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Thinking of this, I must ask: what are the OTL analogues for Metropolis, Gotham City, Keystone City, Opal City, and Fawcett City? My first impressions are Wilmington DE, Camden NJ, Philadelphia, Annapolis, and Rochester MN.

I personally think of them less as analogues and more like they also exist alongside other real life cities.

I've yet to fully figure that out yet, don't take this post as canon.
As part of my mega-crossover Fictionverse, I wrote a story in which some of the most beloved characters from children's literature team up. It also helps fills some gaps unexplained so far in the Fictionverse.

The Rescue Aid Society: Humanity's Hidden Saviors
(part of A Fictional History of the United States)

In ancient times, Man cowered in fear before myriad creatures and monsters that dwelt in darkness. Early humans knew they shared a world with all sorts of animals and creatures whose intelligence was roughly comparable to their own. By the 20th century however, the memory of those creatures was considered by most to be myth. The Talking Animals had been hunted into extinction, and the various magical races had retreated into their fairy realms. While Man knew of hostile invaders from alien planets that sought his destruction or subjugation, among the creatures of Earth Man believed himself to have sole dominion.

Man's arrogance was built on ignorance and delusion. Numerous species of equal or greater intelligence to humanity remained scattered in pockets across the planet. Many of these creatures purposely hid themselves from humanity, but some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth dwelt openly among humans unnoticed and underestimated. There are two accounts as to the origins of talking mice on Earth. Research done by the Sanctum Sanctorum suggests that mice are pan dimensional beings observing Earth as part of a scheme to uncover the underlying meaning of the universe. Given the multitude of mice on Earth who have been observed to die, it seems likely that only a few mice are pan-dimensional beings and that the vast majority of mice are mortals native to Earth- although some theorize a connection between the two. There do exist mice on Earth who are not Gods, but possess intelligence and technology equivalent to that of humans. It is not known how long intelligent mice have existed on Earth. Their intelligence is not the result of natural evolution, but experimentation by humans. Talking mice have concluded their race does not have a single origin, but is the result of multiple experiments across history. The case of Bruno Jenkins in 1983 suggests that unfortunate humans were involuntarily transformed into mice by magic in olden times. Mice legend recounts that the German wizard Yen Sid enchanted mice to use as servants, and that the descendants of these mice would scatter across the world. In Prussia, House Mauserinks, is known to have claimed descent from the first mouse enchanted by Yen Sid. House Mauserinks is recorded by history as being particularly brutal and sadistic before being wiped out at the end of the Napoleonic Wars after the last King Mauserinks allied with the French Empire against the humans of the German kingdoms. Since the Industrial Age, scientists have conducted multiple experiments increasing the intelligence of mice. Scientists at John Hopkins Medical School were recruited by the Winthrop administration to continue the research of Dr. Moreau. Colonel Holmes, adviser to President Winthrop, hoped to make use of intelligent mice as spies against Germany in World War I. The project did not reach fruition before the Germans were defeated, but scientists working on the project later transferred to the National Institute for Mental Health and succeeded in creating hyper-intelligent rats. ACME Labs has illicitly stolen NIH research and replicated these experiments as part of a genetic engineering project commissioned by P.T Westmoreland. The existence of intelligent mice in North America predates World War I however- the majority of intelligent mice in the United States are believed to have immigrated from Europe by hiding on cross-Atlantic ships. Despite their small size, the Rodent-American community proved to be a vital player in the history of the world by coordinating a shadow war against the forces of evil in the early 1960s.

The Rescue Aid Society, the world’s most prominent rodent organization, had humble origins. The Rescue Aid Society claims to have been in continuous operation since 405 B.C, but Greek and Roman historical records indicate that the earliest rescue societies were only in sporadic operation. The specific date of 405 B.C refers to Euripedes Mouse, who according to legend helped a lion escape a trap laid by human hunters. Like the Olympics, the Rescue Aid Society is a modern reformation of an ancient tradition- there have been multiple Rescue Societies throughout history with tenuous connections to their predecessors. The modern incarnation of the Rescue Aid Society originated as the rodent division of the International Red Cross, founded in the wake of the Franco-Prussian War. During World War II it coordinated humanitarian efforts in Axis-occupied territory. It dispatched delegates to the formation of the United Nations, into which it was absorbed in 1946, allowing the mice of the world to establish stronger international relations. The Rescue Aid Society was based beneath the United Nations Building in New York City. The Rescue Aid Society remained focused on humanitarian aid, but by the late 1950s it began to take a more proactive role in actively liberating kidnapping victims from captivity. This was in part due to the efforts of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, who recruited the Rescue Aid Society as an ally against various evildoers. The Fairy with Turquoise Hair did not fully inform the Rescue Aid Society of her intentions, but she had recently become aware of the intervention of demons across multiple worlds as part of a coordinated plot. The Fairy did not know the intent of this plot, but nevertheless began to prepare for a war against these creatures. The Kingdom of Wisdom, part of the Lands of Faerie, had fallen into political chaos following the banishment of Princesses Rhyme and Reason and was thus vulnerable to attack from the Demons of Ignorance. The Fairy had been concerned about the plight of her friends Rhyme and Reason, but was prompted to act after she was warned by Glinda the Good that the Demons of Ignorance, creatures from the Prim, were plotting to invade the Kingdom of Wisdom. The Demons of Ignorance had barred access to the Kingdom of Wisdom to fairies from other realms. The Fairy with Turquoise Hair asked the Rescue Aid Society to provide her with a champion to rescue the Princesses. The Rescue Aid Society found the address of a boy named Milo Zipzer, and shipped him a package prepared by the Fairy which transported him to the Kingdom of Wisdom, where he freed Rhyme and Reason, reuniting the squabbling brothers Azaz and the Mathemagician. The Demons of Ignorance were thus quickly repelled when they launched their attack on the Kingdom of Wisdom. Princess Reason informed The Fairy with Turquoise Hair that the Demons of Ignorance were working on behalf of the Crimson King, and that the Crimson King was invading and corrupting numerous realms. The Land of Make Believe was the next realm targeted for conquest by the Crimson King. As King Friday XII was on his death bed, the Crown Prince of the Land of Make Believe was abducted by the witch Yubaba on behalf of the Crimson King. Following the disappearance of Crown Price Friday, Lord William Fairchilde declared himself heir to the throne of Make Believe. Lord Fairchilde had sworn fealty to the Crimson King in exchange for his aid. The Rescue Aid Society infiltrated the household of Yubaba and freed Crown Prince Friday while Henrietta Pussycat, aided by RAS special agent Stuart Little, led a makeshift army against the forces of Lord Fairchilde after the King passed away. Following the death of the King, Lord Fairchilde attempted to storm the Royal Castle, but was delayed by Pussycat's army until the Crown Prince returned and defeated Lord Fairchilde in battle. The Crown Prince was subsequently crowned King Friday XIII.

Shortly after the coronation of King Friday XIII in 1960, the Fairy with Turquoise Hair herself mysteriously disappeared, with the Rescue Aid Society unable to confirm her whereabouts. Stuart Little travelled to the Kingdom of Wisdom to seek advice from Princesses Rhyme and Reason, who used magic to determine that the Fairy had been kidnapped and was being imprisoned somewhere on Earth. Princess Rhyme helped Little decode a message from the Fairy which revealed the identity of her kidnapper. The Rescue Aid Society’s contact at the CIA, Felix Leiter, was sent the kidnapper’s profile to match it to known foreign intelligence operatives. Leiter told the Rescue Aid Society that the sketch provided was similar to a Soviet operative called the Kurgan, who was supposedly thousands of years old. Leiter recommended that a mission be dispatched to Moscow to uncover more information about the Kurgan. Upon being told by the Rescue Aid Society’s human representative, a Mrs. Frankweiler, that the abductee was a fairy and that the Rescue Aid Society was staffed by mice, Leiter declined to recommend a mission to Moscow to his superiors in the CIA and dismissed Mrs. Frankweiler as a lunatic.

Mrs. Frankweiler, a rich old woman who dwelt on the Upper East Side, had long been a major donor to the Rescue Aid Society and had provided real estate for its headquarters in Manhattan. Frankweiler was influential in New York politics but was considered by many of peers to be too eccentric. Frankweiler, a scion of one New York’s German-Jewish families, had helped evacuate Jewish refugees in World War II and backed various Zionist organizations. Frankweiler was the aunt of by marriage of Adam Schiff, who was Manhattan’s longest serving District Attorney. While Frankweiler was not arrogant enough to think she could confront the Kurgan herself, she believed herself capable enough to organize an intelligence mission. Frankweiler arranged for her daughter Eloise to visit Moscow, escorted by mouse agents of the Rescue Aid Society. The Soviets did not expect that a little girl accompanied by her nanny would be transported spies into the country, which allowed the Rescue Aid Society to operate undetected. While Eloise toured Moscow, the Rescue Aid Society infiltrated KGB intelligence offices to obtain intelligence about the Kurgan. Rescue Aid Society Agent Fievel Mouskewitz, an aged mouse of Russian origin, was brought in to sort through the files of the KGB since Russian was his first language. After a night of searching, Mousekewitz intercepted cables from the Kurgan which confirmed he had returned to Pottsylvania, a Warsaw Pact country, after a mission in Italy. The Kurgan made no mention of the Fairy, but stated he would be meeting with the General Secretary of the Pottsylvanian Communist Party. Upon Eloise’s return to the United States, Mousekewitz reported the Kurgan’s whereabouts to the Rescue Aid Society.

Pottsylvania was a notoriously closed off and oppressive country, even by the standards of the Warsaw Pact. The dictator of Pottsylvania, Fearless Leader, was a ruthless torturer who had participated in the Soviet repression of the Zembla Revolution of 1957. Fearless Leader came from a family of Prussian Junkers that had settled in Pottsylvania, Fearless Leader had sided with the Nazis when Adenoid Hynkel ordered the Nazi occupation of Pottsylvania, but had defected to the Communists and sabotaged Wehrmact operations when it became clear the Soviets would defeat the Nazis- the Soviets tolerated Fearless Leader due to his utility in the conquest of Eastern Europe but rightfully never trusted him. While Fearless Leader openly supported the Soviet Union, he in fact belonged to multiple secret organizations, including HYDRA and SPECTRE, which opposed the Soviets and sought world domination. By 1960, relations between Pottsylvania and the Soviet Union were cooling as Fearless Leader denounced the reforms of Dimitri Kissov as deviationist and weak. RAS research revealed that the Kurgan was carrying out missions on behalf of Fearless Leader without the full knowledge of the Soviet Union. Fearless Leader had no known interest in supernatural affairs, and the Fairy with Turquoise Hair had no known interest in the Cold War, so his apparent kidnapping of the Fairy was puzzling. The Rescue Aid Society decided to launch a mission to Pottsylvania in order to investigate.

Mrs. Frankweiler was asked by Stuart Little to arrange for her granddaughter to visit Pottsylvania to smuggle in RAS agents on another intelligence mission. Frankweiler noted that a mission to Pottsylvania would be more difficult than a mission to Russia, and that Eloise should be accompanied by an entourage to keep her protected in case of trouble. Frankweiler and Little agreed to find people or animals to accompany Eloise and to carry out operations against Fearless Leader and the Kurgan if necessary.

Mrs. Frankweiler decided to recruit Madeline Swann, a French woman visiting New York, as a guardian for Eloise. Swann was visiting New York to find her cousins, French Jews who had been evacuated to the United State during the Holocaust by the World Jewish Congress, of which Frankweiler was a senior member. Swann was the granddaughter of Charles Swann, an influential French-Jewish businessman. Her father inherited the family business but was trapped after the Fall of France, Swann arranged for his daughter to be adopted by a Catholic couple before he and his wife were arrested by the Germans and deported to Auschwitz, where they were killed by the notorious war criminal Hans Gruper, on the orders of Franz Kindler. Swann, upon reaching adulthood, was informed of her Jewish roots and toured Europe. Her visit to Spain was ill-received, Swann had previously befriended the son of the Spanish Ambassador to France, but during her teenage years had developed of hatred of Franco and the Spanish government. The revelation of the fate of her biological parents intensified her hatred of fascism, and her trip to Spain ended in disaster. Her friend Pepito accompanied her to a bullfight arranged by retired bullfighter Pedro Romero; at which Caudillo Francisco Franco was present. The bulls present at the bullfight were not particularly aggressive, two of them were the sons of the famously peaceful Ferdinand. Despite their refusal to attack, the bulls were killed by the matadors anyway. Madeline furiously stormed out of the bullfight, angered at the barbarism on display. She happened to encounter Francisco Franco, who was searching for a restroom, as she attempted to exit the stadium. Madeline berated Franco for his friendship with Hitler and then punched him in the face. Franco was caught off guard and was knocked to the floor. Madeline Swann was arrested, but her release was arranged by the French Ambassador to Spain. The incident caused a stir in the French press. Swann would later visit a monastery in Romania to see friends of her former teacher Miss Clavel. While at the monastery, Swann confronted and defeated the demon Valak. Swann additionally visited Borduria before returning to Paris, where she learned she had relatives in America. Frankweiler told Stuart Little that Madeline Swann was “a remarkably accomplished young woman” who would make an excellent addition to the RAS team.

Mrs. Frankweiler wrote to Elmer Elevator, a famed adventurer living in Philadelphia, who was rumored to possess a dragon. Elevator was also a sponsor of the Rescue Aid Society as he was friends with members of the Animal-American community. Frankweiler reasoned that in a fight against an immortal a dragon would be of great use, and persuaded Elevator to bring his dragon on the mission to Pottsylvania.

