1. CrushTheSaboteurs

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes VI (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)

    Thread I Thread II Thread III Thread IV Thread V Current Politics Thread And to start with, I'm afraid things cannot get any better.
  2. The Found Prime Minister: An Australian Politics wikibox tl
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Introduction

    The Found Prime Minister An Australian Politics wikibox tl by gaitskellitebevanite Chapter 1 When Harold Holt succeeded Robert Menzies as Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister the situation had been remarkably different. Menzies had led the Liberal-Country Coalition to seven successive...
  3. The British Empire

    Wikipedia Infobox Shitpost Thread (No Current Politics)

    Exactly what's said on the tin. No current politics until I can contact Ian or a mod.
  4. Working Together for Britain: A different world
    Threadmarks: Title post

    What is this? This thread follows an POD where the SDP/Liberal Alliance is never formed as well as Thatcher doesn't see the boost from the fact that there is no Falklands war. Is this just on the UK? For now: yes. However I'm pretty sure it won't stay that way for a long amount of time, and yes...
  5. Barefoot in the TL: A Strange and Psychedelic Saga

    Okay, I’ve just got five questions; What, When, How, Why and How? Care to be more specific? Fine, what’s this ATL going to cover? Oh, that’s easy. Inspired by Brian Aldiss’ Barefoot in the Head (but in no way connected to or associated with that experimental work), this ATL will be a wild ride...
  6. The British Empire

    The National Republic of Amuaplye - ASB Wikibox TL
    Threadmarks: National Republic of Amuaplye

    This is a place where I can put maps, graphics, and wikiboxes about a fictional nation: Amuaplye. We'll start off with the basics: This is the thread for if you want to submit suggestions. PMs and replies in the Wikibox thread will do. I don't really know what to put for a writeup, though.
  7. Emerald Evergreens: The Cascade Republic

    I decided it might help my motivation for doing stuff for this timeline by making a thread for it. All previous entries in the timeline are here. And the first entry here will be a transit map. The Skagit Transit is a public transportation system that covers most of Skagit and parts of...
  8. X-election as X-election
    Threadmarks: First Post

    This is a thread for creating wikipedia infoboxes or election maps, for an election in one country as an election in another country. If someone has already done an election analogy before, feel free to make your own interpretation of that election. For example Here is an Infobox with the...
  9. Roberto El Rey

    Wikiboxes for Other People's Timelines and Wikibox Request Thread
    Threadmarks: (Introduction) What Madness is This: Republican Union and Charles Oswald

    So I've looked and I don't think anyone has made a thread like this yet. If someone has, please point it out to me so I can delete this one. This is a thread for posting Wikipedia infoboxes that pertain to other people's (or your own) timelines. I have kind of a hobby of making wikiboxes when I...
  10. Oppo

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)
    Threadmarks: OP

    Thread I Thread II Thread III Thread IV Current Politics Wikiboxes
  11. JwEX

    Decade 2: An Alternate Political History of the 2010's
    Threadmarks: Part 1: 2008 Iowa Caucus

    2008 Election Season Officially Underway Jan. 3, 2008 Today, caucus-goers decide who will win the first contests in this election season. On the Republican side, the race in Iowa seems relatively clear-cut as former frontrunners John McCain and Rudy Giuliani have fallen behind in the polls...
  12. JwEX

    Me Instead Of You: A Political Timeline

    "In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."-F.D.R. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously? You just abandoned your old TL. Yup. I wanna take another go. So what's the...
  13. Glide08

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes IV (Do not post Current Politics Here)

    Because the Previous three threads all reached 10000 posts, the time to continue them in a vast, empty (for now), new one has come again. If your'e into current politics, it has it's own thread now. The Obligatory 1st Thread Quote: And yes, the title has no Roman Numerals. Somewhere in the...
  14. shiftygiant

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes III

    In the late November of 2014, AYC launched the runaway success to the runaway success that was the 'Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes' thread, 'Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II'. Now let the wikiboxes continue, and let us commence the 'Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes III'. From the First Thread: