So, is her nephew Ferdinand now king of both Aragon and Castile? Or is Joanna still Queen of Castile, at least on paper?

Ferdinand is king of Castile and Aragon, Catalina is regent for Castile and shares the regency for Aragon with the archbishop of Zaragoza, her half brother. Juana is Queen mother, but she has no ruling power.
Thank you, this is correct, essentially Catalina persuaded Juana that it would be best for her if she agreed to abdicate, in exchange for protection and her status.
shouldn't sister magdalena be called sister madalena since they are in spain?
I'm not sure, I thought Magdalena was the proper spelling sand that Madalena was Italian or something. Still I think Magdalena looks/sounds better, and I've been arbitrary when it comes to anglicizing names anyways. Thank you for pointing that out!
I'm not sure, I thought Magdalena was the proper spelling sand that Madalena was Italian or something. Still I think Magdalena looks/sounds better, and I've been arbitrary when it comes to anglicizing names anyways. Thank you for pointing that out!
italian is maddalena, with two Ds i think
Chapter 83, July 1516
Windsor Castle, Kingdom of England, July 1516

There were plenty of noble faces to be seen in the gallery. Yet it was on just one pair that Eleanor focused her attention on. It was her lady Martijna, who, tall and lithe smiled down at the slightly shorter man across from her.

“Oh William.” The woman blushed furiously,”The King is fortunate to have you as one of his knights, gallant as you are.”

William Sandys, with his salt and pepper hair, as well as a strong jaw was certainly not ugly by any means, and Eleanor suspected that Martijna was not paying him compliments due to his rank. So, the Queen pretended to be looking out of the window next to her while she continued to listen in, their whispers not so hushed as they would think.

“Do you think the Queen would let us marry my dear?”

“I do not know, but we have waited this long, and have done nothing untoward. Perhaps I should ask her when she is in a better mood.”

The man nodded,”Yes you should, I do not think that she would deny you a chance of marrying someone that you love.”

Ah, so that is why she has been even more attentive than usual. Still, I see no harm in it, if she asks me, I will not say no. I can only hope that he will treat her with the respect that she deserves. Done with her snooping, Eleanor of Austria rounded the corner, where she would come across Mary Boleyn. The beautiful young woman all but shrank away from her as Eleanor walked by, and she felt triumphant, Good, cower you little slut, in time I will see you returned to the countryside where you belong.

How she would do it she did not know. Her husband was still rather angry with her, but soon she would confer with a certain ally of hers, one who had a vested interest in seeing that the Boleyn family would not rise higher...
Chapter 84, September 1516
Scotland Yard, Kingdom of England, September 1516

The two of them Giovanna and her eldest stepdaughter had just met for the first time. Margaret was somewhat distant to the woman, which Giovanna took in stride. The Dowager Queen of England had thought it fair, for Margaret was not nearly as young as her sisters Mary and Catherine were when her predecessor, Elizabeth of York, had died, and had less use for a stepmother. Despite this, Giovanna had hoped that she could be some of assistance to the other woman, for she felt great sympathy for her. “What may I do to help you, Margaret?”
The solitary musician in the room continued to play his fiddle, the notes calming both women. Margaret stood quiet for a moment, enjoying the music before she deigned to reply,”Convince my brother to defend my rights as mother of the King of Scotland. Tell him that I must go back to Scotland from my exile, and that he must put those fuckers Albany and Douglas to the sword.”

Giovanna sighed, she knew this would not be easy, but Margaret turned to her with a knowing glance,”Perhaps you could have his mistress, the Boleyn girl, advocate for me as well.”
The older of the two smirked,”Now that is a grand idea, my Queen.”

Greenwich Palace, Kingdom of England, September 1516

She had met with her stepson with Catherine in tow, where she found the young man standing near the fire, leaning towards the mantel.

“Ah hello” he said blankly, apparently distracted

After quickly bowing her head, Catherine quickly chattered out a plea,”Brother you must help our sister Margaret, she must be allowed to rule for her son!”

Henry shook his head dismissevly,”Now Catherine I must not do anything that is not in the interest of my realm. You are my sister, not a member of my council, and I expect you not to meddle.”

The girl lowered her eyes and pursed her lips at the rebuke apparently the most even-tempered of her stepchildren. Giovanna put her hands on Catherine’s shoulders and sought to placate the King,”Perhaps Catherine was too... eager, in what she had asked of you, but she is right.”

“How so?” The King of England asked

“It is for the honor of your sister, and the defense of England that you must intercede. If Albany is allowed to rule Scotland in your nephew’s name, it will surely mean that the Scots will continue their alliance with France. He will manipulate your nephew into thinking that France has his best interests at heart, and should there be another war, he would surely help your enemies.”
Henry took a minute to consider this before responding, walking across the room,”My Lady, your reasoning has its merits. I shall dispatch a force under the Duke of Norfolk and his son Lord Surrey to throttle Albany and his supporters. They will then be given a choice; accept Margaret as Regent or Scotland will burn.”
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