Mrs. Frankweiler, being a resident of the Upper East Side, had heard stories of a human like crocodile that lived in a brownstone not far from her apartment. Frankweiler paid the Primms, the owners of Lyle the Crocodile, a significant fee to borrow Lyle for the Pottyslvania mission. Frankweiler assured the Primms she would return Lyle to them.

Stuart Little recruited the remaining members of the team. Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse, associates of the Rescue Aid Society agreed to join the team. Milo Zipzer, who had liberated Princesses Rhyme and Reason, was approached by Little and informed of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair and her relation with the Rescue Aid Society. Milo agreed to join another rescue mission.

Connor MacLeod, an immortal enemy of the Kurgan who lived in Manhattan was approached by Stuart Little. MacLeod was one of the few people aware of the true nature of the Kurgan. MacLeod confirmed that the Kurgan was a powerful immortal. MacLeod agreed to join the Rescue Aid Society in order to draw out the Kurgan and defeat him.

The final recruit for the League assembled by the Rescue Aid Society was a strange child named Harold Danville. Harold possessed powerful magical talents which allowed him to draw objects into existence. If the mysterious forces that had captured the Fairy with Turquoise Hair possessed powerful magic, then powerful magic was required to counter them. Harold Danville was the secret weapon of the Rescue Aid Society.

The Rescue Aid Society commissioned a private jet to be flown from Idlewild Airport to Warsaw with a brief layover in Paris. The humans present aboard the jet were Madeleine Swann, Milo Zipzer, Eloise Frankweiler, Elmer Elevator, Connor MacLeod and Harold Danville. Madeleine Swann posed as the nanny of the three children, while Elevator and MacLeod claimed to be American businessmen seeking to export luxury goods to the Eastern Bloc. Animals present aboard the jet included Stuart Little, Harry Cat, Tucker Mouse, Lyle the Crocodile, and Boris the Dragon. The humans were escorted by limousine from Warsaw to the Pottsylvanian border, with Stuart Little, Harry Cat, and Tucker Mouse hiding in the limousine undetected. Lyle the Crocodile was declared at customs as a special animal to be presented as entertainment for the people of Pottsylvania due to his human like attributes. Supposedly, Lyle the Crocodile was embarking on a tour of Europe, with Pottsylvania as one of the first stops. The Communist Party of Pottsylvania Central Committee was rumored to have taken an interest in unusual animals, as such Lyle the Crocodile was offered as sweetener to allow the party to travel freely about Pottsylvania. Boris the Dragon shadowed the group from a distance, evading Polish radar by disguising himself as a peculiarly shaped cloud. The Rescue Aid Society had initially objected to the presence of Boris, believing he would be detected by the government of Pottsylvania. However, when one is preparing to fight against a powerful immortal and foes of unknown strength, having a dragon might be very useful indeed. After Elmer Elevator brought Boris to New York City, Boris was able to persuade the mice of the Rescue Aid Society of his utility. Should Connor MacLeod prove unable to best the Kurgan, Boris promised to set the Kurgan aflame, and to evacuate the Rescue Aid Society mission by air should the group become trapped in Pottsylvania. The initial stages of the mission were intended for reconnaissance, once the location of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair was determined a more detailed plan would be devised for her rescue.

While Lyle the Crocodile toured Pottsylvania, Stuart Little, Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse searched Pottsylvania for evidence of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair’s location. Pottsylvania was a relatively small country, but there were a surprisingly large number of secret prisons. The Soviets maintained multiple Black Sites in the country, while SPECTRE maintained multiple secret bases. Stuart Little managed to infiltrate Pottsylvania intelligence, determining that the Kurgan was stationed at a SPECTRE prison near Rakhmatovgrad, Pottsylvania. Tucker Mouse delivered this intelligence to Connor MacLeod while Lyle the Crocodile was at a performance. Elmer Elevator then arranged for a performance in Rakhmatovgrad for Lyle the Crocodile to allow the RAS to approach the SPECTRE prison.

Shortly after the RAS arrived in Rakmatovgrad, Connor MacLeod was spotted by the Kurgan. The Kurgan burst into MacLeod’s hotel room in the middle of the night in an attempt to kill him. MacLeod and the Kurgan engaged in a duel, while SPECTRE agents attempted to apprehend the remaining members of the RAS. At this point Boris the Dragon, who had been watching the fight remotely, attacked the agents of SPECTRE, protecting the members of the RAS. Lyle the Crocodile attacked the Kurgan, injuring the immortal and forcing him to retreat. Boris the Dragon subsequently ravaged Rakhmatovgrad before approaching the SPECTRE prison. Stuart Little was at that moment searching for the Fairy with the Turquoise Hair, only to find she was guarded by ninjas later identified as members of the Red Dragon Clan. Stuart Little fled from the members of the Red Dragon as Boris attacked the prison. Madeleine Swann drove a motorcycle into the prison and attacked the ninjas, allowing Stuart Little to avoid capture. Connor MacLeod, Lyle the Crocodile, and Harold Danville then arrived at the prison. While Connor MacLeod and Lyle the Crocodile attacked the ninjas and SPECTRE agents at the prison while Madeleine Swann asked the young Harold Danville to draw a bottomless abyss into which the swarm of Red Dragon ninjas fell. The young Harold then used his purple crayon to close the abyss permanently, trapping the ninjas in the void beyond the universe. Upon arriving at the cell of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, they found she had vanished. The large mysterious shadow of Mr. Big, the true ruler of Pottsylvania then appeared on the prison walls. Mr. Big ominously warned the RAS that they were “meddling in affairs you cannot possibly understand, in manners greater than your world.” Pottsylvania State Security began to swarm the prison, so the agents of the RAS climbed onto Boris and fled Pottsylvania. Harry Cat, who had been babysitting Eloise and Milo Zipzer, escorted the children to a predetermined drop-off point where they were rescued by Boris. The government of Pottsylvania mistook Boris for a very large bird, causing the chief of the Rakhmatovgrad Secret Police to order numerous long range missiles to be shot at “that damned bird.” Boris fled across the Baltic Sea for several hours before coming to rest in Moominvalley.

Fearless Leader, when told of the incident, banned the entry of foreigners into Pottsylvania and expelled the American ambassador. He ordered his intelligence agencies to investigate the existence of talking animals in the United States. Fearless Leader would later arrange for Triffids, under the guise of the “Pottsylvania Creeper” to invade the United States.

