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Spoilers for Midsommar

The Hårga Commune Raid was a major police action in Sweden undertaken as part of the investigation and later prosecution of the Hårga Cult and it's members.

In late June of 2019, University of Wisconsin student Joshua Jacobson was reported missing by his faculty adviser after missing 3 check-ins with the adviser and academic colleagues in Germany and the UK, where Jacobson was traveling for a thesis study. University and State police determined that Jacobson was traveling with fellow students Christian Hughes, Danielle Ardor, Mark Simon, and Pelle Faulk to Faulk's native Sweden. The US Embassy in Stockholm was notified on July 1, and Swedish National Police began an investigation that same day, determining through interviews with friends of the five students in Wisconsin that Pelle Faulk brought the four to his native commune of Hårga in Gävleborg for a summer solstice festival. Local police conducted a brief visit on July 9 but found no sign of the missing students, and the Commune claimed they had all left a couple of weeks prior. On July 10, local police were called after a laptop belonging to Josh Jacobson was found sold by a pawn shop 30km from Hårga, having been sold to the shop by Pelle Faulk. Police began to widen their investigation into the history of the reclusive commune, eventually able to question a confidential source who was a former commune member, and detailed how the commune practiced ritualistic human sacrifice and selective incest as part of a neo-Nordic belief system. Mats Löfving, Head of the National Operations Department, ordered the immediate creation of a task force and called upon the assistance of the US FBI's Criminal Profile Division to create a criminal profile of the cult. The Police Operation at this point switched from investigation to include a possible full scale raid and recovery of remains.

A warrant for covert surveillance was approved, and the Swedish National Task Force began observing the commune property at a distance, but did not find any conclusive evidence that the 4 Americans were dead or alive on the property. The Swedish Magistrate was unwilling to issue a warrant for a raid on the basis of the stolen laptop and the CI's testimony, unless they could prove any of the allegations. Breakthroughs came on July 20; when a deformed child was spotted being moved across the compound; and on the 29th when a woman was identified as the missing Danielle Ardor, contradicting earlier statements to police. The Magistrate approved a raid on July 30, and the NTF set the date for 11pm on the 3rd.

The task force, supported by helicopter and regional and national police units, subsequently conducted a nighttime raid on the Hårga Commune. 2 members of the cult, an elderly man and a middle aged man, were killed resisting police. One police officer was temporary paralyzed, and two more stabbed by cult members. Only a third, mostly women and all the children, surrendered peacefully, while the remainder openly and collectively wailed believing their gods had forsaken them. Danielle Ardor was found among those wailing, and was taken into protective custody and was determined to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Forensics teams deployed to the commune found human remains in a recently burned structure, and DNA testing was able to identify two of the missing Americans, Christian Hughes and Joshua Jacobson. Under interrogation, some of the cult members explained that three of Americans (Jacobson, Hughes, and Simon) had been killed along with two British nationals (identified as Simon Abnee and Connie Jameson) and four members of the cult as part of a ceremony performed every 90 years that required outsiders to be sacrificed to appease their gods. 3 members of the cult, including the deformed child seen on surveillance, were determined to be the product of incest.

The raid and subsequent trial caused a major international embarrassment and a major domestic scandal for Sweden. The deaths of the 5 foreigners was sharply criticized by the Trump Administration in the US, and the Johnson Ministry in the UK; international tourism to Sweden suffered as well. Because of difficulties in testimonies from cult members, conflicting accounts and deliberate misdirection to protect guilty parties, Pelle Faulk and 3 cult elders have been the only cult members brought to trial so far. Danielle Ardor had managed to avoid being a victim by being elected the cult's "May Queen" by chance, and was later cleared by an inquiry of any wrongdoing due to hallucinogenic and psychological conditioning by Pelle Faulk.

Ardor was treated in Sweden for four months before being repatriated into the care of a maternal aunt in the US. She testified against Faulk and the cultists in their trial in early 2020, and in 2021 released a memoir detailing her weeks in Hårga entitled Midsommer: The May Queen. Netflix is rumored to be adapting a miniseries based on her book and the events of the raid.
Woah woah woah, That's not my intention at all.

I was mostly doing the anti semetic thing off of Stalin's purge of Jewish doctors. I mean sure it does get sort of confusing considering Goldwater had a Jewish father. Goldwater is almost poisoned during a 1968 campaign rally by a bunch of anti-authoritarian and ultra-orthodox jewish militant groups. After a connection with their funding by Israel is uncovered, Goldwater turns hard into an antisemitic, despite internal confusion over what his father would have wanted. This becomes easier and easier as time goes on, however, and his reluctant permission to be turned into a religion by himself via the cult of personality being kicked up to an 11 gives antisemitic groups the political justification and excuse to commit hate crimes against Jews.

