1. Hijos del Pueblo: a (somehow) libertarian Spanish Republic
    Threadmarks: 1- July 17, 1936: the uprising in Morocco.

    1- July 17, 1936: the uprising in Morocco. It was the scheduled day. Colonel Eduardo Sáenz of Buruaga and the rest of the conspiracy’s General Staff of the Protectorate met at the Indigenous Regular Force headquarters in Tetouan. They would take control of Morocco as soon as Franco arrived in...
  2. What would an anarchist spain look like?

    Basically, what if the anarchists against all odds won the spanish civil war, what would it look like? What would Spain, or maybe even Catalonia look like?
  3. Ideologies without World War 1

    WW1 was an event which greatly destabilized Europe, destroyed many pre-war governments, and caused civil wars to break out in many countries. This created a power vacuum which benefitted anti-establishment ideologies. In the aftermath of WW1, both a) pre-existing but basically powerless...
  4. ChadMachine999

    A. Mitchell Palmer dies in Bombing

    What would Happen if Palmer died in the attempt to kill him by Luigi Galleani. How would this affect the first red scare, the Palmer raids, and American domestic politics.
  5. AHC: Have the KPAM survive past 1931

    As it says on the tin. Make the Korean People's Association in Manchuria, an anarcho-communist political formation in East Asia, survive longer than 1931. Bonus points if you are able to provide a scenario where it takes over Japanese Korea during or after WWII. A starting point could be having...
  6. Could the Anarchist Free Territory in Ukraine have survived during the Russian civil war?

    The Free Territory and its Black Army were eventually defeated by the Soviets, so would a longer Russian civil war have kept the Whites and the Reds distracted enough so that the "Anarchist Society" (I don't know anything about anarchism or its terminology, sorry) could have survived? What about...
  7. Anarchist Spain

    Lets say the spaimish anarchist win the spainish civil war? Would anarchist Spain be successful in it endeavors to establish a egalitarian society? Would it be stable enought to last pass ww2 and the cold war? Would it be economically successful?
  8. How to save/build a true Pirates Republic of the Caribbean

    A common description of Nassau under pirate rule was that it was a Pirate's Republic, but as a result it appears that it was mostly a fleet of ships in a shallow harbour. Considering that Blackbeard was elected a Magistrate, and another was a self-declared "Governor of New Providence", I'm...
  9. ETGalaxy

    AHC: Anarchist victory in the Russian Civil War

    A conflict that has always fascinating me is the Russian Civil War, and this is in no small part due to the diverse array of factions and ideologies that existed alongside the larger Red and White armies. Among these smaller factions that interest me the most were the short-lived anarchist...
  10. Different Shades of Socialism - an alternate Cold War
    Threadmarks: Spanish Civil War

    The unexpected appearance of the third way of socialism did occur in Spain during the late 1930s. Short - ten months' long civil war between rebellious reactionaries of the Spanish Armed Forces and the leftist government of the Spanish Republic ended as it began - with a treachery of the parts...
  11. How many political ideologies exists in total numbers?

    I would like to get some citations of how many political ideologies exists in total numbers when you count all the different democratic, anarchistic etc variants altogether?, i would like to write this number in a paper i am doing, but i dont have the time to count the ones on this very long...
  12. How could one make the IWW reformist by 1952?

    So, I've been thinking about ideas for a timeline, and one of the things that's different is a surviving Populist Party. I wanted to try and see if they could become the party affiliated with the IWW, but theres a problem, the IWW aint reformist. The Populist Party in my timeline also has ties...
  13. Xenophonte

    President Hoover Argentine?

    What If the then recently elected US President H. Hoover would have been killed in Argentine? This could have happened because, according to the Argentine police, on December 11, 1928, (before the arrival of Hoover to the Argentine) in the framework of his month-long goodwill tour through...
  14. Talus I of Dixie

    Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons - An Anarchist Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    December 12, 1918 - Kiev Koni versty rvuť nametom, Nam svoboda doroha, Čerez proriz kulemeta Ja šukaju v stepu voroha. Anarchija-mama syniv svojich ljubiť, Anarchija-mama ne prodasť, Svincevym doščem voroha priholubyť, Anarchija-mama za nas! Zustričaly vohnem kindžaľnym, Jak bližče pidpušču...
  15. Višeslav

    Alternate Ideologies
    Threadmarks: Alternate Ideologies

    This is a thread for Alternate Ideologies (preferably those that appeared in the mid 1800s-early 1900s, so modern/industrial ones). The ideology could be an alternative/analogue to an existing ideology, an ideology that could have arisen at the time, an OTL ideology that could have gained more...
  16. Time Enough

    WI: The Paris Commune Succeeded

    As I mentioned what would happen if the Paris Commune had succeeded, in this case the National Guard capture Versailles around about the 20th of March, taking out the more Reactionary Conservative Government of Adolphe Teir in the process whilst other revolutionary forces spring up in other...
  17. GauchoBadger

    More libertarian socialist republics like Rojava or Chiapas?

    In a timeframe between 1945 and today, how can more of the world see the estabilishment of "semi-anarchist" underdog confederal republics ideologically aligned neither to liberal capitalism, nor to planned-economy socialism, instead preferring local, city and village level development, like the...
  18. KidCabralista

    WI: President-Elect Hoover Was Assassinated In South America?

    Severino Di Giovanni, Argentine anarchist leader and Galleanist The late 1800s and early 1900s saw a number of assassinations and terrorist attacks perpetrated by anarchists performing what they called "propaganda of the deed." This highly controversial application of Bakuninist political...
  19. How to make everything go to hell after 1860-something?

    Okay, so I had an idea. Probably a bad idea, but still an idea. It's a timeline where everything starts going to hell around the mid-late 1860s, and we see massive-scale nationalist, anarchist, and socialist revolts of all different varieties almost worldwide by the early 20th century. Got any...
  20. Bomster

    What would be the name of a Socialist America?

    Assuming that a socialist/communist/anarchist revolution breaks out in America somewhere in the early 1920’s to the Great Depression, what would the name of this new Socialist America be?