While recuperating in Moominvalley, a mysterious light appeared before the RAS. The agents of the RAS were blinded by the light, before determining that the light was talking to them. The light had difficulty manifesting words, but after a few minutes the agents of the RAS were able to understand it. The light identified herself as Mrs. Which, an alien being. Mrs. Which explained that she was formerly a star, and that the Fairy with Turquoise Hair was one of her fellow stars. Mrs. Which explained that her sisterhood of stars was engaged in a war against the Black Thing, a malevolent entity which sought to conquer the entire universe. This war had been raging since the dawn of time, but Earth had recently become a focal point in the war against the Black Thing. The abduction of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair had been arranged by agents of the Black Thing, since the Fairy and the RAS had been impeding their operations. The Crimson King and the Demons of Ignorance were servants of the Black Thing, as was Mr. Big. Mr. Big was some sort of demon allied to the Black Thing- he had hired the Kurgan and the Red Dragon Clan as mercenaries to arrange her removal. Mrs. Which explained that she would soon embark on a critical mission against the Black Thing, and that the Fairy with Turquoise Hair was needed to complete this mission. Connor MacLeod asked Mrs. Which why Mr. Big had not simply assassinated the Fairy, to which Mrs. Which replied “We stars are made of sterner stuff that cannot be so easily destroyed.” [Sic]

Mrs. Which explained she was having difficulty manifesting herself, and that she would be unable to communicate much further with the RAS. She explained that the Fairy with the Turquoise Hair had been moved from Pottsylvania into another dimension, into the Land of Wild Things. Harold Danville was brought to the attention of the RAS because he was capable of building portals to other dimensions, and that the Fairy expected this ability to come to use. Mrs. Which explained that Harold must draw a portal to the Land of Wild Things in order to rescue the Fairy. Mrs. Which then disappeared, her light vanishing.

Harold Danville drew a portal to the Land of Wild Things, revealing an island surrounded by sea. Harold drew a boat which was propelled by Lyle the Crocodile. Harold, Eloise, and Milo Zipzer rode the boat to the Land of Wild Things, with the others riding behind on Boris the Dragon. The inhabitants of the Land of Wild Things threatened the group, stating that only WILD THINGS were allowed on the island. Those who were not Wild Things would be EATEN! Eloise immediately roared at the beasts, who quickly decided that she was a respectable Wild Thing and would be allowed on the island. Harold and Milo, who Eloise declared to be her brothers, were designated Wild Things due to their relation with Eloise, but they were considered Wild Things of lesser caliber. Boris the Dragon and Lyle the Crocodile were deemed too friendly and polite to be WILD THINGS and were forced to wait on the sandbar with the adults. Harold and Milo escorted Eloise into the forest, where Milo asked the beasts of the island if they knew the location of the Fairy. The Wild Things refused to answer Milo’s question, instead beating and roaring loudly. Milo asked that Harold would draw him claws and horns so that he could become a proper Wild Thing and gain the respect of the others. Harold complied, and Milo and Eloise managed to scare the Wild Things into submission. One Wild Thing offered that his cousin, who dwelt alone in a swamp, had recently bragged of acquiring a new pet sent to him from friends who lived abroad. Since the Land of Wild Things was a very isolated place, Milo reasoned that the Fairy was likely to be the only other foreigner on the island. Milo returned to the sandbar and asked that Lyle the Crocodile demonstrate his credibility as a Wild Thing. Lyle the Crocodile reluctantly opened his jaws and roared and screamed, although he knew this to be rather bad manners. Milo, Harold and Eloise rode upon Lyle into the swamps of the Land of Wild Things.

Upon arriving in the Swamp of the Wild Things, a terrible face arose to greet them. The face of the monster was green and gruesome, it’s mouth impossibly large and red with red sharp teeth. Its’ hair was purple and squiggly and its’ nose was long and bluish-green. Harold declared he was unafraid of the monster, and yelled at the creature “Go Away Big Green Monster!” When the monster stated he was going to eat them all, Harold drew a picture of the monster in his notepad, and slowly erased the creature’s facial features. The Big Green Monster’s face gradually shrunk until he disappeared entirely. Harold had defeated the creature. Lyle the Crocodile uncovered the creature’s lair where they found the Fairy with Turquoise Hair. Upon returning to the beach, the Wild Things bid the children farewell, stating the last time they had encountered such ferocious humans was when Peter Pan had visited the island. Harold then drew another portal to leave the Land of Wild Things, which conveniently opened in New York City. The RAS agents returned to the United Nations with the Fairy with Turquoise Hair in tow. The Fairy with Turquoise Hair directed the Rescue Aid Society to help an antique book dealer named Calvin Tower purchase property near the United Nations before she left to embark on another mission.

By the summer of 1960 the United States was engulfed in political turmoil. President Harley Hudson died in a plane crash amidst wars in Panama and Gorotoland shortly after accepting the Democratic Presidential nomination. President William Abbott, his successor escalated American operations against the communist insurgency in Gorotoland, a war which was proving increasingly unpopular. John Yerkes Iselin, the infamous red-baiting senator, nearly seized control of the Republican Party before being assassinated by his own stepson at the Republican National Convention in Madison Square Garden. Iselin was posthumously revealed as a Communist patsy. California Governor Orrin Knox and former Secretary of State Ted Jason were selected as the new Democratic candidates for President and Vice President, but both men were almost immediately assassinated by an unknown gunman. This assassination was popularly considered to be the fault of the Soviets, and relations between the United States and the Soviet Union worsened. New Jersey Governor James Shea would go on to win the 1960 Presidential election before he too was assassinated in 1963. The Rescue Aid Society was not inclined to investigate the assassinations, given that the FBI, Army Intelligence, the CIA, the OSS and local police departments were all investigating the matter. It so happened that Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler took more than a passing interest in the identity of the gunman who had killed Knox and Jason before mysteriously vanishing. While the Soviets were suspected of involvement, Frankweiler, being aware of the Rescue Aid Society’s battles against nefarious forces, suspected an unearthly influence was at work. Frankweiler, along with Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse, visited the Zodiac Club in Greenwich Village to meet with her friend Queenie Holyroyd, a powerful witch. At the Zodiac Club, Holyroyd and the other witches of New York City hosted a séance in order to communicate with the spirits to gather information about this mysterious assassin. The spirits hinted the identity of the killer could be connected somehow to the club itself. Harry Cat, who had been brought along by Mrs. Frankweiler to impress upon the witches that she was their equal, interjected upon the completion of the séance.

