Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons - An Anarchist Timeline

Chapter 1
December 12, 1918 - Kiev

Koni versty rvuť nametom,
Nam svoboda doroha,
Čerez proriz kulemeta
Ja šukaju v stepu voroha.

Anarchija-mama syniv svojich ljubiť,
Anarchija-mama ne prodasť,
Svincevym doščem voroha priholubyť,
Anarchija-mama za nas!

Zustričaly vohnem kindžaľnym,
Jak bližče pidpušču.
Ničogo v boju ne škoda meni,
Ni pro ščo ja sumuju.

Anarchija-mama syniv svojich ljubiť,
Anarchija-mama ne prodasť,
Svincevym doščem voroha priholubyť,
Anarchija-mama za nas!

Tiľky radiju zabijnoji
Syli moho družka.
Bačiti ja možu spokijno
Tiľky mertvoho voroha.

Anarchija-mama syniv svojich ljubiť,
Anarchija-mama ne prodasť,
Svincevym doščem voroha priholubyť,
Anarchija-mama za nas!

The music played on the lines of the Black Army, while Makhno and Vynnychenko negotiated in Kiev, with the creation of the Ukrainian directory, negotiations for an armistice between the Black Army and the forces of the People's Republic of Ukraine.

"Unlike you, i have an army at your door ready to free the people of Ukraine, the whites are focused on the bolsheviks and you are alone, deliver the territory soon and save more lives, you and the rest of the directory are also welcome to our free territory if this be your wish." Exclaims Makhno to Vynnychenko.

Vynnychenko really does not have many options, much less some army capable of defending the lands controlled by the Republic. After a few hours of debates among the belligerents, the People's Republic of Ukraine officially surrenders to the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine.

Vynnychenko then sighs, and ask Makhno "Will you take good care of it?"

"Yes, the people of Ukraine will be free by right, not because some authority wants it or not." Makhno replies.

Makhno then returns to his army on the outskirts of Kiev and says to his partner Simon Karetnik.

"We got the agreement, Ukraine is free!" Implies Makhno.

"Does that mean we're going to take a walk in ukrainian cities now?" Karetnik asks as he prepares the orders for the army.

"Yes, free the cities and warn the people of their liberation, i will go back to Huliaipole and check the situation with the damn whites in Donbass, if possible i will move the operational center of the army to Kiev, far from a possible attack of the whites, easier to coordinate like this." Makhno says with a serious tone, he knows that the defeat on the Battle for the Donbass put the center of his army at great risk.

"If this is it, i have a job to do and workers to free, goodbye, we'll see each other later" says Karetnik as he passes the orders to his army and begins his march through Ukraine.
December 17, 1918 - Zhytomyr

Troops marched through the city, as a message echoed loudly from those who commanded the troops.

"Workers, your city is for the present occupied by the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army. This army does not serve any political party, any power, any dictatorship. On the contrary, it seeks to free the region of all political power, of all dictatorship. It strives to protect the freedom of action, the free life of the workers, against all exploitation and domination. The Makhnovist Army does not, therefore, represent any authority. It will not subject anyone to any obligation whatsoever. Its role is confined to defending the freedom of the workers. The freedom of the peasants and the workers belong to themselves, and should not suffer any restriction."

The population of Zhytomyr has graced the armies, although much of the population does not follow anarchy as a political ideology, it is better to live on its own than in the hands of powerful men, puppets of foreign empires. But a special person would be marked by that message. It was a young man of 23 years, his name, Kvitya Sontsyia.

The boy from childhood had a certain attachment to the ideology of anarchism, but after spending two years struggling on the eastern front, being lucky enough to not be just one more in million of russian soldiers killed, the boy from an poor peasant family saw with disgust the establishment of Hetmanate by the germans.

Seeing that Makhno's forces, which he had already enjoyed a long time ago, had liberated his city, he almost instantly tried to contact Karetnik.

"Sir Karetnik, Sir!" screams incessantly Kvitya.

Karetnik then has his attention distracted by the young man, looks at him, and then asks "What do you want boy?".

"So, sir, i'd like to ask you to join forces if it was not t-" Kvitya is cut off in the middle of the speech.

"But of course we are always open for new recruits, get on the horse, i'll give you a ride until we go back to Kiev and see how you can be useful, you have the face of have experience on the front for your age" Karetnik says with great enthusiasm.

"Thank you, and yes, i fought against the Germans from 1916 until the end of the war, i was Shtabs-Kapitan, and i served under Brusilov." explains Kvitya with shining eyes as he rides the horse.

The two would spend the rest of the trip talking on the horse as they drove from town to town.
I don't now much about Anarchism or it's history so this is interesting, I await the subsequent chapters eagerly! :)
Chapter 2
December 25, 1918 - Chernivtsi

Kvitya and Karetnik were having dinner on the Christmas night in Chernivtsi, Ukraine's far west. Kvitya was thinking about how Makhno should be, stirring up the food apprehensive, this is his dream, but is it worth again to suffer the open risk of dying on the front line? The civil war is clearly not over, will the whites attack, the poles will fight too? It is not him who will have the answer. With all this thought fidgeting in Kvitya's head, Karetnik breaks the silence.

