What If the then recently elected US President H. Hoover would have been killed in Argentine?

This could have happened because, according to the Argentine police, on December 11, 1928, (before the arrival of Hoover to the Argentine) in the framework of his month-long goodwill tour through Central and South America and specifically his visits to Chile and Argentina. Would have been discovered and prevented by the Argentinian police an Anarchist attempt against the US president.

Accordingly, to the police/intelligence informs a small group of Anarchists, that were led by Severino DI Giovanni would have been planning (at least accordingly to these years' Argentine police informs) to blow off the train car in which Hoover was traveling, but OTL they were discovered and arrested before they could have placed the explosives on the rails.

After, that this, supposedly, magnicide plot was aborted, Yrigoyen, the Argentine President, accompanied to his US counterpart for the rest of his official goodwill visit.
Supposedly, as a personal guarantee of the Hoover's security until he left the country.

The incident accordingly, to this source, had been reported in an article in the Time Magazine, that narrated it, in an article published in the issue of December 24, 1928.

So, if we assume its plausibility and the accuracy of the report...

What if that these, (guess that, small) group of anarchists avoid to be discovered and would have had be the will and ability to fulfil theirs goal to put the explosives in the rials that the Hoover's train would have circulated. Which would have been the consequences if the Anarchist plot would be successful and had killed to the elect US President and guess that his wife? And could be to his personal staff and/or US Diplomatic personnel and US press (following to the president Hoover) in Argentine?

I think that would be probably that the loss and great mourning by the recently elect president, that as was announced through the press and the Radio to the US population, was killed in a distant and foreign country, besides that would be a great shock for both the government and the US People, guess that would cause, too, a great fury against those considered as the 'magnicide accomplices' (Anarchists or at least 'believed'/accused to be one) and even possibly too against the foreign government/country.

Also, I think that the Argentine government would be considered responsible and blamed by the attempt.
Would be possible that would be attacks against all the Hispanic/Latinos immigrants or even riots, against any Latin American diplomatic building in the US??

Though, IMO, I think that would be possible discard the war or any Belics actions... What kind of measures would be taken against the Argentine by the new US president?

But I guess that the reaction possible, even probable, that the US Government would be taken hard actions/sanctions against the Argentine and its government.
Also, think that would be probably to affect, too, besides in the short, and IMO, more worryingly, for the medium-long term US-Latin American relationship. Given that I guess that the 'Good Neighbor' policy would dead with Hoover...

However, even if this would a dystopian scenario that I think would have some interesting possibilities given that the president Hoover could be succeeded by his running mate Charles Curtis and elected Vice President... But could the public outcry and mourning could have secured or at least bigger chances for that Curtis been elected by the electoral college? butterflied candidature of Roosevelt? How would have Curtis faced and managed the Great Depression?

Would be safe to guess that his Foreign policy would be similar with respect to Asia and Europe, but even more aggressive and with a deeper mistrust than OTL or perhaps even enmity towards Argentine and/or the whole Latin America?
Could be his financial/economics, politics very similar or maybe could be possible that they could be rather differently to the OTL Hoover' politics?

Any other possibilities and/or thoughts about the above scenario?
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