Harry Cat revealed that talking cats had the ability to travel through time. Cats were well known to possess nine lives, but Harry Cat told the members of the Zodiac Club that talking cats could use these nine lives at different points in time. Harry Cat revealed that he had used one of his nine lives to visit the early 2000s, although he hadn’t travelled any further into the future given the warnings he had heard about the 21st century. Harry Cat mentioned he had once watched a television show in 2003 about a mass murderer known as the Zodiac Killer, who had committed murders in the 1970s. Harry Cat supposed that the spirits were telling the witches that the Zodiac Killer was behind the assassinations of Orrin Jason and Ted Knox. Holyroyd despaired over this information- the assassin had just begun his terrible career, and the future television program described by Harry Cat revealed that the Zodiac Killer had never been caught. Some members of the Zodiac Club speculated that the Zodiac Killer was attempting to alter the past so that a nuclear war would result between the United States and the Soviet Union. Harry Cat suggested that since the spirits were somehow aware of murders that would take place in the future, their knowledge suggested that the Zodiac Killer had already committed his crimes in his personal timeline. Therefore, the Zodiac Killer was himself a time traveler from the future, and his known murders had occurred in his personal past. Perhaps, Harry Cat replied, the Zodiac Killer’s career was nearing its end and he could be stopped or captured. Perhaps, it was time to assemble the agents of the Rescue Aid Society to eliminate the Zodiac Killer before he could strike again. Holyroyd and another member of the Zodiac Club, Endora, agreed to aid the Rescue Aid Society in stopping the Zodiac Killer.

Endora, using her powers of divination, sought to determine where the Zodiac Killer would be in the future, suspecting he would take further actions in the year 1960 to destabilize the American government. Endora looked into the near future, seeing the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. In the future glimpsed by Endora, President James Shea nearly averted nuclear war. Endora thought it unlikely that this nuclear war would be averted if the political situation in the United States were to continue to deteriorate. Endora used her magic to uncover evidence that the Zodiac Killer was responsible for the crash of the airplane which resulted in the death of President Harley Hudson. If the Zodiac Killer were to continue to carry out high profile political assassinations, the United States would be more likely to launch a nuclear war against the Soviets. The witches of the Zodiac Club performed more divination rituals which suggested the Zodiac Killer was most likely to strike at the upcoming Presidential debate, which would be televised. Republican presidential candidate Benjamin Arthur and Democratic presidential candidate James Shea were believed to be the targets.

Shortly after the third meeting at the Zodiac Club to discuss the Zodiac Killer, the Rescue Aid Society base at the United Nations came under attack from a tribe of vicious cats. Dozens of mice working for the Rescue Aid Society were killed in the raid before United Nations security arrived, after which the cats vanished. Stuart Little, riding in a miniature plane, attacked one of the cats and injured him before he could escape. The cat was then taken into the custody of the Rescue Aid Society. The cat identified himself as Cool Cat, and Harry Cat confirmed that Cool Cat was of the time traveling breed of cats. Despite the losses the Rescue Aid Society suffered in the raid, the capture of Cool Cat proved to be a useful intelligence asset. Cool Cat, interrogated by top mice agents, told the Rescue Aid Society that he was a member of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. The Jellicles had fallen under the sway of the tyrant Macavity, who then embarked on a war of conquest to bring all cats under his dominion. Macavity had supposedly gained power through a pact with the devil, although Cool Cat only knew of this pact secondhand. As part of Macavity’s alliance with Hell, the Jellicles used time travel to deploy themselves throughout human history to influence important events. The speculation among the Jellicle underclass, Cool Cat stated, was that the Jellicles were altering history to create the circumstances necessary for the Anti-Christ to rise to power. The intelligence report prepared by the Rescue Aid Society on the interrogation of Cool Cat suggests the alliance between time traveling Jellicles and Hell instigated the medieval folk belief that cats were agents of the Devil. While Cool Cat did not know the full extent of the conspiracy, he confirmed that the Jellicles were not the only time travelers working on behalf of Hell. Cool Cat stated the Jellicles had cooperated with an organization known as the Temps Aeternalis. Cool Cat further confirmed that his cell of Jellicles was next scheduled to travel to 17th century South Korea, although he did not know the full details of the mission.

The Rescue Aid Society concluded that the Zodiac Killer was likely an employee of the Temps Aeternalis, and that the Jellicles were collaborating with the Temps Aeternalis to destabilize the timeline. While some in the Rescue Aid Society scoffed at the idea of a time-traveling Satanist conspiracy, British agents of the RAS confirmed that a Satanic cult in the United Kingdom had recently been busted by a Colonel Verney. This Satanic Cult had designs to manipulate the Cold War for their own ends. The Fairy with Turquoise Hair, upon being sent a telegram about the affair, confirmed the enemies they faced were agents of the Black Thing, and confirmed the future existence of the Anti-Christ. The Fairy stated her belief that the Anti-Christ was likely a manifestation of the Black Thing, or was a being who derived from the essence of the Black Thing. The nefarious conspiracy the Rescue Aid Society had been fighting was extensive, but was cohesively controlled by a single entity.

The revelation of a tribe of time traveling Satanist cats galvanized the Rodent-American community and the mice of the world. Cats and Mice had a long history of racial conflict, and the Jellices crystalized the worst fears of the most paranoid mouse. The Rescue Aid Society called a secret convention of all the mice of the world to discuss the Jellicle threat; scheduling the convention for January 1961. The Rescue Aid Society hoped to build a united front against the Feline menace.

Meanwhile, the Rescuers prepared to protect the presidential debate from the Zodiac Killer. Army Intelligence Officer Bennett Marco, who had investigated the assassination of John Yerkes Iselin, was informed by the Rescue Aid Society that the 1960 Presidential Debate would likely be targeted by foreign agents. Marco was not fully informed of the nature of the Time-travelling Satanist conspiracy, but he was made aware the enemy he faced already had agents on American soil. Suspecting the involvement of the Soviet and Chinese governments, Marco leaked the supposed location of the second presidential debate to a reporter, knowing this information would fall into the hands of the KGB. Marco leaked the wrong location, seeking to protect the presidential candidates and to lure the enemy spies into a trap. The Rescue Aid Society, kept appraised of the American government’s efforts to trap the enemy conspiracy, sent their top agents to aid the United States Army and the FBI. The Rescue Aid Society additionally produced historical documents giving a false location for the debate in case the Zodiac Killer was gathering his intelligence in the future. The location Marco had leaked indicated that the debate would be held at a UBS studio in Ilium, New York, with Howard Beale moderating the debate. The FBI hired a fake audience of government agents and arranged for a Howard Beale look-a-like to be present at the fake debate. Boris the Dragon, Harry Cat, Madeleine Swann, Stuart Little, and Connor MacLeod waited outside the studio building.

The town of Ilium suffered from a brief blackout as the Zodiac Killer arrived in the town by time travel. The Zodiac Killer brought along other agents of the Temps Aeternalis to protect him and aid in his evacuation if necessary. The Zodiac Killer loaded his sniper rifle as he prepared to infiltrate the fake UBS studio. As he used a Stark Industries jetpack to quietly fly to the roof of the building he was spotted by Madeleine Swann. Swann chased after the Zodiac Killer, carrying a magical dagger given to her by Connor MacLeod. As the Zodiac Killer entered the attic of the studio, Swann was there to greet him. Swann stabbed the Zodiac Killer with her dagger, mortally wounding him. The Zodiac Killer managed to signal on his radio that the operation was compromised before dying.

Their initial plan having failed, the agents of the Temps Aeternalis foolishly decided to launch an all-out attack on the studio to complete the mission. Despite the Temps Aeternalis adhering to a code of extreme secrecy, the Zodiac Killer’s second in command panicked and ordered an assault in order to rescue the Zodiac Killer and kill the presidential candidates by force. He issued an emergency communication ordering all available agents of the Temps Aeternalis to Ilium in the year 1960. Hundreds of agents suddenly appeared in Ilium, and were attacked by the United States Army. Boris the Dragon burned several of the agents alive before they could deploy advanced weaponry from the future. Connor MacLeod, being immortal, battled the Temps Aeternalis without fear of injury. The trap laid by the government for the Temps Aeternalis proved to be a success; the Zodiac Killer was dead and the assassination had been foiled. The FBI subsequently raided an American office belonging to the Temps Aeternalis, and the Rescue Aid Society obtained what appeared to be a time machine from said office before the FBI could find it.

Madeleine Swann uncovered a Texas driver’s license on the corpse of the Zodiac Killer identifying him as Rafael Eduardo Cruz. The license was issued in 2019. This name meant nothing to her and since the Zodiac Killer’s wallet contained multiple IDs with multiple names, she thought it was a pseudonym. No one in the 2010s believed that a man could embark on a killing spree before he was born.

The 1961 convention assembled by the Rescue Aid Society brought together all the leading mice of the world. In response to the Jellicle threat, the Turtle Bay Convention voted to form an organization of mice dedicated to fighting the Jellicles. Using the technology stolen from the Temps Aeternalis office, the mice had prepared a rudimentary time machine. The mice traveled to the 31st century to obtain advanced technology needed to mass produce time machines. The Turtle Bay Convention secretly authorized the mice of the 20th century to travel through history to fight against the Jellicles. A French delegate at the convention speculated that the Turtle Bay Convention was in fact the start of the millennia long rivalry between cats and mice, and that they had merely exported this rivalry into the past.

Harry Cat, one of the few cats present at the Turtle Bay Convention, informed the French delegation that the nature of the conflict should not be viewed as racial, and that most cats opposed Satanism. In a future controlled by the Anti-Christ, Harry Cat noted, many future cats had likely been forcibly indoctrinated into Macavity’s cult. Harry Cat then stated he would lead a Rescue Aid Society mission to 17th Century Korea in hopes of trapping and defeating Macavity. Harry Cat noted he had to ability to bring companions with him into the past, and that he would be using this ability to bring RAS mice back in time to help him battle the Jellicles. Harold Danville and Stuart Little were additionally recruited for the mission.

Upon arriving in the year 1610, Harry Cat approached the Korean sorcerer Jeon Woo-Chi, explaining he needed aid in battling a ferocious demon. Jeon Woo-Chi assembled several Korean shamans and prepared magical spells to use against the Jellicles. Jeon Woo-Chi was approached by three mysterious men asking him about magical secrets, which Jeon Woo-Chi refused to disclose. Angered, the mysterious men revealed themselves to be tigers and attacked Jeon Woo-Chi, who defeated the tigers in hand to hand combat. Jeon Woo-Chi informed Harry Cat the Tigers were looking for the recipe for a powerful poison which could kill gods. The RAS agents brought by Harry Cat discovered that Macavity was hiding among a den of shape-shifting tigers in Daegu. Jeon Woo-Chi’s militia attacked the Tiger Den, aiming to kill Macavity. Macavity, finding himself unable to transport away from the Korean Shamans, called upon the his fellow Jellicles throughout time for aid.

A portal opened and hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats descended upon Daegu, ready to do battle with their master. Jeon Woo-Chi initially had the upper hand against the Tigers, but he was forced to retreat when faced against the Jellicle hordes. Macavity maniacally proclaimed to Harry Cat that his friends from Saturn had arrived. As the Koreans took casualties, Jeon Woo-Chi and Harold Danville prepared a spell which opened another portal trapping the cats and sending them into the future. An archeological expedition commissioned during the Terran Empire over a thousand years later would find reservoirs of cat corpses near a small village, the cat army was sent to the early 20th century where the cats subsequently killed each other due to a lack of nourishment.

Macavity, wounded in the battle, nevertheless summoned the energy to escape into the future, carrying a vial of a disease which caused zombieism. Korea had recently suffered from a zombie plague, and Macavity, while searching for poison intended to kill the Messiah, thought that this zombie plague would make a useful bio-weapon for Emperor Damien Thorn, the Anti-Christ and ruler of Earth in the future. Macavity’s wounds caused him to miscalculate his destination- he ended up in South Korea in the year 2016. The vial of zombie disease he had obtained was broken and infected nearby animals, resulting in the Korean Zombie Outbreak of 2016.

Damien Thorn, disappointed in Macavity’s performance and the destruction of the Temps Aeternalis by the new time traveling division of the Rescue Aid Society, decided to personally carry out alterations of the timeline. Thorn assumed the identity of the demon Aku and traveled throughout medieval Asia, wreaking havoc as he searched for the Messiah prophesized to defeat him and the poison needed to defeat the Messiah. Aku waged war upon the native Gods of Japan, and briefly became Shogun in the 14th century, where he attempted to murder the young Messiah. Aku hired a human agent named Jiko-bo to find the weapon necessary to defeat the Messiah, Jiko-Bo waged war on the nature spirits but failed to obtain the poison. Aku’s time travel to medieval Japan would in fact result in his own destruction, as it caused a young samurai to dedicate his life to defeating Aku, this samurai was the prophesized Messiah who would kill Aku in the year 3026. The descendent of the Black Thing and son of Satan, in seeking to avert prophecy had ended up fulfilling it.

The Rescue Aid Society would spend the 1960s fighting a temporal war against Damien Thorn. Thorn was powerful enough to limit time travel to the thousand-year reign of the Terran Empire (2026-3026), preventing the Rescue Aid Society from learning enough about the future to prevent his rise to power. The mice of the Rescue Aid Society nevertheless limited Damien Thorn’s ability to manipulate the timeline. The Bureau of Paranomal Research Division, a U.S government agency, opened an office which investigated the origins of the Anti-Christ. This division supposed that since Satanists had ties with the Eastern Bloc it was likely that the Anti-Christ would be a communist or a foreign dictator. While this office was shut down by President Lex Luthor, it did not anticipate that the Anti-Christ would come to power by backing a movement of American conservative religious fundamentalists.

Connor MacLeod was targeted by Jellicles from the 31st Century who believed he would help the Messiah defeat Damien Thorn. MacLeod, being immortal, survived the assassination attempts.

Harold Danville was eventually kidnapped himself by Jellicles seeking to harness his reality-warping powers. The tale of his rescue is one for another time, but let it suffice to say that Danville survived into adulthood, but without his powers. Danville later relocated to Derry, Maine to continue the war of the Rescue Aid Society against demons aligned with Thorn.