"Are not you going to eat boy?" says Karetnik

"I was just thinking here, traveling in my mind" Kvitya replies after settling in the chair.

"Are you sure? You look worried" replies Karetnik.

"Ah, only memories of war, nothing out of the normal, sometimes happens" answers Kvitya

"It must be difficult for someone your age to handle this" says Karetnik

"And is, two years on the front lines are not the best experience you can ever have in life." Kvitya responds

After that conversation they both went back to eating, tomorrow they would start the way back to Kiev.
January 3, 1919 - Kiev

As they arrived on the outskirts of the city, Kvitya was telling Karetnik some of his stories of his 2-year war and exchanging a normal conversation as in recent days. Until Karetnik got off the horse.

"We arrived boy, stay here while i'll talk to Nestor inside, i'll be right back." warns Karetnik

"Ah, of course." replies Kvitya

Karetnik enters the city and goes to the directory building, when he opens the gate, finds Nestor Makhno inside and a big surprise was there for him, the infamous general of the White Anton Denikin, talking to Makhno at the directory table.

"Look who arrived" says Makhno

Denikin still quiet while Karetnik walks toward the table, somewhat confused.

"What the damned white is doing here?" says Karetnik confused and somewhat angry.

"Calm down, why the free hate?" Denikin says outraged

"Hey you two, calm there, we're here for an agreement not to let this worse than it's now!" exclaims Makhno

They both stare, sigh, and sit down again.

"Before we start, any news Karetnik?" asks Makhno

"Ah yes, i found a boy wanting to join the army, i also brought him here to show you. He was a Shtabs-Kapitan in the imperial army." says Karetnik, now quieter.

"Great! Bring him here for me, and what's his name?" Makhno asks excitedly

"I'll go get him, his name is Kvitya Sontsyia" explains Karetnik as he lift up to go get Kvitya.

"Sontsyia? I think i know that boy" Denikin speaks to Makhno while Karetnik goes away.

"From where?" asks Makhno, curious

"There was a young man of about 20 years in Brusilov's army who, if i remember correctly, had that name." says Denikin

"Interesting, but well, let's go to business." says Makhno

The two begin to negotiate the armistice between the black and white army, both Denikin and Makhno are interested in the idea, since Denikin plans a series of offensives to Moscow, while Makhno does not see very well the idea of an enemy in all flanks of its free territory.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the city of Kiev.

"You delayed, Karetnik" complains Kvitya

"Well, i had a little surprise that delayed me, i heard that this surprise know about you." explains Karetnik

"What a surprise?" asks Kvitya without a clue about what Karetnik is saying.

"Follow me and you'll see" says Karetnik.

The two again enter the city of Kiev towards the building.

"We arrived!" screams Karetnik

Both Makhno and Denikin instantly looked at the timid arrival of Kvitya, who remained quiet all the way from the gate to the table.

Kvitya sits down and at the same moment feels that Denikin has a familiar face, Denikin has the same feeling.

"You are Shtabs-Kapitan Sontsyia? That was in Galicia?" asks Denikin breaking the silence.

"Ah, yes. Why?" asks Kvitya.

"I'm Anton Denikin, General-Leytenant of the 8th Army Corps of the Imperial Russian Army, you served with me." explains Denikin

"So you are that Denikin, the one from where the orders came, nice to meet sir." says timidly Kvitya.

"So i think we have reached a consensus Denikin, the White Army will evacuate the Donbass and in return our forces will not attack their bases in the Crimea and we will not cooperate with the Bolsheviks. We have a deal?" Makhno says cutting off the conversation between the two.

"Hum, seems fair, we have a deal." Denikin replies.

"Well, i'm going to send the armies to liberate the Donbass, it was great to make peace with you." says Makhno while everyone gets up from the table.

"I say the same" replies Denikin while takes a letter in the table and get out in direction to the door.

"That was a fuck of a big deal" says Karetnik

"For either, or do you think he would like to have an army well in her rear?" replies Makhno

"Hm, makes sense" says Karetnik

"And I?" intervenes Kvitya

"You sit down, we still have things to talk about." Makhno answers with a lot of ideas in his head.

The rest of the afternoon would be a meeting between the three to decide what role Kvitya will have in the Black Army, knowing that two years of experience in war will be useful, the three agree on Kvitya to command the forces of Western Ukraine, since the chance is quite large of Makhno's forces inherited the ukrainian war against the poles. A few days later, Kvitya would be leaving Kiev towards Zhytomyr, establishing his hometown as the basis for his operations. Kvitya is somewhat relieved, one enemy less to put him and his people's freedom at risk.
Anton Denikin, General of the Volunteer Army