How to save/build a true Pirates Republic of the Caribbean

A common description of Nassau under pirate rule was that it was a Pirate's Republic, but as a result it appears that it was mostly a fleet of ships in a shallow harbour.

Considering that Blackbeard was elected a Magistrate, and another was a self-declared "Governor of New Providence", I'm curious that with the debatably Anarchistic model they already had for governing ships, how a model for an actual settlement that can act as a long-term base for a genuine Confederacy of Free People.

(NOTE: I'm not saying AnCap because that's deeply inaccurate to what happened, nor Anarcho-Communist because it wasn't that either, but the idea of a Confederacy that is self-governing with contracts fits firmly in the Anarchist space - so to be productive I'd ask we don't debate the merits of those systems unless its to try and figure out something that works for the discussion at hand.)

To add my own contribution, if we assume a PoD to organise a system of "The Confederacy takes a 10% share, but your ships get refitted by us before the take" as a sort of Contractual Piracy with the Confederacy as effectively a partner, could that start not only a stream of revenue for the Confederacy, but essentially start a way of organising a defence, and even targeting raids - essentially using the guarantee of repairs and minimising the risk to pirates as a way to get some sort of functioning Confederacy in more than name.

The way I see that going would probably be to avoid English shipping, as per OTL, and lead to an alternate flag for Pirates under contract for the Confederacy - perhaps a black flag with a non-skull-and-crossbones emblem. Essentially developing an opt-in navy with increasing obligations on both sides. Under contract, no attacking each other, no attacking the English, etc. Not that some wouldn't violate those rules and switch flags, because that happened with smugglers and pirates all the time, but at least in principle, it would make the difference.

The other thing I can see is that with the effort to refit ships, and a need for somewhere to keep the 10%, you've created a reason for a non-sailing population to stick around. One for refitting ships, the other to protect the island and the treasure. Not a huge step, but one that starts the move to a new community to be part of the Republic. It also means that trade becomes important - they can't make all the resources they need - so whilst smugglers might be the first ones to trade there, it creates an incentive for the Republic to want traders to come to the island, and to do that safely, they need some way to mark themselves as friends, and an incentive to want to be there - and the perfect example would be to be a Free Port - tiny tariffs that are dwarfed by those in other harbours, and the ability to buy something to show to Pirates under Contract that you should be left alone. (Again, won't be perfect, rule-breakers exist and as with any system, that would need some way to be enforced, but I'm not dwelling on that atm).

So I'm envisioning effectively a Confederacy that is a Free Port and Harbour that primarily acts as a hub for trade and piracy against those foolish enough to trust in the various empires navies over them. My only concern is how successful that port would be because obviously tariffs apply to imports FROM the Free Port, so I don't know if legitimate traders would get involved, or if it would only attract smugglers who only want the risk at one end of their journey - short of somehow it becoming a place where people started making goods for export, but I'm not sure that's an assertion that can be made in the OP.