Eloise continued to live in the Plaza Hotel for several decades until it was purchased by Donald Trump in 1988. After Eloise rebuffed Trump’s sexual advances, Eloise was evicted from the Plaza. Eloise had a career as an actress and a singer, and remains a resident of the Upper East Side.

Madeleine Swann would return to live in Paris for the rest of her life.

Lyle the Crocodile would continue to live on 88th Street until his death in 2009.

The Rescue Aid Society itself was eventually destroyed. The Rescue Aid Society suffered heavy casualties in the war against the Jellicles, and was vulnerable by the mid-1970s. In 1976, French police chief Charles Dreyfus became a terrorist and obtained a superweapon. Dreyfus was manipulated into using this superweapon to destroy the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. While the U.N headquarters were later rebuilt, Rescue Aid Society headquarters were vaporized by Dreyfus, killing their entire senior leadership, destroying their time machine as well as their computers and files. After a long war against the forces of evil, the fall of the Rescue Aid Society was rather swift and sudden.

Stuart Little, Harry Cat, and Tucker Mouse were not present at the U.N, being on a mission against the Jellicles. They would later assemble the surviving members of the Rescue Aid Society and time travel to the 31st century, where they would assist the Messiah in the Battle of Armageddon.

Eloise, Madeline, Harold and the Purple Crayon, My Father’s Dragon, Stuart Little, The House on 88th Street, The Rescuers, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler, The Rats of Nimh, A Wrinkle In Time, Highlander, The Sun Also Rises, Ferdinand, In Search of Lost Time, Orphan Black, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Witches, Pinky and the Brain, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Strike Up the Band, The Repairer of Reputations, The Cricket in Times Square, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, The Phantom Tollbooth, An American Tail, Pinocchio, Spirited Away, The Wizard of Oz, The Dark Tower, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, James Bond, Law and Order, Pale Fire, The Stranger, American Horror Story, The Nun, Tintin, Marvel, What is to Be Done, Mortal Kombat, Dr. Strangelove, Where the Wild Things Are, Moomins, Go Away Big Green Monster, Peter Pan, Advise and Consent, The Manchurian Candidate, Bell Book and Candle, Time Cat, Cats, Bewitched, Cool Cat Saves the Kids, Umbrella Academy, The Satanists (1960), Network, Slaughterhouse Five, Folk Tales of Korea, Millions of Cats, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, Kingdom, Train to Busan, The Omen, Samurai Jack, Princess Mononoke, Hellboy, DC Comics, Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer meme, The Lion and the Mouse

rescue aid society.png
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After this happened I double-checked other stuff I made up during quarantine at 3am in the morning. Turns out the amazing Gorrister had already made a world concerning a Freak Power revolution all the way back in 2016 and my lockdown-addled brain must've subconsciously nicked the idea and ran with it. Think of it as a little something inspired by it, but not directly ripping it off?


Americans had been through quite a bit. Leftists and anti-government sympathisers were rounded up by McCarthy, the KKK was federalised by Bridges, their cities got seared by Cubans and their own boys got atomised while fighting in Viet Nam. The former director of FBI making his moves for a third term on the back of gouging out the only major opposition whilst ignoring all those students he ordered gunned down was, maybe, was the straw that broke the camels back. Americans on a whole may have not agreed with the fact that punk kids who smoked pot and fucked like rabbits were now in charge, but the former and the latter both agreed with each other on the golden rule; there could never, ever be another Nixon, so they reluctantly accepted the reforms that came their way.


1st elected Advisory Council of the United States of America, 1972- ███
Billy Clinton - President of the United States
Percy Sutton - Vice President of the United States
Cpt. Angela Davis - National Security Advisor
Herman Daly - Chairman of Economic Maintenance
Fannie Lou Hamer - Chairwoman of Domestic Justice
Barbara Lee - Chairwoman of the Law
Huey P. Newton - Chairman of Police & Enforcement
George McGovern - Chairman of the National Food Cooperative Network
Max Yasgur - Chairman of Farmland and Agriculture
Election of September 1927, The Irish Free State

And there's a politician
That has both read and thought,
And maybe what they say is true
Of war and war's alarms,
But O that I were young again
And held her in my arms.- Yeats, 1939

The election of September 1927 in Ireland was held after the April 1927 election, in which the chamber was deadlocked between multiple parties. Under pressure and for fear of losing the subsequent election the previous leader of the pro-treaty Cumann na nGaedheal, W.T. Cosgrave, resigned and triggered a leadership contest. W.B. Yeats, who had previously be an independent member of the Irish senate but closely affiliated to the pro-treaty block, joined the party and announced his intention to stand- his strong popularity base on his impassion pleas to maintain a secular state and his artistic fame meant he won the leadership. In the September 1927 election, the pro-treaty block narrowly scraped a first place and were able to form a minority government, making Yeats president of the executive Council.


Yeats faced significant obstacles, however. The weak minority government meant Yeats could not accomplish much of his secularising agenda, and was widely blamed for failure to act in order to mitigate the effects of the great depression. This was combined with growing catholic nationalism in Ireland, which meant that Yeats' stances were increasingly unpopular, along with making his protestant background more and more of a political liability. Contempory historians have also pointed out Yeats' growing fascination with fascism, and his efforts to forge good relationships with Mussolini, which introduced growing and dangerous fascist sentiment into Ireland (especially the Blue Shirts). Yeats whilst professors of English praise Yeats as a poet, his record amongst Historians is significantly poorer- although some point out that his efforts to prevent theocratic control in Ireland, for fear it could, in Yeats' words, "If you show that this country, southern Ireland, is going to be governed by Roman Catholic ideas and by Catholic ideas alone, you will never get the North... You will put a wedge in the midst of this nation"- and his pleas for religious toleration have often been regarded as forward thinking. Nevertheless, Yeats conclusively lost the 1932 election to Fianna Fail:

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It turns out that was actually a lie concocted by a PI in Perot's orbit that backfired.

Pat Buchanan has, among other things:

Those are just the top hits. He's very obviously an anti-Semite whose bigotry has made him slide into Holocaust revisionism and weird Hitler apologia.
Wrong Forum for this sort of discussion.


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I don't see how this is would count as "current politics".

Pat Buchanan hasn't been a candidate for office in twenty years and the most recent article he wrote that I quoted was written in 2009.
Yet 'ol Pat still is a regular on the various cable systems.

It was the wrong forum to discuss politics. Full Stop.
Yet 'ol Pat still is a regular on the various cable systems.

It was the wrong forum to discuss politics. Full Stop.
I'm a Pat Buchanan fan, but I never see him on TV these days. He's 80 years old and has been more or less retired. The criteria for "current politics" should IMO be anything past 2010. Not trying to debate/argue with you, and I don't intend to post any further on the matter, but I personally think this policy should be (only ever so slightly) amended or reviewed. You're a great admin /mod and I appreciate this site's moderation team's efforts regardless if the policy changes or not.