I know it's laziness rather than malice, but you've got to realize how incredibly fucked up it looks when you pick the only major party nominee with Jewish heritage in history, turn him into a virulently anti-Semitic dictator and then have (mostly Christian) people commit blasphemy in order to worship him as a god.
Based off a conversation I had with @True Grit. Essentially, Clark never calls for a leadership convention, meaning he stays on but is still faced with quite a lot of internal discontent. Facing Clark instead of Mulroney makes Turner's life a lot easier in 1984, and he runs a much better campaign than he did IOTL and keeps his initial lead. Clark resigns and in the race to succeed him, former Premier of Ontario Bill Davis narrowly defeats Brian Mulroney on the 5th Ballot. In 1988, the Liberals run on the free trade agreement recommended by the MacDonald commission and are hopeful of winning another term, but incumbency fatigue, a slick PC campaign, Davis's absurdly high popularity in Ontario, and a majority of Canadians opposing free trade gives the PCs (who ran against Free Trade) a huge majority (and their first ever since 1958), with the PCs taking 85 of 99 seats in Ontario , and 29 of 32 seats in Atlantic Canada with both Turner and Broadbent losing their seats to PC challengers. However, the PCs suffer minor loses in the West and quite a few losses in Quebec, in the West due to quite a few Blue Tories bitter at the selection of the uber-red Davis staying home and some even voting NDP, and in Quebec due to Davis's association with the hated 1982 Constitution and Quebec's strong support for Free Trade.



Sidenote: I would make this a timeline but I have no idea where to from here, so for now, this is all you'll get. Who knows, maybe eventually you will see it in its full TL glory.
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Borrowing and somewhat twisting an idea already posted in this thread, here's a UK general election held on Boris Johnson's day of birth:

A list of active aircraft carriers of the world, including only dedicated aircraft carriers, so through-deck amphibious warships are not counted. It's put in a quote box because it's very long.​
*reviews list. All seems pretty normal. See’s the Florida carrier Magic Kingdom*

Commanded by an Admiral Disney by any chance?;)
ASB. Salazar hated fascism because he regarded it as pagan heresy. He was a reactionary dictator, yes, but he also despised fascism. Besides, he leaned towards the Allies during World War II, not the Axis.
I took it as ATL historiography glossing over the difference between Salazar and Franco to create a more coherent narrative for the war, like how many consider there to be a direct ideological progression between Imperial Germany and Nazi Germany.

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Interesting timeline! How did Greece's involvement impact the war, if at all? Or were they more of a coincidental supporting ally?
They have mostly send volunteers and aided the allies in the naval battles.

And for why Portugal sided with Spain and the Axis is because the country fell to a civil war in 1940 in June between right wing paramilitary organizations which mostly sided with the goverment and communist revolutionaries and other rebels. And in the time the UK couldn't afford to help Salazar's government because of their own war efforts against Germany and the constant German bombardment. So Salazar's government asked Hitler, Franco and Mussolini for help and in exchange they wanted Portugal to join which Portugal obliged.

This is my first timeline ever so I am new to this whole deal and there might be major or minor oversights.
You ever wonder what would happen if you got ISOTed? Maybe with few skills? Maybe founded a small town in the decades prior to the American Revolution? Maybe make a revolutionary flag? Maybe found a University in your small town in Massachusetts?



The TL;DR for this timeline is that Denmark is on the British side in the Napoleonic wars and that the two countries enter a personal union following the death of Charles XIII of Sweden. Note that while OTL borders are shown in the infobox, the actual borders of the world would be somewhat different ITTL.


I would change the canon CoA to be Denmark 1st quater, Sweden 2nd, Norway 3rd and Finland 4th. But my method of making that image takes an insanely long time because I suck at Inkscape
Finland 5,686,793
Svealand 4,298,048
Sydlandet 4,229,336 (western, southern and eastern OTL Norway except Møre og Romsdal)
Holstein 4,071,552 (includes most of Hamburg)
Jylland 3,842,530 (includes Fyn and Slesvig)
Lithuania 2,875,660
Götaland 2,825,619
Sjælland 2,715,763 (includes nearby islands)
Latvia 1,977,567
Skåne 1,952,654 (includes Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm)
Trondheim 1,393,155 (northern Norway and Svalbard)
Estonia 1,364,565
Norrland 1,084,802
Iceland 371,202
Greenland 57,553
Faroe Islands 53,086

From left to right: Nationalpartiet, Liberalistpartiet, [det] Konservative Parti (Conservative Party), Unionspartiet, Socialdemokratiet (Social Democratic Party), Fremskridtspartiet (Progress Party), Miljøpartiet (Green Party), Socialistpartiet
The rigsråd consists of 1-12 councillors from each state* elected for a five year term using STV. The terms are staggered, so there are five classes of seats meaning that a fifth of the members are replaced every year.

* I don't know what a good Danish term for that would be.
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