome link

Grant at Gettysburg link

Another preview of one of my timelines link

Canada Wank (YACW) link

The Union Forever: A TL link

Alternate History Discussion: After 1900

No. Title and link Number of posts* Number of pages*
1. The Whale has Wings (also here) 15699 785
2. A Shift in Priorities (also here) 13598 680
3. American Magic: A Different History of Disney 10282 515
4. List alternate PMs or Presidents 9995 500
5. A Blunted Sickle (also here) 9984 500
6. Keynes' Cruisers 9044 453
7. The Anglo/American - Nazi War (also here) 8974 449
8. Stupid Luck and Happenstance 8847 443
9. List of US Presidents, 1960 to 2020 7773 389
10. Massively Multiplayer: Gaming In The New Millennium 7351 368

(* - since last major update)

XXth C: Discussion Thread link

List of US Presidents, 1960 to 2020 link

Protect and Survive: A Timeline link

Europe After The Peace Talks link

Famous People in Alternate Realities link

AH Challenge: The Weimar Republic Survives TL link

German HSF Sortie March 1918 ~ V.III ~ link

100 Years: The World Changes link

A World Of Laughter, A World Of Tears link

50 years link

World War III in May 1946 link

Canadian Power: The Canadian Forces as a Major Power link

Holding Out for a Hero: Gustav Stresemann Survives link

Fear, Loathing, and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72 link

The Cuban Missile War Timeline link

Das Dritte Reich: Deutschland's Letzte Gelegenheit link

List of U.K. Prime Ministers 1945-2020 link

No Spanish Civil War in 1936 (my new Timeline) link

Alternate History Books and Media

Alternate History Maps and Graphics

No. Title and link Number of posts* Number of pages*
1. Map Thread VI 10875 544
2. A Flag Thread 10670 534
3. Flag Thread II 10037 502
4. Map Thread VII 10032 502
5. Map Thread V 10019 501
6. Map Thread X 10014 501
7. Base Maps from 550 BC to Modern Day, all in UCS! 10006 501
8. Alternate Electoral Maps 10003 501
9. Map Thread XI 9995 500
10. Map Thread IX 9990 500
11. Flag Thread III 9989 500
12. Map Thread XIV 9985 500
13. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II 9981 500
14. Map Thread XV 9968 499
15. Map Thread VII 9964 499
16. Map Thread XIII 9964 497
17. Map Thread XII 9964 499
18. Photos from Alternate Worlds 9795 490
19. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes IV (Do not post Current Politics Here) 9065 454
20. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes 8899 445

(* - since last major update)

Map Thread VIII link

Map Thread IV (locked) link

Map Thread III (locked) link

A Map Thread (locked) link

Map Thread II (locked) link

Map of the Fortnight: Topic thread link

Alternate History Writer's Forum

Future History

Alien Space Bats and Other Magic

Fandom AH

(* - since last major update)

Hogwarts Exposed Timeline link

Corrupt a Wank Game link

The United States of Ameriwank link

Frivolous ASB Ideas Thread link

Swarm on the Somme: A TL link

American Airlines Flight 817 link

United American Airlines Flight 817 2.0 link

1815 Mk2 :: A Map Game link

Dystopic Return of Magic link

ASB End of Dystopia Map Game link

The Britwank Empire link

One Century :: A Map Game link

Reveal the secret history! Conspiracy nuts apply! link

In Defense of Humanity: Canadian Power Meets Doomsday link

Damsels and Dirigibles: An Illustrated TL link

Gorbachev Mk 2 link

Worldwar: Out of Balance link

Green Antarctica - The Last Continent link

A British Stargate link

The Age of Empries: A Refreshed Map Game link

2009 Germany ISoT'd to 1918 link

Zion Lies West link

Ad Astra per Aspera: A Modern History link

Nation disappearing map game link

Isle of Man ISOTed to 1065 link

A new cross time scooper link

For All the Marbles link

Unite and Suceed III link

Rise of the Star Empires (III) link

Two Empires, One Purpose: A Star Wars/40k crossover link

Snakepit - A Stargate Draka crossover link

ASB County Map Game- US Edition link

1776 (mapgame) link

Shared Worlds

Media and Fandom

Non-political Chat

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