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  • LordYam

  • If star wars was never around in True October Surprise did some other big pop culture phenomenon take its place? It would also effect whether marvel comics would exist (Marvel was in financial trouble and star wars helped pull them out of bankruptcy.)
    lord caedus
    Star Wars was butterflied away, unfortunately.
    I don't think that whatever people in TTL's late 70s/early 80s turned to instead of Star Wars was either as widely consumed, or as long-lasting as the OTL franchise.
    Oh I know that. I was wondering if another franchise would step in to fill the void. Maybe Star Trek. It had reruns in the 70s and Marvel may go for that. Maybe Lucas did a different space opera.
  • Scerus

  • Hi, since I normally revisit my favourite timelines I was wonder about A True October Surprise. Your update talked about the Baltic States and was wondering whether all of them gained independence, also the Phosphorite War.

    lord caedus 1
    Yes they did.

    And I hadn't heard of the Phosphite War before, but looking over it, I'd assume something like that would have occurred as well in the "A True October Surprise" TL.
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