Could the Anarchist Free Territory in Ukraine have survived during the Russian civil war?

The Free Territory and its Black Army were eventually defeated by the Soviets, so would a longer Russian civil war have kept the Whites and the Reds distracted enough so that the "Anarchist Society" (I don't know anything about anarchism or its terminology, sorry) could have survived? What about a German victory in WW1, where the Free Territory's main threat becomes the German-backed Ukrainian State instead, would the Black Army be able to stop Ukraine's advance, as its core was on the East and far from the Germans, who may decide that it is simply not worth it?
And lastly, if it did manage to survive all this, would it collapse on itself in a few years or develop a centralized government, and would mostpeople be happy to live there or would some prefer "order" and flee to the neighboring states? (Again, I don't know about anarchism and I'm not sure that even without foreign invasion it would be able to survive without becoming a centralized state. Also, sorry for so many questions but I would like to know a more on this topic and I guess this is better than making four different threads about the Free Territory)
I don't know what kind of plans Black Army or Anachists had but I doubt their survival. They are too far from any other radical groups. Furthermore such ideology is absolutely against any kind of central government so it probably would collapse by itself if Reds or Whites don't defeat them.