But anywho, here is a wikibox I've been wanting to share.

Gbehm American Commonwealth Country Infobox.png

@GBehm made this for me, and I've been wanting to do something with this (and the election map) for a while.
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As of yet unnamed series (name suggestions welcome)
Great Asian War
Sydney Raid


Appitate was intitally low for a Third United Front. The Communists had been remarkably unhelpful during the Japanese Invasion, and the KMT was so fragmented that the prospect of unifying it seemed impossible. But as Japanese occupation set in, support mounted. KMT groups became worried about being frozen out of a post-independence settlement, while the Communists found ex-nationalists skeptical of their overtures. In addition their Soviet sponsors leaned on them heavily to recreate the United Front.

So it was that Ulaanbaatar played host in 1949 to a variety of factions seeking to unite against the Japanese. The Communists were represented by Mao himself, and would naturally assume the dominant role in the coalition, similar to the roll the KMT had held in the first two. The Nationalist Expatriates operating out of Sydney were a hardened group of millitary leaders, reactionary by temperament but also fiercely nationalist. Those coming from San Fransisco represented the interests of Chiang Ching-Kuo, who despite getting his start mainly on his martyred father's name proved an able leader. Representatives from the still unconquered Xinjiang came as well, both KMT hold outside and other warlords, who were typically close with the Soviets. It was a contentious conference with mutual recriminations about whose fault the current situation was, but agreement was eventually reached around the proposals from members of the Left-KMT who had drifted into the Communist Orbit.

"1 - The Formation of a National Liberation Army to expel the invader.

2 - No negotiations with the invader.

3 - Full financial, strategic, and tactical cooperation between members.

4 - The establishment of a free and socialist China after Victory."

Much grumbling of course occured, and the early days were rough going. The NLA was never unified, and early non-communist gurrilla activity came without any input from the United Front. In addition the strong Soviet backing helped provoke the West's "Piviot to Japan" in the 1950s. However the United Front would see success in the Western regions and gain credibility and later homegrown insurgencies would often willingly affiliate themselves with the front.
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Yet 'ol Pat still is a regular on the various cable systems.

It was the wrong forum to discuss politics. Full Stop.
Cal, you are being absolutely ridiculous. Pat hasn't been and still isn't relevant for a long time now. By your logic no content featuring Obama should be allowed here, or George W., or Bill Clinton, because fuck knows people still talk about them a lot more than they talk about Pat Buchanan. It's almost as if you're trying to start shit.


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Cal, you are being absolutely ridiculous. Pat hasn't been and still isn't relevant for a long time now. By your logic no content featuring Obama should be allowed here, or George W., or Bill Clinton, because fuck knows people still talk about them a lot more than they talk about Pat Buchanan. It's almost as if you're trying to start shit.
Not at all.

The discussion belongs in Chat.
The Sonoran Punitive Expedition, code named Operation Snake Eater, lasted over three months between early March 1988 and late May 1988. It occurred during the ministries of The Earl of Bushwick and Edna Harrington Jones as a result of the decade-long War on Drugs and the increasing amount of illegal narcotics crossing the Mexican-Californian border. The conflict was a series of cross-border raids launched from California, targeting drug cartels and left-wing guerillas in the Mexican provinces of Sonora and Baja California. More than 2,600 Mexicans were detained during the raids. Following the conclusion of the raids, far-right paramilitaries backed by the British intelligence community staged coups against the provincial governments of Sonora and Baja California, establishing their own sovereign states in the process. Those states eventually failed despite support from the British Empire, and were reintegrated back into Mexico in 1994. The raids' were ultimately failures as the amount of drugs crossing the border returned to normal levels by 1991 and have only increased.


The Sun Never Set
Black Friday Bombings / King-Emperor John II
Friedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Prussia / Congress of Atomic Powers
Most-liked shouts
Parliament of the British Empire / Counsellors of State
Landgravine Guinevere of Pusan / Margrave Mordred II of Choseon
Eugen Flegel Graf von Weiser / Empress Anna Victoria
Maria Luisa of Provence
House of Tudor-Mercia: Constantine I, Constantine II, Catherine, Joanna, Michael
The Marquess of Lynedoch
Arthur, Prince of Wales / Rudolph, King of the English
Leaders of the Congress of Atomic Powers
Tetrarchs of the Kingdom of Palestine
Ludwig XV, Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt / Friederike of Hesse Darmstadt
FV201 Lancelot UCT, MV25 Timberwolf IFV, CV1 Cerberus ICV / The Grenadier Guards and Royal Natal Carbineers
Aircraft carriers of the world
Grand Council of the Michigan Confederation
20th and 21st century monarchs of the British Empire
Prussian Fatherland Front
Steppengrave Charles Albert of Nebraska / Ambrose Bingham, Viscount Lorton
Cooper Thorpe MP / Business and Finance Functional Constituency
FV151 Hotspur APC / FV210 Conestoga APC
War of the Saxon Succession
War of the Polish Succession / Lech August and Karl Waclaw of Poland
Hapsburg Dynasty
Queen Friederike of Hesse and Archduke Humphrey, Duke of Windsor / 2027-29 Tuscan Protests / Prime Minister Maxim Ustaev of Russia
Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force
Sir Benjamin Rosenblatt
House of Hapsburg: Empress Ana Viktoria / Queen Anna Ekaterini of Cyprus / Grand Duke of Parma, Grand Duke of Modena and Duke of Ferrara
East India Company
Mexican conflict

The 2100 United States presidential election was held on Tuesday, November 2. The first election in American history to be held without the Electoral College, incumbent President Sherri Graves of the Democratic-Green Party won re-election by just under one million votes. Major issues of the campaign included the Third Russo-European War, colonization of the Moon and Mars, and negotiations on the integration of Canada into the United States. The election was contested by the Democratic-Green Party, five parties within the Anti-Establishment Alliance, the Federalist Party, the Christian Democratic Party, the Popular Will Party, the Socialist Party.

Democratic-Green - Ecosocialism
Reform - Centrism
Forward! - Yangism
People's - Democratic Socialism
Populist - ...
5 Star Movement USA - Satirical politics with a hint of actual Socialism
Federalist - Centrism
Christian Democratic - Centrism with Southern characteristics
Popular Will - Nationalism
Socialist - ...
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Not at all.

The discussion belongs in Chat.
No, it doesn't.
The user in question was correcting a niche misconception about Ross Perot that just HAPPENED to involve Pat Buchanan. Not only does it not count as current politics, it wasn't even technically discussion, just a response to a mistake. If you're going to call PAT BUCHANAN of all people as current politics I'm sorry but there is no way you're not doing this just to flex your mod status.
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